Big Sean, Jay-Z & Kanye West – Clique (prod. Hit-Boy)

blame it on Illy September 6, 2012

One of the most anticipated cuts off the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer, which is due out September 18th.

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  • djayare

    here we go now. #704

  • BazookaJoe

    Hit-Boy cakin dawg

  • Fred

    Dom Kennedy’s CDC is better thatn this shit.

  • angeldep

    what an original single cover!

  • that truth

    waccckkkkkkkk. fuck kanye his shit been off since mbdtf. turrible hook, nobody went hard, lame beat. let the dickriders who dont know how to count bars tell you how great it is cus kanye and jays on it tho

  • PapperROOMS

    @Fred… I’ve been a fan of Dom since ’08, but… WHOE-DARE!!!

  • K.I.N.G

    Big Sean’s ad libs are gay af, this nigga corny

  • Truth

    Mediocre at best, the production doesn’t offer anything out of the ordinary, Big Sean comes weak on this, even by his tedious standards. Jay and Ye are also passable, I kind of just forgot the song was playing half-way through Jay’s verse and never really retained interest. I hate to say it, but this compilation is shaping up to be crushingly disappointing, considering the vast array of talent present on GOOD

  • andOneill

    dam, this beat worst shit i ever heard

  • Marr

    Fuck yeah dude

  • noah

    Its not Ye’s best shit but that doesnt mean its bad. Still better than most songs out today

  • calicoflo

    jay murked this shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt right here

  • Ace

    Ab Soul was right….(Illuminate)

  • u all sad mother fuckers ^^^ haters man , all i can say is sorry ur life sucks…wheres ur tracks at?? what u doin…bullshittin! kanye did his thang.

  • V_h


  • SirAnomaly

    its alright at best

  • CecilRhodez

    Only like Jays verse. I didn’t really mind Seans but Ye is just getting annoying now, I dunno why I even listen to this. Someone please start writing Ye’s verses again this shit is so basic.

  • I didn’t like the beat at first but it grew on me by the end. Kanye > Jay > Sean on this one

  • stop the hate.

  • NICE

    The hook Clique Clique Clique Clique Clique Clique part is fucking annoying!

  • NICE


  • sorry i cant stop my life

  • TruthHurtsNigga

    Big Sean’s ‘block behind me like I’m coming out the driveway’ line is a bite of Drake off Scriptures ‘Streets behind me like I took a picture in a driveway’.

    Overall song is meh, never thought I’d say it but Kanye is falling off, slowly.

  • cruel summer bitches

    oh wow…^^^agreed …how could you hate on this? appreciate the greatness of Ye and Jay. Big Sean is the man too #boiii

  • i wish i got baseball money

    can’t go wrong putting Cocaine 80s on the track

  • Oh my

    CRUEL SUMMER TRACKLIST: Out September 18
    1. Mercy (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
    2. Don C’s (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & A$AP Rocky)
    3. Marvelous (Kanye West, Yasiin Bey, Common & John Legend)
    4. New God Flow (Kanye West & Pusha T)
    5. Four In (Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2 Chainz)
    6. Sin City (Kanye West, Big Sean, Cyhi Da Prynce & Kid Cudi)
    7. World of Worries (Kanye West, Kid Cudi & Yasiin Bey)
    8. Unholy(Kanye West, Pusha T & Q-Tip)
    9. Clique (Kanye West, Big Sean & Jay-Z)
    10. Cannes (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & Jay Electronica)
    11. Shy City (Kanye West & Common)
    12. Porcelain (Kanye West, Kid Cudi, John Legend & Raekwon)
    13. Live Through Anything (Kanye West & Big Sean)
    14. Cliff Hanger (Kanye West & Kid Cudi)
    iTunes Bonus Tracks:
    15. Tomb Full Of Gold (Pusha T, Teyana Taylor & Nas)
    16. No Nada (Big Sean, Common & Young Jeezy)
    17. All G.O.O.D. (Big Sean, Pusha T, Cyhi Da Prynce, 2 Chainz & The-Dream)

  • KIM

    @Oh my said and were did you get this from?

