• hiphopdeadsup

    Yoooo! dude was a diamond in the rough. I called this shit.

  • david

    it ain't dead though, making bold statements about the state of hip-hop became an over-played gimmick a long time ago

  • whoisrapewascool

    2Chainz is hiphop front runner, hiphop is #DEAD.

  • therealisbackkkk

    both krit and charles spitting real life shit. I dont hear no gimmicks. and maybe he is talking about mainstream hiphop, bc I agree, it died with big and pac

  • reallydoe2

    dude put out three bangers in one month: Star Life, The Res and Farewell Philadelphia. All with A listers "Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, ?uestlove. Real niggas fuck with him...

  • Em-City

    I missed this album... going back in time to cop.