• enlite

    If you've ever seen Nas in concert you'll know that he isn't good at keeping his breath, always missing like every other line in his songs lol. But w/ Scarface it was even worse I was like get this dude an oxygen tank hahaha. Lauryn Hill killed it tho.

  • Fat Boy

    Man I went to Mt. View Rock The Bells. We got FUCKED when it came to surprises and shit...

  • 2

    ^you mean you weren't thrilled when kid cudi brought out 2 chainz??!?!?!

  • Fat Boy

    ^^Fuck that I was watching Meth and Red!

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    terrible milquetoast song on a terrible album. nas stop rapping forever you tepid retard

  • http://twitter.com/jjbro1 JJBro1

    whats the email to send concert footage? I got a bunch of footage from that concert including lauryn hill's set.

  • enlite

    Schoolboy Q and Pusha T are asshoes for not showin up

  • http://real-tube.net/blog/ Qtslim3000

    Dats my shit. Wish they had more footage

  • http://real-tube.net Rap Music Connoisseur

    Scareface is the king of the south.

  • Barbara

    Dont buy your tickets till the day of the show cause they say all these Rappers were coming and then they dont show, French Montana, Tyga, Pusha T