  • noah

    ^^^^ you lost the chance the sell this bullshit when you put “Shy City” and A$AP on a song lol

  • macturnal

    niggaz today *DeRay Davis voice* .. question, is any track that features Jay & Ye feat anybody the cue for haters to chime in? Niggaz sound like a bunch of republicans at a democratic convention. This track is pretty dope, for the most part all 3 go in, IMO Kanye blacked out on in and all you niggaz can do is hate? Do me a favor stick to Chief Keef and FLOrida bullshit and leave the big boy music to real headz.. SMH

  • I sucked every nigga dick on this album! Just saying

  • Noah is retarted

    @noah youre an idiot. theres flicks of A$AP and GOOD in the studio

  • whateveriguess

    yall wont be hating the song when you hear it at the party.
    its a good take on a typical party song.
    This shit is gonna sell so it dont matter.

  • koke

    Did this fag just say he’s crew is deeper than Wu-Tang?

  • Big Sean has to be one of the worst rappers of all time…listen to his fucking verse, he says nothing that makes any sense. This is the clown who made a song ass ass ass… c’mon son, step your game up or get out the game. Annoying ass chorus, simple ass much potential but the song is ASS…. @ whateveriguess… the only way I’d hear this at a party is if i rewinded back to being like 15 years old.

    PS… Does Kanye realize Maybach went out of business?

  • People are too cynical these. Try to enjoy more things out of lie and music.. if you already feel a type a way about these people and this music, why even give it a chance? why press play?

    It was fun for the moment, I enjoyed it. I think I’ll probably listen to it once or twice more and probably never again.

  • III

    Am I the only one who thinks this song is hard as fuck? And I wasn’t even a huge fan of the other leaked tracks off the album.

  • woahh niggaa

    @Rn506 the fact that people can’t just go buy a Maybach makes them more valuable.. And Mercedes didn’t discontinue them.. You’re just not able to go get one at the dealership. You have to be a known client and have one made and shipped.. So he’s stunting even harder. Lol

  • It’s dope.

  • dunk

    shit is dope.

  • Damn!! Used to be so hype ’bout any knew shit from Kanye but been disappointed/underwhelmed more times than I can remember.

    New God Flow & Mercy were/are dope. This? Not so much. Hit’s shit is part talent part hype beast. This beat (generic) + Niggas In Paris (elementary) suck.

  • yaboysibz

    gone are the days of download links.

  • nc0310

    Ye: “My girl a superstar all from a home movie” …? Mothafucka that aint nothing to brag about lol your girl is a tramp.

  • maryjanesogkush

    not even good music can fuck with wu-tang…fuck them

    song is still dope

  • @nc0310 Thank you.

  • you

    Damn Jay really killed this


    this shit is gonna kill it in the clubs and radio

  • Mike

    ^^ as good as that tracklist looks it’s fake Malik yuself is on sin city his verse been leaked if this shit got only 12 songs it’s gunna be disapointing where’s the yasin bey and q tip feature there more g.o.o.d than 2 chainz he got chief queef but no jay elect and this below par verse from jay smh. The g.o.o.d Friday songs last year were better and they was freebies last year we got to lupe mos def Lloyd banks Cole world now we got a bunch of mainstream radio bullshit I wanna heAr a track with kanye Talib Yasin bey common jayz lupe cudi and Cole now that would be good music

  • Lazar

    can he please just go back to MBDTF style. this shit sucks

  • DatGuy

    Hook is boring… Jay bodied his verse. Big Sean and Kanye were typical.

  • nito

    they should have let big sean do the hook and gave his verse to cole he would probably go nuts on this beat.

  • JaySole

    Wow 432 dopes and 42 nope. There should be way more nopes because this track is average at best. Only playing this song max 2 times and never playing again. Please Kanye just fuck with Kim and music never again. After his mom past away a long time ago his music has been weak IMO. Miss the college dropout Kanye. Sean and jay were average.

  • SMH

    Ya’ll are some picky ass bitches. Ya’ll complain about every little thing

  • jamie

    yo u lot dont get it this is one of them swag type tracka, lyrics dont matter too much, atill 10x bettwe than any ymcb or gucci.

