The xx – Coexist (Album Stream)

blame it on Meka September 4, 2012

September 11th seems to be the day that a myriad of albums, mixtapes and other projects will be released. The xx will drop the follow-up to their debut album, Coexist, next Tuesday (you can pre-order right here), but you can listen to the project in its entirety over at NPR right now.

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  • brite

    This is gay music for homosexuals like Drake and everybody that has a name that ends with -ake.

  • James Blake, Grimes, Little Dragon, Mountains on the Moon, Bedroom, Beach House, Yeasayer, Purity Ring, etc. are all making better music than this in generally the same direction

    Save yourself some time, download “Fiction”, and thank me for saving you from 37 minutes of boring, self-indulgent, auto-pilot music from a band that doesn’t want to be together and sounds like it.

    They should have stayed broken up, but I guess the temptation of mainstream success was too much after Drake put Jamie on. But this is nothing close to the calibur of their first album.

  • (Mansions on the Moon… fucking auto-correct)


  • Vlad

    @brite I like The xx and I’m not gay. Got a problem? Stop being ignorant.

  • Yeppp

    Purity Ring <– you're welcome.

  • Taylor

    XX is great dunno why you’re hating for… oh look at me i only like one genre of music i’m special stfu.

  • XI

    ^^^’oh look at me i only like one genre of music i’m special stfu.’