• http://www.akellolight.com Akello Light

    Fresh music

  • https://twitter.com/criticalhype Dj Critical Hype

    wow... this shits gonna be insane, love what little i heard so far

  • who cares

    This sounds fuckin' insane yo.

  • Secnd Cuzn

    Beeen a long time comin' but I knowww. INSANE.

  • C-los

    So is he still "The Artist Formally Known as Mos Def" or is he Mos Def again?

  • Joe

    theres an act 2 to this... check it out its 2dope.. lol

  • i wish i got baseball money

    gahDAMNit mos, why are you so NICE?

  • King that

    LOL Man this is about to be huge