    I think kanye spent 2 much time around 2 chainz though LOL

  • Ryan

    Jay went the fuck in

  • Read a book

    That artwork wasn’t special in 2010 and 2 years and 25 songs later that shit is still boring. Fits this song at least…

  • bigErn

    Definitely the weakest cruel summer track so far. Honestly some of the cruel summer album should try giving their artist solo or no more than duet collabs. Less is more here. Loading a track up with big names doesn’t equate to great song collaboration or even a great song. Thought for food

  • Lmao readin these posts I love how a lot of yall hatin on this nigga Ye so much but y’all on his dick enough to listen to the song and slam it. But if you already know you dont like Ye from the jump why listen or even give him the time of day??? Sounds like some major dick ridin if you ask me. Ye is the nicest to me and idgaf what he wants to say in his song cuz he know how to make it hot enough for even hatin dick riders to listen lmao. He know what he doin.

  • Yo

    Jay Z kilt this shit. Jay and Ye had the best verse Sean was good also.

  • NYdreams

    im still tryna figure out y this is on the good music album … i mean they coulda replaced this shit witta mos def or kid cudi song .. this shit sound like a watch the throne throwaway with a big sean feature… even jay couldnt save this shit

  • ToolofGeorgiaBoys

    And yall say this shit is better than YMCMB, Drake would have provided a better more creative hook & a killer verse, Nicki would have smashed the 2nd verse, & then Wayne would finished it off, should have been CyHi The Prynce, 2 Chainz, & Talib Kweli.

  • Beamin’

    this is definitely gonna be a hit on the radio AND clubs, and for ya’ll niggas talking bout it sucks, bet ya’ll bop your head to it when you see ya girls dancing and singing along to it. Ya’ll say the same thing about Drake or Lil waynes songs but ya’ll end up tagging along with it when it comes on in the club ….#TROLLS

  • MewLover34

    i feel bad for the people that can’t fuck with this. Goes about as hard as anything this year…

  • New God Flow>>Mercy>>Clique

  • mary mcfly

    just wanted to tell you guys that I finally got the sex change. my name is now mary mcfly. i knew that those $10 bj’s that i was giving out would finally pay off. toodles.

  • smh

    And yall say this shit is better than YMCMB, Drake would have provided a better more creative hook & a killer verse, Nicki would have smashed the 2nd verse, & then Wayne would finished it off, should have been CyHi The Prynce, 2 Chainz, & Talib Kweli.

    ToolofGeorgiaBoys said this on September 6th, 2012 at 9:56 pm
    You are fucking retarded. If it was wayne nicki and drake that shit would has been fucking HORRIBLE!

  • @Rn506 the fact that people can’t just go buy a Maybach makes them more valuable.. And Mercedes didn’t discontinue them.. You’re just not able to go get one at the dealership. You have to be a known client and have one made and shipped.. So he’s stunting even harder. Lol

    “After seven years and only 3000 sold units, the Maybach brand will bite the dust in 2013. It its place, Mercedes will challenge Bentley and Rolls Royce with up to seven different luxury cars derived from the next S-class due, you guessed it, in 2013.”

    “Over time, Daimler sunk €1 billion into its double-M adventure. Despite a lofty list price of between £279,000 and £367,000 in the UK, the car maker lost over €330,000 on every Maybach it sold, CAR has calculated.

    The sole significant addition to the range was the mega-expensive Landaulet which found only a handful of takers.”

    “Among the proposals that did not make it to production were a Maybach GL high-end SUV with sleeper seats in row two and a bespoke exterior, an entry-level short-wheelbase Maybach 52 and a four-door Maybach 57 convertible which was turned into the Mercedes Ocean Drive concept at the eleventh hour.

    As revealed by CAR, Daimler and Aston Martin did indeed talk about building a new generation of Maybachs and the Aston-designed 57/62 replacement was on the shortlist for 2011’s Frankfurt show. An all-new Maybach family would have featured five different amazing bodystyles, according to our sources.

    If the latter game plan had materialised, Audi may have relaunched Horch, and BMW would have extended the Rolls-Royce line-up much more aggressively.

    But it was not to be. Instead of throwing more good money after bad, Mercedes decided to put Maybach to sleep and to give the three-pointed star a much more ambitious high-end portfolio.”

