MHz Legacy – MHz Legacy (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake September 1, 2012

On October 30th, the Megahertz (Copywrite, RJD2, Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage Future) will be dropping off their first project as a crew in 11 years. On top of some unreleased verses from Camu Tao (R.I.P.), the self-titled project will also feature Slug (of Atmosphere), Blu, Danny Brown, Ill Bill, Slaine and Oh No. With production coming from RJD2, Harry Fraud, Marco Polo, Stu Bangas, !llmind and more. Hit the jump for the tracklisting.

01 Accidentally On Purpose (prod. Rob Stern)
02 Hindsight (1998) f. Playdough (prod. RJD2)
03 Four Player Mode (prod. RJD2)
04 Out Of Room (prod. RJD2)
05 Spaceship f. Danny Brown (prod. Harry Fraud)
06 Soul Train (Of Thought) f. Oh No (prod. !llmind)
07 Addictionary f. Ill Bill & Slaine (prod. Stu Bangas)
08 Gone! (prod. Surock)
09 Obituaries (prod. Marco Polo)
10 Columbus Diss Patch f. Dom (prod. J Rawls)
11 Mass Temple f. Steve From Middle Distance Runner (prod. Jason Rose)
12 Y’all Don’t Know (prod. D1)
13 Yellow & Blue f. Blu (prod. Surock)
14 Satisfaction f. Slug (prod. RJD2)
15 Tero Smith f. Aaron Livingston (prod. RJD2)
16 Somewhere (2099) (prod. RJD2)
17 Mechanical Me (prod. Jason Rose)

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  • Mike

    The tracklist features + production looks good, we need some Camu Tao beats on here too. Cover is amazing like the idea.

  • jd

    Honestly, Camu Tao was the worst part of the original MHz album. I might be able to hear some tight lyrics without some nasal, off-beat rapper in the middle of each song.

  • cold tea

    no cage or yak features?

  • Real Talk


  • WR

    NICE! Definitely still rock table scraps. Tage Proto!

  • wr

    Pretty classy, talkin shit about dead people.

  • Desto

    Who’s the dumb fuck with no ears? Camus rhymes MADE MHz. Shut the fuck up lame ass dude

  • Fuck, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but that guy up top is way off. Camu Tao was sick and ahead of his time.

  • Wallabee Champ

    Camo Tau was easily the worst part of the original MGHZ. He used to get booed off the stage in the early shows. Dude was wack as Hell back then. He improved a lot after MGHZ broke up.