Rapsody – The Idea Of Beautiful: Deluxe Edition (Album)

blame it on Meka August 28, 2012

The Mob aren’t the only ones who dropped a project today also, and they won’t be the last. The JAMLA representative drops her own new project, featuring the likes of 9th Wonder, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, The Cool Kids, BJ the Chicago Kid and more. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Motivation f. Big Rube
2. How Does It Feel f. Rocki Evans
3. Precious Wings
4. Believe Me
5. Non Fiction f. Raheem Devaughn & Ab-Soul
6. In The Drums f. Heather Victoria
7. Kind Of Love f. Nomsa Mazwai
8. Celebrate
9. Destiny
10. Good Good Love f. BJ The Chicago Kid
11. In The Town f. Nomsa Mazwai
12. Round Table Discussion f. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids
13. The Cards f. Big Remo
14. Come Home f. Rocki Evans
15. When I Have You f. Nomsa Mazwai
16. Believe Me (9th Wonder’s HaHaHa Remix)
17. Beautiful Music f. Childish Gambino & GQ [Bonus]
18. Thunder [Bonus]

DOWNLOAD: Rapsody – The Idea Of Beautiful: Deluxe Edition (Album)

  • First to dope. Rap got bars. Features or no features, this was a well produced project. From the lyrical content, to the beat selection. This album was very well thought out AND executed.

  • kika117

    Rapsody is that girl! She kept blessing us with the last projects she dropped for free, now it is time to collect! Cop it and support artists who still do it for the love of the art of hip hop!!! Jamla all day every day!

  • Mayaya

    Download link any1? I’ll buy the album later

  • realtalk™

    ^suuuure.. go find a link yourself, youtube it, I’m sure it’s out there.. but don’t be a cheap skate asking for one on a post about ACTUALLY SUPPORTING the artists you listen to..

  • justsaying

    Im no hater and a lover of hiphop. With that said, this album is mediocre at best. The hooks are HORRENDOUS and the beats are “ehh”. AMPs joint really shined, most improved IMO. 9th needs to find some inspiration SOMEWHERE….ANYWHERE!!! He can do much better.

  • this version needs 2 be on amazon

  • cooljacksparrowonthatass

    I’m sure all the little yes men will come in here and hype this up to be the greatest album ever, but in actuality, Rap is a very average artist and will NEVER GROW until someone in her camp wakes up. I agree with the comment above, this album sounds like every other boring project they put out; cheap, poorly executed album art, lack of emotion and feeling from Rap, single syllable rhyme schemes and forced creativity. The hooks are severely subpar and I find myself wanting more. I’m surprised by the features I must say, and I’ve always been a fan of Big Remo, glad to see he made the album. All in all, if this is supposed to be the “new frontier of real hip-hop”…. eehhh I’ll stick with Pro Era & Black Hippy.

  • SwagSurfKing


    I disagree. It’s funny how everyone all of sudden doesn’t like the music and they check for everything they put out. I love this record!

  • Mayaya

    I really wanna hear the album,I just don’t have the means to buy it itunes.. Waiting for a link.. Any1?

  • RDCJ

    @cooljacksparrowonthatass You sound like an hipster elitist writing shit like that. If you want a job as a critic so bad then go find one. Until then let the fans judge for themselves and stop polluting this shit with your negative energy.

  • SwagSurfKing


    I agree

  • Complacent

    WTF I just bought Slaugterhouse I thought this shit would be free fuck that

  • She kinda sounds like she has peanut butter in her mouth or something. I can’t escape of the promo this album is getting…

  • This album speaks to, from and for independent artists who refuse to conform to the mainstream. Most people who have difficulty adjusting are probably still clinging with both hands to the radio. But like Rapsody said, “Hip-Hop aint dead, the radio fell”. We need to appreciate and allow for new methodology. Open your ears, but don’t close your mind. She has a message and it comes from many females in and out this Hip-Hop game. Listen to songs like “Precious Wings” and “Destiny” and tell me there’s not a soul on this earth who can’t relate. That’s how Hip-Hop started. A place to tell stories and relate. Don’t close the door on this discussion. If you don’t like something, that’s fine. But the hate and downright disrespect is coming from such a different place. Appreciate change or accept monotony.

  • D

    ^^^ Cosign pHoenix 1000x

  • j

    this is great!

  • kamu

    This is a dope album. Saw some comments that are on the negative side and I just wonder were were your comments on the 2chainz album c section? Well like I said b4 dope album, lirycs and beats are on point. Ka

  • honesty for that ass

    What some of these guys are saying is right, dont over hype this album to be the next big thing. I dont even listen to hipster shit to begin with! We are giving our HONEST opinions but im sure her camp dont wanna hear that, they want us to bandwagon but we wont. Point blank, make better music

  • Chad

    To be honest, I will only check this out to hear some new 9th Wonder beats (that hopefully won’t be another disappointment). I’m just not too excited about her rapping style or about the often mediocre output of the other soul council producers.