    That was from Feb 2010

    “Just the Facts:
    In a subdued footnote to the end of the Maybach ultra-luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz issued a pricing statement in mid-August officially discontinuing the Maybach 57, 57S, 62, 62S and Landaulet for the 2013 model year.
    Some of the models may still be for sale at various authorized dealerships, but orders for new vehicles stopped earlier this year, said Christian Bokich, a Mercedes-Benz spokesman in a phone conversation on Tuesday with Inside Line.
    Parent Daimler AG made it official in late November 2011 that its Maybach brand was being discontinued.

    MONTVALE, New Jersey — In a subdued footnote to the end of the Maybach ultra-luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz issued a pricing statement in mid-August officially discontinuing the Maybach 57, 57 S, 62, 62 S and Landaulet for the 2013 model year.

    Some of the models may still be for sale at various authorized dealerships, but orders for new vehicles stopped earlier this year, said Christian Bokich, a Mercedes-Benz spokesman in a phone conversation on Tuesday with Inside Line.

    “We reiterate that the Maybach brand and model line will be discontinued as of the end of model year 2012,” Bokich said.

    Prices for the 2012 Maybach lineup ranged from $379,050 for the 2012 Maybach 57 to $1,382,750 for the 2012 Maybach Landaulet. Prices include a $2,750 destination charge for container shipping.

    Daimler last year decided not to proceed with replacement models for Maybach, which were tentatively on tap for 2014. The automaker instead will focus greater attention on Mercedes.

    The 1930s-era marque was relaunched in 2002 as a rival to Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but Daimler consistently struggled to make a profit with Maybach.”

    That was from August 2012

    So yea, you might be able to cop an old one..but there not making any new ones, especially when they lose money on every one of them made.

  • Kane


  • antinerdrap

    Yall say the beat is wack but like J Dilla boring as beats GTFOH. This shit rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffe

    YUCK! Jeffe just destroying tracks after tracks. I need a full track young jeffe. and the boys flow. THAT FLOW!

    There should be more of James Fauntleroy II. Take off Sean add Cocaine 80s = crack (pun intended).

  • Jeffe

    Ye started ranting in the end, got a little boring. should have stop spitin and added a chorus or something. beat sounds like something off commons dreamer believer album with kanye adding his usual shit tricks to it.

  • solking10

    @rn506 you do realize no one is going to read all that

  • Uncle Jesse

    do yall listen to music or do you skim through it?

    Jay’s verse was wack as fuck.


    lmao @ the dick riders , if you got two working ears it isn’t hard to tell this track is shit in the form of music. sean was shit, jay was whack, ye was trash, no hate but track doesn’t bang.

  • Mind…

    Ive been up for 9 days.. I need a spa day.. yiuuup!

    Fuck every single one ah yall… This shit bangz… all of the verses are beasts (based on the song, the exact sound they were going with) Absolute club smasher… In the hood! niggas gon rep they crew, set with… In sports??? all teams fucking with this…

    U niggas is stupid…..Its Called Marketing….

  • Coolin

    God I wish the term “hate” would die already. Just because I or other people don’t like the track does not mean we’re “hating”. It’s okay to provide constructive criticism…but to a lot of people ANY kind of negative thing said is instantly “you just hatin'”. GTFOH. Do you seriously expect people to love EVERY SINGLE TRACK that comes out from these guys? And if they don’t, they’re haters? Jesus Christ…

    And the whole “I don’t see you makin beats or rapping” logic is fucking stupid. We’re consumers who pay professionals our own money for quality shit, and if it’s sub-par we should be able to voice concerns.

  • nah

    do yall listen to music or do you skim through it?

    Jay’s verse was wack as fuck.

    Uncle Jesse said this on September 7th, 2012 at 12:08 am
    Your opinion is wack as fuck

  • nyc

    @coolin….its definately not hate just because people that dont like the track…now when people know they dont like jay-z, kanye or big sean, and they continue to comment on every song from them its not hard to realize there HATING lol…thats one thing if your a fan of them and your disapointed…but if you knew you hated every single one of these rappers why waste your time commenting negatively about it? EVERTY TIME lol dont click on the post its obviously not for you

  • nyc

    i dont understand how you could say your a hip hop head and disapointed in everything kanyes done since watch the throne, cuz last time i checked he aint drop nuthin but singles since watch the throne…SINGLES..that means your not the audience hes targetting…are you people retarted? lol

  • Coolin

    @nyc…that’s all well and good, and there are people who do that, but a lot of people in here are simply analyzing what they didn’t like, and are still being called “haters”. I just hate it when c-sections, Twitter, etc. become giant circlejerks where anyone who disagrees is a hater. emmanuelpoet’s comment is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a while.

