Russ – Let Me Know (prod. Russ)

blame it on Shake August 28, 2012

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  • who cares

    Whether you like DIEMON or not, you gotta admire their hustle

  • xxxff


  • so glad dis nigga stopped yellin

  • russisgonnablow

    dis nigga russ finna blow

  • FART

    I don’t have to respect shit

  • EDo

    This is FRESH.

  • realerthanu

    i hope russ blows up so he can stop rapping about about being about to “blow up”
    shit is played out

  • dj

    dude is nice as fuck. he gon blow fasho

  • jamie

    sounds like j cole lol

  • notfeelinit

    the only thing russ is gonna blow is shake’s dick for constantly posting his garbage

  • scott

    ^^ y u hatin on a nigga doin his thing? russ got next. keep doin ya thang yung nigga

  • i literally sat here and read you niggas posting hate on a niggas music, get a life if you ain got nothing good to say don’t say it FUCK NIGGA wow what are ppl doing with there life these days