Pac Div - Black Acura f. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino (prod. Thelonius Martin)

The Los Angeles trio enlist Mac Miller and Ms. Sorvino for the latest single off their upcoming album, GMB.

DOWNLOAD: Pac Div - Black Acura f. Mac Miller & Raven Sorvino (prod. Thelonius Martin)

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  • kayo

    the div sounding dope as hell lately

  • ImGood

    I hate to be one of those guys but Mac wasn't really needed on the song..but dope song anyway

  • Philly

    Songs really dope. Good to see Raven get her recognition.

  • NoahBility

    Anybody Else Hear The Brick From Mario64 In The Background? Ill Shit

  • E.

    Thelonious has some range

  • dre

    when the album drops?

  • kadeem

    like the JDM front integra cover lol

  • TheDiv

    Pac Div baby!

  • Grizzy

    dope beats with dope flow! pac div niggaz got that insane swagg...

  • B

    Mac slowed down the energy on this fellas. Somebody edit this nigga out. Word up.

  • this is aight but i can't help but be disappointed by most of their new shit.

    while they have refined their sound quite a lot i have to say they've fallen off as rappers quite a bit, especially content wise, since CLC. every song seems to be about blowin trees, bitches, lame bitches and having swag now, which is a shame because one of their strongest points was their diversity in content.

    im all for progression but it seems that they've regressed in terms of spittin that raw shit/lyrical dexterity we loved 'em for when they first came out. it's kinda evident too cos i remember mad niggas used to be hype over pac div on here once upon a time.

  • pac div is dooooope!