  • A.J.

    Does anyone else wanna here some soul beats from Kanye again? Why’d he stop with Otis!? Come on! “Be” on Common? “The Glory”!? Don’t get me wrong I like the track but it won’t stick.


    All these kids quick to talk trash, when this shit comes on in the club this weekend they gon be the first to get hype

  • silence


    Yes the fact that Kanye seems to be solely focused on the hip hop club audience is highly disappointing, because historically that shit has been much weaker than his other music. i.e. Workout Plan & Golddigger. His best club shit is influenced by electro shit like Stronger, Flashing Lights, and 808s. I just dont think kanye is at his best making ignorant or purely frivolous rap. I’m getting cruel summer cause the song will be tight but im not really checking for him lyrically on this one

  • marty mcfly

    @A.J. COSIGN, when Kanye actually made soul music those were the good o days for sure. This was ok but Jay should have just not been on this bullshit though. #Common 6th lyric here… That dont mean that im hatin


    damn, you ‘fans’ are fickle.

  • you know a song is wack when the artists dickrider start refering to it was a club/party song lol.
    dont look at the haters and classic hip hop fans for messure of a song … its the dickriders that give it away when they say “yoh this shit would bang but if at a club/party”.

    that shit always makes me larf i luv it … its like saying the NJ/Brooklyn Nets are not wack, they would kill it in the collage leagues, when in truth they a just a realy wack NBA team

  • Gene_Good

    Everytime I come on dis bitch, I here a buncha bitch niggas complaining about dumb shit! Shut the FUCK up and listen to music, you dumbfucks!

  • CL

    Funny how everybody talking shit about this song but these niggas going continue to get money off songs like this

  • nyc

    @silence………its disapointing that hes focusing on the hip hop clubs?? thats how you sell albums guy lol….these are the tracks that get the most attention from casual fans who buy albums…..mainstream hip hop has turned into rap pop and people are just going to have get over it

  • nyc

    @silence….i understand you not like this kind of song….what i dont understand is people saying there disapointed as if they didnt know songs like this gotta be done to please casual listeners…in that case you shouldnt even listen to the singles…if you like the artist past work…buy the album…most likely he has album tracks that are for you

  • Gene_Good

    Preach!! @nyc

  • nyc

    @siy….if you gone judge a “hip hop” song you gotta judge it for what it is.. hip hop has many different sub generes..if a hip hop head says this is wack…its probably cuz there judging with criteria based on 90’s rap….its that great for a pure hip hop song…but is it wack for a club track? your telling me if this cames on in the club people will be disapointed? lol my point exactly….judge a song based on what the aim for the song is…otherwise your using ignorant criteria most likely cuz your stuck in the 90’s lol

  • nyc


  • marty mcfly

    Im sorry but ya’ll talking about KANYE WEST. One of the most talented artists in music period, so nobody should even be able to say he makes wack music but the fact is he does sometimes and people who dont wanna accept that have to look for reasons to put his bullshit in a category to make it sound less wack but wack is wack. This song is meh but even that is a little odd when you consider who’s song it is. If the song is a club single, so what cause thats doesn’t mean its supposed to be any less dope.

  • nyc

    ^^^thats because its suppose to be put in that catagory thats what it was made for obviously lol if you dont put it in the clup rap catagory your probably not gonna like it…somebody mite say this is wack because it has no message..but its not suppose to have a message,its target audience aint that smart lol before you judge a club track ask yourself would you have fun listening to it in the club…period

  • nyc

    for example..racks on racks by yc is a terrible “hip hop” song….but when you take the “hip hop” box you put on it off…its a GREAT song to have fun to in my opinion…who said that was a hip hop song?….nobody …but “hip hop heads” judge it as a hip hop song cuz thats all they know lol they dont have any knowledge of any other kind of music

  • marty mcfly

    I just wanna ask myself if its dope or not dope? Club songs can be taylor made for the club but they can also be just a dope song no matter where your at as well.

