Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka September 5, 2012

Big Sean makes his return to the mixtape scene will drop in about an hour, featuring seemingly everybody and their respective mothers. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Detroit (Mixtape) | Alt

  • Detroit Playa

    Uhmmmmmmm FUCK YES!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia Vergara

    This bout to killll Dedication 4

  • KIM

    @Detroit Playa Ummmmmmm you are a faggot but any way i dont like big sean he lame to me but ill give this mix a chance

  • amazing

    wayne was 0/15 on dedication, this gotta be atleast 8/16

  • nice

    @Sofia Vergara STFU… mfs always on somebody dick even b4 the mixtape come out but we will see if its tops D4, b/c i dont like wayne but he killed that mixtape

  • Blake

    Track 9… might give the rest a listen

  • mynameismyname

    that joint with Juicy J & Chip will probably be nice, looking forward to hearing what Young Chop laid down for them on that one..

  • capo

    man this shit look weak as fuck

  • mynameismyname

    my fault, screwed up on that production, but looking forward to bearing that track and the beats Young Chop did for him..

  • mynameismyname




  • Confucius

    The dickriding Stanleys repeat the mantra that anything less than unbridled love and adoration is equivalent to being a troll so professionally. TDEs alright but wtf. Honestly, the worst thing about TDE is it’s dickriding stans.

  • sonictheHogans

    This shit is about to be dope.. the line up alone makes it top 10 mixtape this year so far… man Big Sean came back with a force… Kendrick is everywhere right now too.

  • Mymommasaid

    Funny how this tape drops after Wayne’s tape dropped,
    Coincidence that his gets pushed whiled weezy’s get pushed? Idk the deal

  • A$AP Fleshlight

    Cole will steal Sean’s whole shine with one throwaway verse like he did on Dedication.

  • G.O.O.D. Music fan

    Mixtape just dropped on Datpiff!

  • dirtysixchambers

    Lupe jus dropped American Terrorist II. He also announced this album will be his last, ginna retire.

  • DiBstheInfamous

    …………[email protected] boy…….get a new name tho lol. Keef is wack and can’t even rap well. If anything, Lupe can rap circles around him and still be able to make a sandwich at the same time lol. Anyway, I never d/l a bad big sean mixtape so I already have an understanding of how good this is going be. Regardless, everyone should give this a listen.

  • sammie


    you think keef taklking about rap battling that nigga? keep is a gangsta fool nigga will have lupe ass laying face down in cold blood with his ass in the air. thats why lupe is scared to death of him because he know shit is real. keef just laughed at a rapper getting killed in chicago the other day just because thgey had beef.

  • Based

    Kendrick verse >

    Mixtape Big Sean > Album Big Sean

    But I get why his album sounded the way it did it was for sells and to get that MTV money. But glad he back on his shit.

  • dunk


  • ya heard

    Big Sean is hot garbage on his best day

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    My nigga doing work I see, hopefully it will be a good mixtape.

  • Unknown

    I’m confused why killin people and thuggin is the shit right now?!?! You end they life and yours! We need to wake up cuz everyone else getting ahead while we pullin each other back… Damn shame #keef/lupe

  • tew

    “This shit is about to be dope.. the line up alone makes it top 10 mixtape this year so far”

    definition of a dickrider right there smdh

  • Unknown

    And my bad for not commenting on tape. Some shit jus need to be said. Hope the tape nice tho, bouta dl now

  • eqgq

    Sounds like album throwaways tbh

  • Wow what a suprize … I just went from someone who never took Big Sean seriously to an aprover of him … before 2day i thort he was a wack overrated rapper (from what i had heard previously), but my views have been changed by this tape … i can without a doubt now say that he aint bad.

    You aint bad at all Sean.

    I aprove of this … good job … the 1st ever thing i’ll be downloading from you.

    Makes me kinda look forward to Cruel Summer now.

  • noah


  • Based

    Wale ol garbage ass on the last track ol poetic justice ass nigga

  • Juicy-G

    @sly cosign

  • ihatestans

    Only came for the Lex Luger produced track, number 12. Yet again he proves himself that he can do much more than trap beats. The most original instrumental on the tape. Of course the TDE stans will come for #9 though.

  • ThaBlackGodX

    Damn that first track go hard. S/O to Key Wayne on that one. I guess the hip hop industry has now gotten to the point where we should judge artists on mixtapes being that they have total creative control and with the albums they have to give the label what they want which is dumb me down bubble gum rap nowadays. Good shit man hater gon hate this is descent way better than D4

  • realer

    Stop saying niggas “HAVE TO GIVE” a label mainstream bullshit.NOOOOO .MOST these niggas chose to do that shit because all they care about is making money & not making the best music possible.Fuck outta here its still a handful of niggas making music the way they wanna & dropping their nuts on the mainstream in the process,it aint many but they out there.