    I miss the old Justus League days, when 9th was the main producer. Back then the quality was much higher. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. Right now it seems like 9th’s main job is to promote Rapsody.

    Anyone who remembers tracks like these?:

    Jean Grae – The Time Is Now

    Joe Scudda – Sumtin for You

    Rapper Big Pooh – Every Block

    Nas – Second Childhood (9th Wonder Remix)

    Buckshot – Money Makes The World Go Round

    Jaz-O – Love Is Gone (9th Wonder Remix)

    Jean Grae – Supa Luv

    Big Treal – Baking Soda

    Median – Comfortable

    Sean Price – Heartburn

    Rapper Big Pooh & Joe Scudda – Respect Due

    LEGACY – Son of Sam

    Strange Fruit Project – Special

    Little Brother – On the Way

    The Thyrday – Memories

    Boot Camp Clik – Take A Look in the Mirror

    The Allies – Can’t Let You Down

    Cesar Comanche – Up & Down

    Jay-Z – Threat (Remix)

    Eternia – Everything

    Splash – Feels Good

    I could go on for days.. so many gems! 9th beautifully chopping up those gorgeous 70s soul samples – that was (imo) his “golden age”!

    Please, if you appreciate good hiphop music listen to these tracks – and you will hear the difference.

    Yes, 9th’s sound has changed. But in that case “change” doesn’t mean innovation/progress.

    If 9th is checking the comments here, I just have two questions:

    1. What happend to the remix of Common’s Dreamer/Believer, that was announced on ustream???

    2. When is the new Buckshot album dropping???

    – Just an honest opinion from a longtime fan.

    PS: People who complain about criticism are dickriders, sheep, followers (call it whatever you want).

  • TEast

    Always been up on Rapsody. Always enjoyed her rhyming. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but another free mix-tape like album similar to her past projects but this is actually a cohesive album with her giving out her story. This is a very solid album, head nodders all the way through. Her flow is still infectious and the features don’t overtake the album which makes her stand out even more. I will buy this just to support her for her and 9th releasing free music the last 5 years.

  • ChickaDee

    Thank you, Rapsody, for making music that represents me. Seeing her evolve over the years is such a pleasure, and I’m glad that females have someone in hip-hop to look up to again. Now, I’m going to play the album. It just finished downloading!

  • cooljacksparrowonthatass

    @RDJC I sound like a fan of music with decent grammar and a mind of my own. I’m sorry I don’t jump on board everything that is tagged “Real Hip-Hop”. I listen to good, quality music; no labels necessary. Just because you “speak positivity” doesn’t mean you’re a good artist. You still need skills and mechanics to bring form, structure and balance to that positive content. I never said “F**k Rapsody, I want her to fail!” I BOUGHT the album and then gave my opinion. Have you bought the album? It’s funny how you have to love something or you’re a hater. That’s what wrong with Hip-Hop; it’s segregated. Compare this to the works of Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Stalley, Nitty Scott, J Cole, King Mez and other newcomers with substance. You can’t tell a difference? Love her and the album all you want. Never said you couldn’t. I just choose to deal with the facts. Sorry.

  • D

    @cooljacksparrow well sir right now you and a few people stand alone in your opinion, because as of right now people are loving her album. Her album speaks to people in a way that is bigger than the technical things that you speak of. Just as you gave your opinion about why you don’t think she is that good, there are people that love her. No hype, and not trying to say she is the greatest rapper ever either. If you want, we can compare her to all of the newcomers. Most of the newcomers you speak of love her as well, (she did a record with Kendrick, Joey is a big fan of her, Nitty Scott loves her, the list goes on. Do you think Nitty’s record is better than hers? Cool! Go to Nitty’s comment page and big her up.

    Often times too many people try to derail people from liking someone, when there are so many other artists that get lots of recognition for just flat out terrible music. Yet in the realm of true hip-hop we nitpick at the ones who want to represent the artform. It’s cool that you don’t like her, but don’t try to convince other people not to. If you bought the album that’s great, you would see that artwork is not cheap(I love the digitalbooklet from iTunes), and her features are solid.

    She is on the move. No matter what you say. Sorry to disappoint. I’m a forever a Rapsody fan.

  • Chad

    Don’t get me wrong: I like Rapsody and I want her to win! I just not always like her music. Her and 9th are good persons, and they seem to have a great working relationship though.

    Fuck it, as long as 9th keeps chopping those samples, I’m a fan.