Kilo Kish – Creepwave

blame it on Illy September 3, 2012

Kilo says via her Tumblr that her newest leak “Creepwave” is an unfinished song and is produced by Cronos.

DOWNLOAD: Kilo Kish – Creepwave (prod. Cronos)

  • factormax

    kish! i didnt think yall posted that new shit.

  • sosa

    why are you posting her? you do know that she don’t give a fuck about music , and while there’s other great artist out there who need the spotlight on this website more than she does. she white washed and she fucked a few of the asap dudes. smh this site is really starting to disappoint me .

  • troytrav

    ^ go away.

  • sosa

    @troytrav don’t catch this L

  • Jayxs

    I agree with sosa. This was the first time I downloaded anything of hers and I liked it so I went and got more. Then I ran into an article on Complex that said that she only did this as a joke and she never wanted to be a rapper. That alone kept me from following her Tumblr. I’m still trying to decide on whether or not I keep her music or delete it. I really don’t know about any of that other stuff sosa said though. I’m only speaking on the music.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Love shorty music. Could care a less about whether or not music was always her dream. As long as she makes dope music I’ll listen.

  • WhyComplain?GoToAnotherRapBlog

    So rap wasn’t her life goal so she doesn’t deserve recognition? Fuck outta here. At least she’s not putting out lame shit. She’s doing her. And she’s whitewashed? How? Her voice? She fucked ASAP dudes? How do you know? She took pics with them? Points mad invalid kid.

  • KIM

    @sosa Go away

  • i dont know what the problem with her saying it started as a joke…. take a lot to expose yourself.

  • why put up a unfinished song?

  • qeg

    this is cool.

    sosa unless you have proof of those defamatory accusations about her fucking whoever i suggest u stfu

  • Kill

    ^ or you’re going to do what, exactly? And how is having sex defamatory? stfu eThug

    Having said that, I dislike pretty much everything that I’ve heard about this girl, from her associations, to her attitude, to her face. But this remains a good track, and an interesting direction.

  • KIM

    ^^^ STFU

  • kmob

    even if she did fuck the asap dudes why is tht a reason you dnt like her music??? you jealous you didnt get to fuck the pretty motherfucker lmao

  • Dre

    You know who else started their music as a complete joke? Childish Gambino. And people still resepect his music. While it may be frustrating from an artist’s standpoint to see someone who didn’t dream about music every night make it to where they want to be, it doesn’t mean you should discredit talent.

    Just take it for what it is.

  • apasserby

    Don’t forget about the producer cronos, not to be underlooked here guys.