  • Everything > TDE Stans…not that their bad, but get off their nuts

  • adolfmayne

    wtf bloc party sample thats wassup!

  • that truth

    wale had the best verse on there. pretty good beats, shitty raps

  • Lawless

    First song is the best on the tape

  • III

    Dope tape…one thing that made me laugh though:

    “Why don’t teachers teach more mathematics…less trigonometry”

    Last time I checked trig was math lmao.

  • Cubano

    Sean is the worst…but NICKEL!!!!! my ninja

  • you

    The award for the most annoying voice goes to…

  • DETRIOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dedication 4

  • wackness


    Are you stupid?

    Why don’t teachers teach more mathematics
    Less trigonometry/triggernometry

  • disappointed

    Track 9 ruined by the wack-ass hook and bridges…smh. Royce fucking killed it too. Kendrick and Sean came correct as well.

  • nyc

    @realer, even if they wanted to make that kinda music, ain’t like they’d have a choice if they didn’t want to lol

  • willie b


  • realer

    @nyc they do got a fucking choice if they got any dignity about them fucking selves fuck outta here with that bullshit n if the label respected them any as artist they would give them creative control of their shit instead of forcing them 2 make shit thaey dont even like because they know niggas like you will still go & buy the shit.

  • Killa

    Where’s the stream shake? Wtf

  • Jermaine

    Co Sign @realer artist like Kid Cudi,Big Krit,Curren$y,Frank Ocean are just a few artist that have control over their music & will never sell out for a dollar.Especially Cudi my nigga been a rebel since he stepped in the game. Even Drake had control over his last LP…

  • realer

    Stupid ass niggas

  • adolfmayne

    his album was dope for the most part really underrated last year so many doods in here that dick ride an artist until other ppl know about them what happened to just being a fan of music?

  • nyc

    @realer, no they literally don’t have a choice, if they go against what the label wants they will be
    SHELVED lol…once they sign they name on that contract they don’t own they music boy, get ya knowledge up…

  • nyc

    @realer, what planet you live on? Respect for there artist? Lol labels don’t give a fuck about there artist, fuck you talkin bout? This is a BUSINESS its about that CHECK, mabe a couple labels like labels run by artist give there artist a little more creative control….other then that them niggas slaves

  • yancy

    Bosses dont go by what a label tell them to do. Thats why they have they own labels. They dont own they music is probably the funniest thing ive read all day.Who’s name is on the music? Just because your favorite artist is a puppet doesnt mean everyone is.Believe it or not its actually sum real niggas in the game,

  • DX

    No they don’t have to give the label all the things they want. But if signed to a major the more control you have the less money you’re getting in advance/budget. It’s give and take. You can have all the control you want but their gonna make you come outta your pocket for a project that you won’t get a dime from in return. So that’s why there’s so many “sellouts” niggas gotta eat

  • nyc

    @jermain, like I said there mite be a few labels that give there artist creative control depending on the artist(frank ocean is a goldmine)…but most of those rappers that get creative control of there music are signed too other rappers and the need to sell alot of records isn’t as much as when a big label is investing in you

  • Jermaine


    Stfu man you are embarrassing yourself

  • Confucius

    The dickriding Stanleys repeat the mantra that anything less than unbridled love and adoration is equivalent to being a troll so professionally. TDEs alright but wtf. Honestly, the worst thing about TDE is it’s dickriding stans.

  • WHAT!?!?

  • nyc

    @yancy ain’t too many bosses on major labels lol…there name is on the music…but they can’t do what they want with it because the contracts they sign say so…that’s why this mixtape is better than finally famous….he could put this out for FREE, but when the time comes to SELL its the label gone need thos singles that you probably don’t wanna do…don’t give them those singles ya album don’t drop

  • nyc

    @Dx, that’s what im saying…but they DO have to give the label what they want in order for there album to drop and in order to stay on the label…period…when you sign that contract you work for THEM, there investing in you

  • yancy

    Nigga i just watched Frank Ocean troll the industry with a 10 minute single & no video & still did numbers. Cudi dropped a rock album with no singles or promo & still did numbers & dropped that on his own label. You think labels run shit but some niggas gon do what they want when they want .everybody not a puppet my nigga.& these dudes sold way more than big sean will ever sell even with his mainstream bullshit

  • nyc

    @jermain, I never understood how someone could feel embarrased over the internet lol especially when your stating facts like me….this is a blog site, if you wanted to me to shut up you would just not reply to me, Make sense rite? Lol

