Slaughterhouse – Throw It Away f. Swizz Beatz (Video Teaser)

blame it on Illy August 28, 2012

welcome to: OUR HOUSE is in stores today.

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  • Isayughh

    For the love of Jesu Christo look at that ass…

  • antinerdrap

    Its over for Daughterhouse career

  • fiz7

    so they take one of the worst songs off of their garbage album and make a video for it? i give up on these guys

  • weebeethem

    Album is a great disappointment! These lyrical beasts decided to go the pop route.

  • leftBRAIN

    No they didint go Pop, they wanted to show people them can make songs not just spit bar after bar thats why you ungrafeful niggahz got that mixtape now STFU an Support Hip-Hop if not kill yourself, thank you.

  • rightBRAIN

    ^Mabe they should have tried “making songs” in private before they released an album of complete garbage. Turns out they’re absolutely TERRIBLE at “making songs”.

    Support real hip hop by boycotting this album! Sell-outs have no place here!

  • leftBRAIN

    Just like my statement..what you have to say is just your opinion

  • D

    The mixtape was released for the blinkered one-track-minded bitches out there. Meanwhile everybody else will be enjoying a decent album.
    That is all.

  • rightBRAIN

    No shit, Sherlock. On the bright side, I managed to express my opinion without telling anybody to kill themselves. Want to know how I pulled that off?

    I’ll give you a hint- I’m just better than you.

  • marty mcfly

    The members of SH have each given the fans of hip hop about a decade of hardcore battle rapping purists hip hop music to listen to. This album is them basically saying, its time to actually win at this rap game at this point. SH >>> anything Asap Mob will ever record.

  • brandon

    you can tell if a nigga lame or not just by the music he listen to, any niga that lisen to slaughterhouse is beyond lame as fuck nigga.

  • marty mcfly

    But yet you most likely listen to some lyrical shit thats in the same lane or some wannabe MCs that try but dont make better music themselves, smh. STFU

  • brandon

    you can tell if a nigga lame just by his choice of music

  • D

    “you can tell if a nigga lame just by his choice of music”
    This comment is so full of fucking dumb LOL

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ NO, because the notion of that makes no sense whatsoever.

  • alex

    “you can tell if a nigga lame just by his choice of music”

    Realest shit i read all day,Bitches say the same thing.

  • brandon

    Dont talk to me bout no bitches bruh my name not BIG DICK BRANDON for no reason. Slaughterhouse shouldnt be played anywhere near any bitch point.blank.period.

  • kill things

    “This album is them basically saying, its time to actually win at this rap game at this point.”

    I agree, that was probably their mentality going into this one (and I genuinely believe it’s a mindstate that was spoon-fed to them by Jimmy Iovine). But I don’t think they really wanted to pick that battle. They went all-in, came up short, and it really looks like they played themselves. Now they’re stuck with half the fans that they started with, on a label that’s notorious for not giving second chances.

    None of these guys have ever made it all that much of a secret that they think they’re better than the general public gives them credit for. Of course they’ll jump at the bait when the higher-ups tell them they finally have a “hit” on their hands. But honestly, after listening to the album, the brutal truth is that all these guys are good for is lyrics. They can’t adapt, they can’t connect through inflection or intonation, they can’t write a chorus (and they’re only average at hooks), they don’t even know what a bridge is, they can’t stay on a “fun” topic long enough to let the club or the radio vibe to it; hell, they still haven’t figured out how to smoothly transition from one rapper to another, and that comes up on literally every song they do!

    Everybody in Slaughterhouse is good for a sick 16, and we’ve known that since before the group formed. More than anything, though, this album highlighted what these guys WANT to be, which is essentially everything that they aren’t. Welcome To: OUR HOUSE is basically a blueprint to everything the average underground spitter lacks in order to make it on the mainstage.

  • eric

    you can tell if a nigga lame just by his choice of music >>>

  • marty mcfly

    @kill things, really it all comes down to choices made. These fools are vets so not Em or Jimmy could MAKE them do shit, they choose what they want to do. They could either stay underground and unappreciated or they can accept the help from Em and end up performing in huge arenas as well as actually getting the credit they deserve as artists from the industry. When they signed the deal they knew what it was about, it was about going to the highest level they can and they will now because they catered to the right audience this time. If they wanted to stay small time they could’ve just not signed the deal with Em. For the rappity rap underground fans, if you listen to the album, you’ll find that stuff on there for you as well so you werent just totally left out. For people who want well written songs, those songs are also there as well. If your talking about what they didnt do or what they coulda shoulda done… Just keep in mind that they have always rapped the same way from day one. This is not a new Joe or Crooked or Joell or Royce. Its the same guys you’ve been listening to for years now just on another level of the game. And for the idiots talking about, you can tell what a person is like by what they listen too? What if that person has listened to hundreds of different artists? Exactly, you sound stupid and you know it.

