Brown Bag AllStars – Brown Label 2 (EP)

blame it on Meka September 4, 2012

The Brown Bag crew dropped their EP today, and after you listen to the stream below you can support with the link provided.

DOWNLOAD: Brown Bag AllStars – Brown Label 2 (EP)

  • Gyver

    Heat! Skipped through and loved what I heard. BBAS got it!

  • Ca$hmere

    BBAS >>>

  • This GOES

    Smooth shit

  • idontlikemuchshitreally

    sick of new acts. like this tho..

  • D

    been bumpin this fresh all damn day,,

    love from the west

  • Bangin’

  • Notretarded

    Retarded dope

  • that truth

    lol at 7 comments in as many minutes. dont yall get tired of commenting on your own shit?

  • that truth

    nah half of you are probably in the studio working with legends and the other half on tour, so nevermind yo

  • THIS IS DOPE!!!!!


  • Another dope project!

  • PS catching Soul Khan in NC tomorrow, caught Koncept last month down here. Need BBAS all down here soon

  • that truth

    lol at this square commenting on his own shit cus nobody else gaf then saying “i know dj premier, we name drop him in every song but have 0 records produced by him”. youre the type of nigga to buy followers cus you cant establish a substantial fanbase yourself and never will. soul khan battles are the only reason anybodys heard of bbas

  • Werf

    Brown Bag the homies!

  • Jason

    406 video nearly brought a tear to my eye. Met yall at Fat Beats while I was in town back in 2010. Real humble dudes. Keep up the good work!

    Jason from Tdot

  • Caught you in Montreal with the Beatnuts. Really impressed. Nice new tunes!

  • Pacman

    This is dope front to back.

  • yourmanjose

    LOL @ dudes like ‘that truth’ poppin shit on the internet. Nigga you do know brown bag would fuck you up right?

  • yourmanjose

    LOL this is tough. that Rhett joint is crazy

  • Dave

    Shouts to these young dudes. Met J at D&D recently. Thats my dude!

  • Rich.M

    I’m buying this now.

  • that truth

    im 6’2 220 playboy. since youre a bbas member making 90% of these comments, lemme know next time youre in denver, if yall ever tour outside the tri state area

  • D

    @that truth you really think bbas is writing shit nigga, you that stupid my g? ,,,

    anyway go cop that BRWN Label 2!

    – Darian

  • Dick rause

    this post got 83 likes on here, truth. makes sense they get at least ten comments per post. and you cant fake the “dopes” cause theyre ip address based. maybe just ignore it if you dont like it instead of havin a seizure on here.

  • joneso


  • patrick

    this is on loop, and will be. i paid double for this ep, cause its worth it. so should you all. this IS THE FUTURE

  • D

    @Dick rause agreed. and not for nothin but bbas promotes hard on twitter and theres like a million of them, so sparatic bursts of comments makes even more sense,,, since this character didnt like the fact that they got a lot of comments lmao

  • Heat. Buy this shit.

  • Gee

    found out bout this from Rhettmatic tweeting. Glad he did!

  • dat trooph

    @thattruth why are you stating your height and weight?

  • tarence

    Brown bag ya!

  • this fiction

    @that truth is what some call an “uber-herb”. They are often found trolling music websites in hopes that someone will “come at them” or get pissed at their negativity. Upon further research, I found that their average life span is near that of a normal human being. Since they are as annoying/worthless as house flies, I was really hoping they had a 24 hour life span… I was thoroughly disappointed.

  • Charlie

    This is seriously fresh as hell. Every track is HARD!


    Props from the UK !!!! Saw Soul Khan and Koncept in Ipswitch recently and loved what i heard

  • Hersey

    @thisfiction oof….. spoken like a TRUE hater lmao!

    Brown Bag y’all officially arrived lol