Blu – Rap Dope (prod. Bombay)

blame it on Shake September 1, 2012

Click for animated cover.

For his next project, Blu is linking up with Inland Empire producer Bombay. And since I’m short on time, I’ll let the first leak (a #2DopePremiere) speak for itself.

DOWNLOAD: Blu – Rap Dope (prod. Bombay)

  • brock

    WHY does Blu have such an issue with the mastering of his songs when many people would do it for free ( aka myself)….but forreal he hates sound quality.

  • RT

    dope. thats all this song is. if ya talkn quality. keep it moving. we underground if you see the E then drop it fans already know the bluprint when it comes to that. 1

  • is this mixed and mastered? comments above lead me to believe it is not…

  • Igofificocodc

    Damn, a mastered Blu track. He might actually release the whole project mastered.

  • McBreezy

    Whats the point of having a gif. cover?????????? I don’t get it.

  • C-MACK11

    Blu is garbauge, yes garbauge.

  • †R€€K€€P€R

    damn yo that artwork is immaculate.. Soph Yeti x Blu = winning combination

  • 6’5


  • McBreezy

    r a p d o p e !

  • bl

    Wait a second this is mastered. The fuck yall talking bout? As is his new project with Exile.

  • LexiCon

    It’s mastered, just mixed strange (on purpose, I suppose). Some people just don’t know the difference between mixing and mastering

  • david

    It’s both mixed and mastered, like Lexicon said it’s just mixed strange. Think this is gonna have to grow on me but i’m sure it will, said the same about Common’s ‘Blue sky’ when that came out

  • PD,CA

    Common’s Blue Sky was mixed properly what are you saying foo? I’m pretty sure the sound at the beginning is intentional.

  • brock

    Yall are obviously not listenin to the same track I am….Below the Heavens is one of my favorite LPs of ALL TIME, but the engineering on this is bad. I know Blu likes to do crazy ish with his mixing, but this could sound better mixed and mastered on garageband. Still love Blu, but he needs to get back to thinking about rappin less, and just doing what he knows how to do. Yall can keep it moving

  • brock

    Just no engineers in the room I suppose. *goes back to playin “cold hearted”*

  • Bongwater

    lol these comments are like you guys going to a movie and talking about how comfortable your seats were

    talk about the MUSIC

  • AD

    cosign @bongwater you ppl should shut up and talk about the lyrics…

  • SeanPurple

    DA FUQQ this is mastered yll are dumb … no flylo fans in here huuh

  • random

    @AD he said to talk about the music and last time I checked music was about more than just lyrics.

    I know Blu likes to get all experimental and shit but sometimes I don’t thinks it sounds nearly as good to many people as it does to himself. Oh well, he’s doing what he wants to do and I respect him for that. Track’s aight.

  • Jules

    Fuck mixing and mastering. This is RAW.

  • III

    Swear Blu is the most overrated rapper in the “blog world” right now. I respect dude as a lyricist, but that’s about it. Not a fan of his beat selections, nor am I a fan of this “lo-fi” sound that ends up sounding like shit in my opinion.

    And before you write me off and tell me to go listen to 2 Chainz or Lil’ B: suck a dick. Been a huge hip-hop fan since I first heard Mecca and the Soul Brother back in 1992. Just because I don’t like the same artist as you doesn’t mean I don’t know hip-hop.

  • Serge

    Most overrated rapper.

  • slaams

    just listen to the lyrics, this is so dope

  • This is dope. Shout out to Bombay on the track.

  • John Starks

    I agree with Ill

  • Fizzle

    man there is like fuzz all over the track… blu recordin with a xbox headset.

  • Bombay on the track! #IE #TheShowIsOver

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    @111 just because you’ve been around since the Pete Rock days doesn’t mean you understand hip hop.. everyone has their own opinion and the majority knows that blu is ill as fuck. he’s the best out IMO. please name another that matches up. don’t refer to any golden age rappers either because a lot of the shit they’ve been dropping is tiring, outdated, BAD

  • Varsityballin

    IE all day

  • Camo

    Why he can’t he just put out a well edited track. Honestly if I didn’t know who blu was I would have written this song off in 10 seconds.