The Cafeteria Line Presents: #HNGRY (Artwork x Tracklist)

Official cover art and tracklisting (shown after the jump) for TiRon, Ayomari and company's next project; which we'll be getting soon enough.

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  • Shit gonna be dope can't wait

  • stan the man

    YESSSSSSSSSS. i want. right now.

  • Coolguy17

    Bout damn time and they got half of TDE on there dope

  • elephantman

    Track w/ Ab-Soul has me intrigued

  • Juicy-G

    Yea baby!!!

  • King Tyrone

    Looks awesome

  • Reptar

    So this comes out tomorrow then? They really should just not make a release date until they've completely finished something, these niggas always always delay their stuff lol, it turns out dope but just dont even make a date until it's done. W/e tho rant over hopefully we don't have to wait another month

  • xastey

    I think I'm going to cry.. no homo

  • quack

    hit may swag serf


Open Mike Eagle - "Smiling" (Video)

"Nobody smiles at me cause I'm a black man... until the show starts."

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RetcH - "Nickel Bag$"

Guess who's back.

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