• jizzmarkie

    Macklemore knows wats up! im always buying cds n vinyl i hate the downloads i need that physical copy


    The Heist (Deluxe Edition) tracklist
    1. Ten Thousand Hours
    2. Can't Hold Us (featuring Ray Dalton)
    3. Thrift Shop (featuring Wanz)
    4. Thin Line
    5. Same Love (featuring Maria Lambert)
    6. Make The Money
    7. Neon Cathedral
    8. BomBom
    9. White Walls
    10. Jimmy Iovine
    11. Wings
    12. A Wake
    13. Gold
    14. Starting Over
    15. Cowboy Boots
    16. Castle*
    17. My Oh My*
    18. Victory Lap*

    That plus a ScHoolboy Q feature. This will be album of the year.

  • ace

    Schoolboy Q is on White Walls.

  • who cares

    The whole concept is dope. I agree artists don't put much effort in the packaging anymore

  • J


    Already preordered. I enjoy spending money on art and originality.... and this has both.


  • e

    What a stupid backwards idea. Those days are gone, accept it.

    actual music > bullshit sales pitch

    you're lucky if they keep it on their hard drive for more than a week

  • j2fly

    @ e
    your a fucking idiot

  • Notadick

    Yup, just pre-ordered. I have a good feeling this will be one of the best albums this year

  • e

    really? im not one paying good money on bullshit artwork

    who still cares about packaging in this day and age

  • Resident

    @ e

    People that actually have bought hard copies of music throughout their lifetime. Not everyone was raised on Napster and torrents.