• Igotcha

    This shit is actually dope.

  • iblameyou

    hey shake...are you unable to read? look at the name of the mixtape again guy.

  • Shadytalez

    Danny Brown? Fred Da Godson? Canibus?

  • http://www.twitter.com/noles506 Rn506

    LOL... yea for real, it's MIDWEST MARAUDERS...damn illiterates.

  • sulls

    shit's dope

  • AJyjche

    To be honest, I'm surprised. This is actually good

  • Ayyyee

    *MIDWEST, Shake, are you blind or just stupid?

  • Lemon Poppy

    wow extremely dope mixtape. by far the best right now of the dying D12 group. everyone should check this out tho, dude deserves more credit