  • DX

    @Nyc yea we both get it. These other niggas are the fools/sheep, “stupid ass niggas”. All these niggas are slaves. ALL OF THEM that are signed to majors. White elitist control this shit son

  • nyc

    @nancy that’s because frank oceans music was already marketable before he got signed, that’s why I said he’s a goldmind lol same for kudi…notice how you said ROCK album lol kid kudis music apeals to a WIDE audience that’s why both of them get creative control..cuz there gonna sell…big sean on the other hand?? HAS to apeal to kids, if not he’s not gonna sell..the majority of casual listeners don’t wanna hear deep shit like on this tape they wanna hear ASS lol

  • ThaBlackGodX

    All Americans are slaves but that’s an entirely different convo

  • nyc

    @yancy, an you ain’t gotta tell me everybody ain’t a puppet cuz I told you that before you responded….but MOST artist that’s jus a fact…I already said there are some exeptions…cut the bullshit about some niggas doin what they want NO, ONLY WHEN THERE ALLOWED TOO lol….do ya research….if artist owned they music why did lupe fiascos fans have to protest at atlantic for it to drop????? Oh ok…case closed

  • nyc

    @yancy frank ocean and kid kudi can only do what they want cuz WHAT THE WANT IS MARKETABLE…get it through your thick skull lol

  • johnnytarr

    listened to the whole thing…its bad

  • marty mcfly

    When you sign a record deal, YOU and the label mite all have the same agenda and all be on the same page. If you sign a deal before you have an album ready or you need assistance making that project like 95% of artists that sign deals do. That means you will have to cooperate with the label. Everything could go fine in that process but if the mainstream music changes (the artists fairs better to musically adapt), or if different people are hired to work your album in the process of making it or if the artist themselves burn bridges while creating their album. Then things can change an become complicated. One big reason why artists get trapped creatively into doing something different is because people who work for the label most likely will not give the artists a face to face real discussion about the decisions being made about the artists project coming from the higher ups. If a artists thinks they can do whatever they want and there will be no consequence when its time for that label backing and that commercial push, they will get a rude awakening when it comes time to deliver that album. Doing business is a GIVE and TAKE process, artist are better off if they work together with the label they signed with instead of fighting with them over creative control. Trust me I know. Recording an album and then properly delivering that album is a long process with multiple complications and a number of things can go wrong. This all has an effect on the music.

  • hey marty

    Hey Marty, I come to this blog maybe once or twice a week and you are constantly dropping diatribes regarding this or that. Honest question for you; do you have any life whatsoever? Have you seen the sun in the last 5 years? What do you hope to accomplish by relentless posting/challenging other’s thoughts on a music blog?

  • donkeydate

    He spelled “moolah” wrong. Talk about not keeping it real.

  • hey marty


  • marty mcfly

    SIGHTLY adapt that is, if the mainstream music changes. @troll dont worry, you dont have to read it.

  • marty mcfly

    sLighty… my bad. That is all

  • loling

    @nyc stop talkin like you know the business when you’re just a broke ass nigga commenting on a comment blog. everything yancy & realer said was the absolute truth. alot of artist have dignity & will never sell out for a check.

  • loling

    frank n cudi make music that THEY would listen,that they like & thats why they get the respect n the control that they do.

  • nyc

    @loling, I know everything about the business, and im actually doing quite well for myself lol
    Most of the things reader and yancy said aren’t the truth that’s probably why neither replied after I shut them down with FACTS…and if you were reading well you would know I agreed some artist wont ever sell their souls, im talking about artist who ALREADY fuck you even replied for lol

  • nyc

    @loling, and even if I was a “broke ass nigga”…information about the music industry is avialable at you local library and write here on the internet…so what would my financial situation have to do with my knowledge of the music industry? In fact there are RAPPERS who are RICH that don’t know the music business as well as me and that’s why they usually end up gettin fucked for they money

  • loling

    @nyc no they probably didnt reply because maybe they have a life & didnt feel the need to continue wasting another second of their life going back n forth with a dumbass who thinks he know it all.

  • loling

    dude you dont know shit you are a loser & you probably live in your mommy basement with dreams of one day sitting behind a desk @ def jam or something lol fuck outta here im out.

  • nyc

    @loling, doesn’t matter if they make music they would listen to, if it didn’t apeal to the masses they wouldn’t have creative control on a big label.period..fuck you niggas think this game is about?….you think if you go up in def jam office talkin bout “hey I got this album an I really like it” they gone give you a million dollars? Lol they don’t respect shit but a product they can sell niggga,and kudi/frank have selling potential..THAT’S why they have creative control…you livin in lala land nigga

  • nyc

    @loling ,possible…but your going back an forth with me right now….so you must not have much of a life lol

  • Thank Me

    Shout to that Mike Posner feature son

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Dope fucking mixtape from Sean. 8.5/10.

