Eversno – Hollow Top

blame it on Shake August 29, 2012

A lil left field, but that’s all i know. Big Homie and myself decided to play a couple roles. As you can see, he’s the maniacal killer dude..and i’m the guy who’s chick he just murked. Had a lil fun.

DOWNLOAD: Eversno – Hollow Top f. Jonrah (prod. Oliver)

  • Janice

    same rhythm as that last song.. diff melody, same flow as the last song… same nasally singer.. whats different… weak as usual.

  • Seojin

    the beat is cool.

  • Danny

    when dis dude gon stop rappin bout the same stuff. its like he aint got nuthig to talk about.

  • Cassandra

    Omg this guy sounds just like bow wow!!!!

  • Jessica

    oh snap^^^ @ the comment above me. lol

  • Charlie

    why does this say left feild? this sounding like the last song.

  • GDot

    Shit is dope, I dont know what them niggas talkin about. This dude just gets better and better, I cant wait for an EP!

  • Squirtle

    I don’t think this sounds like his last song at all.. Is he coming out with an Ep or something tho? Or is he just releasing songs randomly

  • Chinky

    I agree. This sounds like complete utter shit.

  • Rob

    Why do so many people hate this guys music?

  • Ollie

    The guy that sings sounds like a scuba diver or like he sick.

  • Anonymous

    That beat is nice! That singer. Not so much. It’s obvious that he’s trying to put on a stylistic tone but it’s undeveloped and nasal.

  • Melissa

    like the last song but I don’t know about this one. Kinda wasn’t feeling any of it. Cept the beat.

  • Jeremy

    I give it a 4 out of 10.

  • TT

    -_- smh some people are in denial about their sorry music. why did my friend send me this link again??!!!

  • Jessica

    this guy is a sad excuse for a rapper, and that guy is a sorry excuse for a singer…

  • tyler

    off this. too weak

  • Lol

    too many haters…