  • marty mcfly

    And if you dont like the album and you believe they played themselves then thats ok to because thats how the game goes. Sometimes artists make albums that people dont like, thats all part of the game but just because you dont like something doesn’t mean that everybody else will feel the same.

  • Mo Murda

    Agree with @brandon shouts out to you bro, I say that same shit all the time,Actually been saying it for years.

  • Kill Things

    @ marty mcfly

    It looks like the fundamental difference between out points of view is that you seem to see “selling out” as inherently successful. I, on the other hand, look at it as an enormous gamble, and one that some artists would be better advised not to take. I suppose we’ll find out who’s right when the numbers come back.

  • marty mcfly

    @kill Things, you call it selling out. I call it business and in the music business “selling” is what they were paid to do. Em offered them a job and he put the money on the table so they had a choice to make. You talking about first week numbers but if Em offered you the same opportunity you would accept no question. You call it selling out but again just listen to the mixtape and the album cause they both are loaded with MC shit. You choose to act like its just pop music but really you know its more then that. For people with this “selling out” mentality ill just end it like this. Anytime a artist is no longer independent and owns 100% of their music, they have already sold out but again the object of being an artist as a profession is to SELL music.

  • marty mcfly

    And if the numbers for this album come back better then the numbers for they first album then your argument looks even worse cause that would mean they made the right decision as artists. You dont have to agree with their choices but they cant live a die based on what certain fans who never buy music anyway think.

  • QBN

    @ Kill Things… you hit the nail on the head man.. the album was a colossal letdown.

    They HAVE to sell more than the last album, but that doesn’t mean it’s a “success” for the artists long term prospects. Lupe’s last album sold well, but critically it was a disaster.

    I get that they had to make more commercial songs, but goddamn the execution was piss poor.. I mean, I’m actually in disbelief at how bad the album is..

    Ah well, at least I still have TDE..

  • marty mcfly

    You call Lupes last album a disaster but then also say it sold well. That was his biggest album to date and without Lasers there would be no F&L2 because releasing Lasers was part of the conditions of his contract. Just last week even Lupe said he didnt like that album which I never thought he’d say but it is what it is. My point though is that, not selling well and only being heard by the fans of underground and not having no mainstream effect in the game is not really success either. SOME people actually liked Lasers so it cant be a complete failure if somebody liked it. If Lasers came out on another label and kept some of the original material that ended up leaking before the album was ready and was also delivered and promoted better then you most likely would have heard a different response from most fans about the album. The GOAT said it best, Jayz – “I gave you prophecy on my first joint, and y’all lamed out
    Didn’t really appreciate it, ’til the second one came out
    So I stretched the game out”. This means sometimes you gotta expand to other fans that actually support the culture.

  • thisguy

    I listen to Slaughterhouse and I really don’t give a shit if a kid named “brandon” thinks I’m lame.

  • oldmoney

    you are crazy this album is good real hip hop i agree it has a few filler poppy tracks but there is still some fire on here

  • Supernatural

    Rationalizing and justifying a sell out doesn’t change what it is. Slaughterhouse sold out. Even Marty hasnt argued that; he’s just writing books about why he thinks it’s ok. Now it’s up to us to choose where to go from here, but as far as I’m concerned, I will never support anything from these guys, ever again. I’m just not interested in this horrible combination of Europop and hip hop, and I’m not going to support the pseudo-art of 4 losers who are willing to stab the culture in the back for what must be a very small boost in sales.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ You could say 99% of the whole hip hop culture are sell outs to some degree because they not just making music for the art, they doing it for business purposes. You talking about SH stabbed the culture in the back? COMEONSON

  • QBN

    ^^ Dude, I said that CRITICALLY Lupe’s album was a disaster. Just because an album sells does not mean it’s a good project. It likely means that it had a hit single, which casual fans and White folks decided to buy on the strength of that.

    You can make an album with commercial appeal, and still satisfy your core fans. It’s not easy, but these SH cats did not even come close to achieving that delicate balance. Anyways, I know you have other cats to argue with, so I’m out!

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Only thing is that the core SH fans want a 100% hardcore album with absolutely NO commercial appeal and that could have been nice but I think the members of SH are tired of accepting the sacrifice that that choice comes with. Which is basically not much success artistically or commercially.

  • marty mcfly

    QBN, but I do see your point though… Basically SH is what MMG, Good Music and YMCMB will never be LYRICALLY but this kind of group will never get the same praise as the mainstream artists. At least they tried for all the artists about that MC shit. Today hip hop is just on some whole other type shit I guess.

  • B-B-B-Boner!