[email protected]!n$ – RutHLe$$ f. ScHoolboy Q

blame it on Meka September 5, 2012

Finally. I’ve literally been asking [email protected]!n$ when he would drop new music off his upcoming Dior & Jordans project for a long time, and he decides to drop this on our heads today.

  • 1

    enough with the biggie samples

    its like sampling Eminem … it shouldnt be done

  • Bongwater

    i legit thought this dude quit rapping

  • damn mayne

    It’s about fucking time! Lol [email protected]!n$ been talking about this project for forever and a half… This is dope as hell.

  • Finallly curtains drops something off.

  • R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G!!! [email protected]!n$, aka DopeBoyC, is a problem!

  • SuperMegaWorm

    FINALLY some new Curtains shit!

  • suck it

    i think biggie samples are corny af. was just think bout that today but the songs tight otherwise.