Big Sean - 24 Karats of Gold f. J. Cole (Preview)

Directed by Mike Carson & Darnell Williams.

Here goes another preview of Big Sean's upcoming Detroit mixtape out Sept. 5.

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  • villionaire

    This shit right here is dope.i'm glad Big sean went back to his old style for this mixtape about time !

  • yerp

    dope shit. this def that old sean shit. cole bout to deliver on this too.

    thats an S class though, right?

  • will

    lol though that was action bronson at first

  • Jungz

    Im liking what im hearing from this mixtape so far. Let's go Big

  • KM

    I hate when mf make predictions like they know shit

  • Kp

    The mixtape idea is a great way to regain some of the fans he lost during his mainstream success. The music sounds dope!

  • o


  • Coleman

    I have to say, i loved big seans classics like "What You Doing" and "Hollywood" and even up to the last album i thought all the songs were pretty dope. But this one just seems weak to me... and he has J. Cole on it! deffinately expected better. hopefully detroit wont dissapoint.

  • Ducey

    Classic on the way. That soulful shit. FFOE Detroit.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Yeah I'm definitely liking this shit. Big Sean doesn't sound half bad singing. Good stuff.

  • Arithmetic

    Mixtape is gonna be fly as fuck, the old sean is back, circa Final Famous Mixtape days.

  • $$$


  • ReLtlk

    I feel like he's about to give us a free album that will be miles ahead of Finally Famous.. can't be mad at that

  • Lance Geneva

    Finally, he got back to his melodic raps.. Exciting to hear since all we've heard from him for the past 2 years was him getting better at actually rapping.. Niggas is watching for this tape to drop.. D-TOWN !!

  • davw

    sean bringing it back to his "million dollar" days when his rhymes had true meaning abd was heart deff looking forward to Detroit now.

  • marty mcfly

    Mixtape rapper to mainstream rapper then back to mixtape rapper = They love you then they hate you then they love you again.


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