  • nyc

    true, but thats still an ignorant way to look at it to me…cuz if you say its not a song you can listen to anywhere an its wack to you…but you would love to dance to it with a big booty hoe in front of you…is it dope or nope? it both? lol to me thats making it more complicated then it has to be…thats why judging it for what you feel the purpose of it is, is the rite way…in my opinon of course

  • j

    verses – meh
    hook – nope
    boat – dope


  • @ nyc
    lol u actually agreeing with me buddy you one of those guys im talkin bout … Kanye, Jay n Big Sean release a song, at no point did they classify it as a club song, and as soon as it disapoints you dickriders yol start classifying it as something none of them said it was … cause its a single ?!? Get the fuck outta here, who mislead you n told you all singles are club songs ??

    who told you that when kanye, Jay n Big Sean were making this song they they said “lets make a club song” ??.

    Its more aften an artist who falls under a sub genre rather than a song.

  • nyc

    @[email protected]…the better question is who told you this WASNT a club song…since neither of us know what the aim of the song is(im going to act like it isnt obvious lol)…..the point is to break down the components of the song and judge it for what it is…its reptitive rite? check…it has a bouncy beat you can party rite? check…its simple and has no deep meaning rite? check…More than likely this was made for the clubs and the radio…and im no dickrider…jay z is the only rapper on this song i really listen to that much…there fore theres no bias on my part..this isnt disapointing for me because it serves its purpose

  • nyc

    @[email protected] and if the purpose is not the clubs/radio…then it still isnt disapointing to me because it serves A purpose…meaning its a fun track….if its wack in terms and terms of lyrics/meaning, AND its a bad club/radio track THEN its wack to me

  • NY Jets 4 the Superbowl

    @ [email protected]
    Very good post and point my brother, know one out of kanye, B Sean and Jay-Z came out and said this is a club song the only reason you’ll calling it a club song is because its an average “hip hop” song … so you’ll tryna put it with the 2Chainz songs where it will be a very good song amongst those wack songs.
    Dickriders even do it with Rick Ross songs, when his mainstream singles fail they then call them street singles.
    This is where [email protected] makes a great point when he says and quote “Its more aften an artist who falls under a sub genre rather than a song.”

  • nyc

    artist fall under a sub genre the same way songs do….kanye jay and big sean make song that sounds like a 2chains song…you compare it with other songs that have the same components

  • nyc

    you saying artist and not songs fall under sub genres means nothing because each of these rappers past work as far as singles go have been CLUB BANGERS….”ass”….”niggas in paris”…..they do fall in that catagory as far as singles go

  • Dark Vadar

    This is not a club song its just an average song … wheres yo proof this is a club song ? you dont know what you talkin about who sed repetitive songs with bouncy beats are club songs and what simple no deep meaning lyrics r u talkin bout ? he just rapped bout his moms n suicide.

  • nyc

    @ny jets… not talkin to me, cuz i agreed this is an average “hip hop song”…my opinion is non bias cuz im not a big fan of all these guys….im saying its not wack to me because it serves a purpose and that purpose is a fun song to listen to…im sure there are people who call it that to hide the fact its not that great in hip hop criteria…but im not that guy…so your reply was pointless lol

  • nyc

    @dark vador….he rapped about his moms an suicide for 4 bars at the end lol….but the song itself is about what? there clique nigga lol..who said reptitve songs with bouncey beats are club songs?? nigga thats the formula for the clubs where have you been??.its a radio song, that means its a club do i know its a radio song? flex dropped a bomb on it…anymore questions? lol

  • nyc

    @dark vador….your asking me wheres my proof this is a club song…but your TELLING me this isnt a club song an how its a “average hip hop song”…that means your doing the same thing im doing dick lol who said this wasnt a club song?….even if it isnt aimed at the clubs its fun to listen to…thats why i like it..and thats my point

  • @ nyc now you loosing it buddy … i could see where you were coming from even thow i didnt agree, but you lost it on yo last post.
    Who told you that songs dropped on the radio by Flex or whoever are club songs ?? cmon fam

  • nyc

    @all you niggas…who said this was a hip hop song? its only wack/average cuz your putting it in a box….everything is not hip hop…and when something doesnt live up to what “hip hop” should sound like its weak…that means your close minded and im listening to music with an open mind

  • lol

    ^^^ LOL nyc step away from the computer abit, go get something to drink or sumthing.

    this is a hip hop song bruh trust me. You the one putting songs in a box. lol at its a club/radio song coz it was debuted on the radio by flex.

