Basically, Max B is Never Coming Out of Jail…

blame it on Illy August 30, 2012

Max B received some pretty bad news today. According to North Jersey local news, a state appeals court upheld the murder conviction of Biggavelli who is serving a 75-year jail sentence for his involvement in a robbery at a Fort Lee hotel in 2006 that resulted in a death. Max is set to remain at Trenton State Prison until the 2042.

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  • Freebigaveli

    doing a crime in fort lee is like doing a crime in Washington or something

  • his twitter says’s it wasn’t denied.Not saying that’s a fact… #justsayin

  • chris styles

    lmfao, I’m crying. came on 2dopeboyz and the first thing I saw was the headline.. It’s really not funny, but that shit made me laugh mad loud lol

  • doc rovers

    dont feel sad. if he did the crime, then why should he be on the streets? because you enjoy his music?

  • zachariah

    Do the crime, do the time. Enjoy the American dream Maximus Breezy!

  • j5

    Most of y’all will pop for a minute
    Spit a Sentence
    The the game’ll get rid of y’all

  • thisblogisstartingtoreallysuck

    who gives two fucks. you guys post some of the dumbest most irrelevant shit on here. there’s bigger fish to fry. another black man behind bars. what’s new.

  • grapedrank

    voted dope. dudes a fucking moron.

  • beh-beh-beh

    i dunno man….he’s a rapper and he’s going to jail. go change your fucking tampon because that shit is relevant you whiny little bitch.

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Max B’s music is/was/and always will be ASS.

    But his ability is irrelevant.

    It could be Nas instead and the point still stands.

    This murderous cunt should rot in jail.

    Fuck Max B, Fuck Boosie, Fuck T.I, Fuck Wayne, Fuck Beanie Sigel. Fuck all you criminals.

  • T-Virus


  • dcd

    when did rap fans turn into such fuckin faggots? go back to your fuckin wizard metal you cocksuckers.

  • nyc22

    Is that his attorney? She could get the Max D… Nah I’m talmbout?

  • In other news….WE MUST PROTECT LIL B AT ALL COSTS. Taskforce out!

  • Mat

    Who cares?
    He wasn’t a talented artist and made no contribution to music.

    He’s a criminal .. Break the law and that’s what you get,

    Why do people want to praise all this negative shit,

    This dude shouldn’t even make the headlines .. he’s just a statistic.

  • BennyBlow

    Because the justice system is flawed you bitchassnigga..Him “not being talented,” is an opinion, and you sound like a hater you fruitcup..keep you’re lame opinions to yourself..Free Max B

  • beh-beh-beh

    nyc22 just won this whole fuckin thread

  • Jeanius

    Wack artist goes to jail for heinous crime and everybody screams “Free Max B/Boosie/Turk/C Murder/BG”. Really? I’m gonna go listen to some Carly Rae Jensen. Fuck this rap shit.

  • bigErn

    Yeah that lawyer gets busy. Max just looks like he’s asking “Why god, WHY!? Sob sob”. Well Max, you committed a federal offence. 2042? Might as well shank yourself and believe in reincarnation!

  • who cares

    Ain’t gonna lie that headline made me bust up, then I saw “set to remain at Trenton State Prison until 2042” and my jaw dropped. Holy fuck

  • youknowit

    good…now time to put wiz, lil wayne, ross, gucci, lil b, flacka, chief, and all the other talentless rappers behind bars for picking up the mic in the first place and ruining hip hop…

  • Juice101

    No more wave :(

  • jwiii

    Someone is dead thanks to his contribution to society. That’s sooo wavy.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Max B: “2042??? AhHh!!! GoD DaMnIt!!!”

  • e

    so what you’re saying is max b will be out before detox…

  • smitty

    Yo, that 2042 Return of the Wave album will be the shit.

  • lmao @ e

    my grands kids kids will be born by da time detox comes out

  • Frost

    no even gonna lie…

    “Basically, Max B is Never Coming Out of Jail…”

    ^^^^ That shit had me rollin’ lmao

  • GoGetter

    Dont do the crime if you cant do the time

  • you

    This fuck played a part in someones death, so he deserves jail

  • Thinker

    Real talk, that attorney could get the dick all over her forehead.

  • Grizzy

    only stupid ass niggaz lives own life on jail…god bless nigga! amen…

  • deeznuuuts

    Stuntin’ to the max

  • truestorynodisputes

    im 110% convinced any faggot in here talking shit is WHITE…stupid devil cracker faggots burn in hell n get the fuck away from hip hop u pieces of ignorant shit

  • david

    Give him the chair! He’s one of the reasons people talk shit about hip-hop being violent, his actions give artists with talent (unlike himself) a bad name

  • Cool A

    Max Who? LOL

  • To this day, I don’t understand why people leave nonconstructive, negative comments. This blog posted this news because this is a Hip Hop blog providing you with relevant news pertaining to the world of Hip Hop. Heck if this was my website, I could post anything I want, just as they should have the right to do so.

    Comments claiming that this is pointless, or irrelevant, or such are useless and cause others to refrain from getting involved in otherwise stimulating conversations.

    I’ll be very honest, I don’t usually post comments. But when I do realize that I have an opinion or a perspective that is not realized, I do make my voice heard.

    Clearly this is not intended to the all the users of this great blog. But if the shoe fits …

  • swageezy

    ^ co-sign

  • swageezy

    “I know I’m addicted, that’s how I spend most my dayyyssss
    Man mammi she kicked it and know she wanna blowwww, she wanna bloww
    Got the lamma to fix shit, somebody smoked all my haazzzzeee
    Spent a day in the office, now I’m goin hommmeeee”

    Some of max b’s music was catchy but got damn, i just wanna find out who the fuck smoked all of max b’s haze?? He should not be chillin with that dude anymore. just sayin

  • NYdreams

    damn… thats messed up…. but if he did what he did than he deserved it plain and simple… i still listen max b tho… i dont c how niggas could say he wack…

  • the realest

    damn niggaz is straight lames. how can yall nerds just sit back and applaud this shit. ol lame ass niggaz. “if you do the crime, do the time.” yall dont even know what the fucking crime was? LET ALONE the motive or reason. yall just eat up w.e placed in front of you as pass judgement listening to ab-soul or whoever. smh. damn i cant the muthafuckas that comment on here.

  • aremac

    yeah, the attorney can definitely get tha D.

  • fqwf

    [email protected] the realeast. the public are fucking sheep. not that he didnt do it, but yall just jump to wild conclusions based on incomplete information and pass jusgment on niggas. guilty or not there is no joy in this situation. especially since i dont know what the fuck happened

  • Doney

    Most of ya’ll probably don’t recognize the talent he had. His songwriting ability alone was unmatched. Do ya homework. FREE THE SILVER SURFER, KING OF THE WAVE. OWWWW

  • Jim

    who gives two fucks. you guys post some of the dumbest most irrelevant shit on here. there’s bigger fish to fry. another black man behind bars. what’s new.
    thisblogisstartingtoreallysuck said this on August 30th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    you are a fucking retard, yeah cause he’s black is why he’s behind bars,maybe it was what happened. fucking tool.

  • FucktTheseWackRappers


    SERIOUSLY.. FUCK ‘EM!!!!!!!!!

  • 1Hunitt

    Free max b wavy owww

  • dee

    Can he get out early

  • dee

    Max b can he get out early