Big Sean – How It Feel (Preview)

blame it on Shake August 28, 2012

Directed by Mike Carson & Mike Waxx.

To help get us excited for his upcoming Detroit mixtape, Big Sean lets loose a visual preview to a track produced by Million $ Mano.

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  • Jay

    This better be the big sean from finally famous vol. 3…

  • JTG

    Detroit player shit

  • quas

    sounds pretty nice

  • Melo15


  • Quintonius

    Why couldn’t he do shit like this on the album? I just don’t understand it.

  • ^because samples couldn’t clear. Alot of tracks was left off the album. This could be one of them. Who knows

  • factormax

    i was preparing to hate this and it’s tight. word to big sean, ive hated on him a lot. hes still a corny dude though

  • Nova

    Cosign @Jay

  • KIM

    @Jay Shut yo faggot ass up! but anyway this sounds cool, dont really like this cat tho!

  • brandon

    some niggas are just better at being mixtape rappers (lil wayne,big sean,j cole,wiz khalifa,wale) everybody cant make dope ass albums thats why i’ll never be able to take big sean serious as an artist.outta all those names none of them will ever make an album better than their best mixtape.everybody not made for that albumm life. this shit is pretty cool though real shit

  • brandon

    excluding wayne carter 1 & 2 are classics imo

  • Q

    Big Sean is the EXACT definition of a mixtape rapper.

  • nyc

    whats to understand, he isnt allowed to do what he wants on his album, hes on a major label, def jam at that
    on mixtapes he has full creative control

  • brandon

    him being on def jam doesnt mean shit when krit n frank ocean etc are on the same label & just put out albums that sound jut like or even better than their mixtapes. no excuses needed some niggas just better at mixtapes & thats no hate whatsoever

  • pastor 2 chainz

    Sean remind me of Nicki Minaj minus the record sells. Male version of Nicki thats why i dont take him serious.

  • :P

    “him being on def jam doesnt mean shit when krit n frank ocean etc are on the same label & just put out albums that sound jut like or even better than their mixtapes.”
    You’re trollin right?

  • brandon

    trollin? what the fuck does that mean? i dont take this internet shit serious like you niggas so im not up on ya’ll slang.

  • iiii

    @brandon Thats becuase Def Jam gave Krit & Frank control of their projects. Def Jam know they have fans that will support them & they dont make them cater to the mainstream. Thats why you have yet too see a Frank Ocean video for Channel Orange because he’s not making music for the money & record sales same with Krit. Big Sean is for teeny boppers & rich white kids so Def Jam use him to cater to that specific audience.

  • brandon

    ^who you telling that what i was saying the entire time. fuck is up with you niggas?

  • Will

    Frank cant “sell out” Tyler would kick him out of Odd Future. Fuck Def Jam tho.

  • man i swear yall hatin ass niggas have nothing better to do than come on here and talk shit about a guy who is doing way bigger shit than you’ll ever do, while you’re busy in your mom’s basement hating on somebody soley because they’re successful..i mean damn if you can do it better than do it & stop being such a fucking keyboard warrior on 2dopeboyz

  • JAyP

    brandon has a solid point even tho in my opinion I liked Big Sean’s debut album (maybe thats just me)

  • AceEM

    Yall niggas on this website hate more than niggas on worldstar. Even when a nigga make a good track yall sayin he cant do it on a album, he only was one album nigga. This mixtape is about to be tight, his album is about to be tight, and he about to snap on the g.o.o.d album. Stop hatin on a nigga who can clearly put out good shit

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date


  • Hey quick question do y’all have ANY other words in yalls category BESIDES “hater”??? no?? k, cool…

  • malcyvelli

    this is alright, FF3 was aight, half the tracks i couldve done without for sure but i rocked with it, this is sounding like the polished off sound and swag rap from FF3 mixed with some of the meaning from FF1, i dig it

  • nyc

    Big krit is signed too cinematic which is signed to def jam, they don’t focus on his project as much
    big sean igned to good music and then to def jam directly
    he one of their main prioritie besides kanye and 2chains lol

  • nyc

    And even with that being said krits album was to his mixtapes what j.coles album was to his lol
    Fuck were you listening too?? It was an ok album, but was his weakest one, and that’s no coincidence, if he didn’t make certain records, it wouldn’t have came out
    when your making an album the object is to sell records, when you make a mixtape the object I to make the bet music period

  • nyc

    I don’t think niggass realize its 2012 mixtapes and albums ARE THE SAME THING lol
    only difference? Albums are to sell, you sayin some rappers are better at mixtapes proves my point….why are they better at mixtapes??cuz they don’t have to go out of there comfort zone an make corny radio records simple

  • JaySole

    Honestly its been a min since big sean dropped a mixtape. I thought he would i the beginning-to mid summer. Cant wait for this. Really looking forward to it and think its going to be a very dope mixtape. Better than Dom Kennedy’s Yellow Album mixtape.

  • howdoesitfeel

    “how do it feel, within arms length of a nigga this real” -chip the rip off his cleveland mixtape … idk if hes the only nigga to say that, but ,if so, then chip should slap him, niggaz b bitttin chip yo

  • House Shoez


    One of the corniest voices in rap with the most juvenile brag lines.

    Disgrace to the D. How THAT feel, little skinny Sean??

  • fresh

    @brandon Frank ocean album wasnt close to being better than his mixtape

  • fresh

    This mixtape will be dope. Big Sean has definitely stepped his game up in 2012.
    side note: Mixtapes might take a big hit if Lord Finesse wins his lawsuit against Mac Miller. look what wiz nd curren$y have to do to get their samples cleared. they are paying out of their pocket. something most artist wont do. i hope lord finesse loses. mixtapes > albums

  • MyFiddyCents

    Dude has a good rap voice but just don’t have good raps unfortunately. Another quality wasted beat goes to this guy.

  • Ducey

    Best rapper in the game right now.