    Some shit on here was REALLY deep.

  • JaySole

    This mixtape is way to dope! It met my expectations. 8.8/10

    Cool Cool Cool Cool *Big Sean voice*

  • Master Lee

    I just listened to the whole tape. I think the tape is ok. I wasnt in love with the production but there were a few songs that I really liked. I personally think its Sean’s deepest tape. He’s finally starting to talk about real shit. If his next album goes in this direction than I think it will be pretty dope.


    Sean’s Mixtape Game > Album Stuff

  • wtf

    Shit sound like Drake wrote half & Soulja Boy wrote the other half. #Trash

  • adolfmayne

    this music industry stuff is kinda common knowledge… the reason cudi can do what he wants is cuz when he was signed he had day n night which gave him leverage same with frank ocean he caught a buzz being affliated with OF

  • @this FUCK U NIGGA
    @that FUCK U NIGGA

  • matt

    this shit don’t work on an ipod/iphone, try fast forwarding through any song it will skip to the next track, datpiff sucks.

  • Grave Rollin

    J.Cole & Big Sean are both so FUCKING WACK. Most annoying voices in the game. Corniest lines. It’s fitting they’d want to get together for a track. Both arrogant as fuck for no good reason at all. Sean’s soft ass hooks. J.Cole rapping like a slack jaw when we all know he college educated with honors — he’s more phony than Rick Ross. Shit is embarrassing son. Throw in Dom Kennedy with these two and the trifecta of douchebags would be complete.

    BIG GHOSTFACE where you at. This shit is killin me.

  • No Excuses

    Man, when I was reading through here and saw people saying that this was better than D4, I was kinda like “no shit”. I mean, I wasn’t expecting it to even be close. But honestly? It’s REALLY close. These are 2 absolutely terrible mixtapes.

    I look at Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa as relatively comprable in terms of success, popularity, niche and target demographics. So I was expecting something at about the calibur of a “Taylor Allderdice” from this. But apparently I was wrong, because Wiz is just absolutely shittin on this garbage.

  • Shig Bon

    why does this can’t-sing ass nigga sing SO FUCKING MUCH?

  • adi Pre

    This is sick, fucking annihilated D4.

  • nyc22

    Wale’s verse on the bonus track is RIDICULOUS.

  • I like his mixtapes more than I did his album. But, I personally think the album was labeled wack because the beats were mediocre for someone linked to Kanye, and the bad outweighed the good as far as verses.

    But, he actually had some good tracks on the album, VERSE WISE. Once I listened to the tape Finally Originals, the beats were WAY better and I could get past that to actually hear what the fuck he was saying, and he said some real shit on that album. It did have a lot of braggadocios lyrics, as do a lot of artist’s music these days. But, it has it’s highlights.

    Like I said, download Finally Originals, if you haven’t & maybe you will feel differently. It has totally different beats, made my producers such as The Olympicks, Xaphoon Jones, Drumma Boy, Cardo, Bei Major, etc. It’s not the greatest, but it’s an improvement over the original album. Like, I would buy it before I bought the original.

  • ewgge

    stfu about dedication why does the same person keep bringing up dedication 4 under different names ? fuck pressed over wayne. if D4 sucks so bad then why are you so hellbent on comparing them? what are you trying to prove?

  • bigErn

    Let’s get real, D4 is embarrassingly bad. Trying to one-up G.O.O.D. music joints was a terrible idea.
    This mixtape is painstakingly average and unoriginal. Few tracks sound like finally famous rejects and production choices were all boring. Has the right players and some good verses, but meh onto the next one.

  • naoshad

    these interludes are tight. I like to hear non detroit rappers talk about the D

  • SonictheHogans

    @tew Due to the response to this mixtape and the downloads and praise… Looks like I win bitch… Thanks for putting your bitch ass 2 cents in though.. Didn’t know my opinion was considered dickriding.. word is way overused.. the nigga got a dope ass production and rap line up.. Def one of the best tapes to drop this year..

  • prk

    Im far from being a sean fan, but the production on a hand full of tracks makes this a must download.

  • thekidcuba

    this is 0-16 with 10 strike outs. Sean’s such a corn ball.


    Dedication 4 <<<<< DETROIT

  • the realest

    i just had to come back and say that this is the mixtape of the year. hands down. stop hating and let the lil nigga shine. out.

  • egyle

    how can you have a mixtape out called detroit with only one rapper from detroit? this is ass.

  • Yaboygonzo

    two dope boys dont want beef they’re just overweight vegetarians

  • Your Mother’s Dinner Date

    lol at egyle, i count 3 rappers from detroit on here shut yo stupid ass up