Slaughterhouse – Throw It Away f. Swizz Beatz (Video)

blame it on Illy August 31, 2012

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  • alwayswantedtobefirst


  • Monoxide

    Lol… This group won’t be around in 2 years. Video is wack, IMO.

    Welcome to: Flophouse

  • WTZR

    Stop hatin only cuz that lame-ass nigga Swizzy on it. That shit FIRE !!!

  • buckets

    video made the song better

  • Kidder

    Never understood all the hate about this. That shit goes! And the video is definitely entertaining…

  • Flowetry

    Dem niggaz got the clubs on lock with this joint. Trust me.

  • EeekMill

    Fux with it

  • yep

    this song has really grown on me lol.

    Video is dope as fuck.

  • AKofTeam80ty

    Man the rap game is full of shit cause people claim they want that real hip hop but only 50k people went out to support them. I was hearing all the hate thinking their album wasn’t good and that shit goes hard!!!!

  • zachariah

    This shit seems doper with the video, love it!

  • Yoo

    I wish banks fab and juelz make a group or a mixtape together atleast.

  • Pops

    Dope. About time someone put out an entertaining video again.

  • jamie

    swizz had some bad hooks lately this is not too bad tho, I can dig it a bit, its dumbed down though but crooked comes mostly correct

  • NYdreams

    i aint gonna lie tho… i was hatin on this song b4.. now that i seen the video .. i fux witt it !
    its just hard to get used to cause slaughterhouse on it makes it kinda corny

  • antinerdrap

    This is that typical bullshit but since its Daughter House yall like it GTFOH.

  • Spirit Equality

    got the clubs on lock with this joint. Trust me.

    ^ stop lying. i’ve never heard slaughterhouse in a club. and slaughterhouse needs to stop pretending like they’re different than the rest of the industry, they’re pushing the same bulls–t: black/brown on black/brown violence, misogyny/objectification of women…meh. write some classic songs instead of trying to fit in with what’s on the radio now. this song is fine, but other people do this kind of rap better than them and plenty of people do it worse, so we hardly need them doing it too. they need to find their own lane and master it. they make good introspective raps, that’s a start. if they each started repping their respective locale more (at least on their solo efforts), that would probably help set them apart too. i want them to win….hopefully the next album will be more groundbreaking

  • marty mcfly

    Coming Home
    Who Am I
    Truth Or Truth
    Our House
    Get Up
    Rescue Me
    The Other Side

    Thats nine songs between the mixtape and album that aint radio songs or battle rap songs. All recently released, just saying sometimes balance on projects between street songs, radio songs and introspective songs is a good thing.

  • buckets

    who cares what the underground/internet thinks…. this album was obviously aimed at the mainstream crowd… and somehow they seem to like it so fuck it.

  • QBN

    Honestly the album was terrible, a bunch of radio songs and zero classic joints. I like all of these guys except Budden, but I can’t support this album.

  • marty mcfly

    As far as classics go, years go by in hip hop without people hearing a classic album or song. So I think expecting a classic is a bit much. @Spirit Equality, you said “write some classics…” As if making a classic song is just as easy as saying your abc’s. Its really not that simple. I dont think anyone in music period has a formula that can produce a classic song or album anytime at will.

  • QBN

    Kendrick Lamar made a classic with Section 80.. granted it’s not easy, but at least make a GOOD album. SH failed to do that.. it is a really, really subpar album. Hiphop DX gave it a 4.5 mic rating which is a joke, because the average fan rating was 3.5. And the actual write up was essentially saying how the first album was better.

    I think reasonable fans knew they would have to make some commercial joints, but we were at least expecting a better balance between commercial and hard joints.

  • marty mcfly

    I also give the SH album a 3.5 so I agree it could have been better but this type of album will not get that much praise commercially so the had to at least try because imo I think its worse when artists dont even try. like they making an excuse for reasons they cant make radio songs. At least they kept the “real hardcore hip hop” presence in the mainstream. The real purpose of this type of album was to give the fans of underground hip hop a chance to open the doors for more of these kind of projects and the only way to do that is by sales numbers. That is the only way to prove to the industry that this lane is even worth the money. SH was willing to play that game but lets be real, we all know what these 4 MCs represent, even on this commercialized album. As far as Section 80 being a classic, no diss but I dont think so because most of the classics in hip hop had a huge effect on all levels of hip hop music and I dont think Sec 80 made it that far passed certain group of fans. Usually classic albums had alot of songs that all had huge impact on the game. If people dont like the SH album dont get me wrong, I get it but expecting a classic as if they gonna release a Empire State Of Mind type of record, Thats pushing it especially when its 4 different MCs on just they 2nd album.


    House gang proved they could rip the mic years ago, now its time to prove that they’re artist as well. Lyrically the album is dope I feel the beats coulda been better though. Shoulda been more Porter on that shit. I’m just glad Shady didn’t hop on every song and just let them go. HOUSE GANG!

  • hip hop fan

    how they go from mcs making hip hop to rappers making strip club music? lol just because you are a fan doesnt mean you cant keep it real…I cant see how you can be a SH fan and like this party music…who the fuck wants to hear SH make party music? save that shit for waka floka and niggaz like that…this is embarrassing…dope video yea but its still trash bags…and i bet you will never hear this in the club smh

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ If they did play this song in the club though, that shit what turn up instantly. This is a good club record imo.

  • LuukNL

    They don’t play this in US Hip Hop clubs? I’m from the Netherlands and the Mondial in Beek/NL (probably Europe’s best Hip Hop club) plays “Throw It Away” on heavy rotation since day one. Google Mondial/HotSundayNights.

  • mattnotmike

    Is this supposed to look like a guy ritchie movie or what?

  • Jus10

    THE ALBUM’S GROWING ON ME. I jumped the gun and bashed the album because it was so different, but I’m adapting. It’s hardcore, even with the singing. Not bad, but not classic. So far I give this a 7/10. Maybe I’ll raise it another star in a few days. Just accept it for what it is and you’ll enjoy it. I hope Slaughter gets another chance despite all the hate.

  • Stush

    you have all failed to mention that ……This is ALREADY A SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJJ

    Man I dig all the verses but Swizz needs to stfu. This track coulda been 10 times better without his voice all over it. His vocals and beats are more annoying than enjoyable. He could be way better if he just chilled out a bit.