• fatback

    Heard an interview a few years back saying Ryu partied with Buble and they talked about making a song. Crazy it actually happened. Same interview said he hadn't spoken with Tak in years nice to see them back. Underrated

  • Peekay

    Great news! I recall Ryu saying (on Hypemen podcast?) that Tak was out of the rap game and living in Asia?
    Is this a new recording or an old one recorded years ago that was never released?

  • http://www.twitter.com/TVizzy TVizzy

    FIREEE!! liked the song even before I heard Michael Buble on the track1

  • Cal

    This song was recorded back when Reseda Beach was originally recorded (05-07 I believe). This is nothing "new", it's just never been released before. SOB isn't back together, and Tak is still doing his own thing. It's all disappointing but at least we're finally getting Reseda Beach.

  • Masamune88

    LONG time since I've heard a track from these brothers.
    I'm def glad to hear this...SOB is underrated. Nothing more frustrating than when dope music is left on the shelf to just collect dust. glad there stuff is getting out there.

  • falseinfinity

    After SOB, Takbir was did an album in a rapping/singing duo "Ribkat & Josy B" which was pretty good. Then I guess he moved to Thailand to do production work as just Ribkat. He hasn't done anything big since. Ryu and Tak are both very talented rappers and Cheapshot is a great producer, its a shame they split up