  • nyc

    @[email protected] because in this day and age radio single equals club tracks 90 percent of the time….the radio and the clubs have the same target market…casual rap listeners who like mainstream shit…the most important point is…everybodys asking me who told me this is a club track and why im judging it as that…my question is WHO SAID THIS WAS A HIP HOP SONG? because you put a box on these artist before you listened to the track…I DIDNT…so if im dick ridin by sayin its a club song…your being ignorant and close minded if you say this is an “average hip hop song”

  • So now its not a hip hop song nyc ??

    flex dropped Nas’s Loco-Motive track on his *radio* show … does that now mean in yo thinking its a club/radio song ??

    Thats just 1 example i can go on n on

  • nyc

    @lol…that was a fail…because me saying its a club song means im saying its GOOD for a club not putting it in a box like you…im saying I GET SOMETHING FROM IT…an thats that club not arguing with you sayin its a average hip hop song..thats your saying if im putting it in a box you are too

  • nyc

    @[email protected]…you can go on..but i can probably triple the number of club songs to your hip songs…i said MOST SONGS on the radio are club tracks and thats a FACT….i didnt say this wasnt a hip hop song…i asked who told you this was a hip hop song…after you asked me who told me this was a club song..make sense rite?

  • 1st off you not a dickrider fam just a hip hop fan.

    Would you agree if I said this is a mainstream song and not a club song ?? and that it will probly play at clubs (you rite with that) coz of the popularity of the *mainstream* artists rather than them having set out to make a club song ?!?.
    in other words would you agree that there are alot of unknown/not too popular rap artist who make club songs that never play in clubs or on Flexs show coz they not mainsteam/popular. Otis is not a club song but it plays in clubs coz of who its by.

    Would you say u agree with this ??

  • nyc

    kanye west made an album full of singing and autotune..did you judge that as a hip hop album? hope not cuz it wasnt..atleast not to me..i judged it for what i got from it….thats listening to the music and labeling it based on the music not the artist name..thats not dick riding..thats being open minded..something most hip hop fans no nuthing about

  • Dark Vadar

    THANK YOU @ [email protected]’s last post … When 2chainz was Titi Boi and not mainstream the songs he made then werent being played at clubs.

  • Dark Vadar

    his songs are being played now coz his mainstream.

    The end

  • nyc

    @[email protected]….yes this is a mainstream song to me because of the content, and beat…but thats where your mistakin…i said this song is GOOD for the clubs…meaning it serves a purpose so its good to not saying its a fact they MADE this for the club…but MOST likely they did…this is a SINGLE…and i KIND OF agree with otis because its not a TYPICAL sounding club song…but in a way it is…its fun, up temmpo, bragadoious etc..

  • nyc

    @ dark vador…2chains songs werent being played in the clubs because they werent being PUSHED …that doeasnt mean there not clu songs or made for the club

  • nyc

    @[email protected] …i see what your saying…i agree with that somewhat…certain songs are not made for the clubs ..but get played in clubs because how big the artist is….but that isnt necessarily the case here

  • Finally !!
    Thank you then nyc for finally agreeing that Its more aften an artist who falls under a sub genre (in this case the mainstream hip hop genre) rather than a song.

  • nyc

    i agree and disagree cuz i cant think of a mainstream song that cant be played in the that doesnt really add anything to your point…if its a mainstream song…its aimed at the same market as the clubs, so i wouldnt be wrong in calling it a club song cuz club=mainstream


    That was a good hip hop convo to read my niggas.

    [email protected] takes this one.






  • nyc

    im not tslkin bout mainstream artist, im talkin bout mainstream songs..i heard nas “the don” ..and eminems love the way you lie in the club…i guess it depends on what kind of club you go to lol…but tyler the creator is the farthest thing from mainstream lol…i guess your talking about “status”…meaning how widely known they simply saying a song that is considered “mainstream” can be played in the club…eminems not afraid is not a mainstream track to me..he just has a large fanbase (hes white lol) he can release songs like that as a single…

  • KarlW92

    This shit is wack, and before people say im hating, fuck you, its my personal opinion, what the fuck does it have to do with hating? i dont personally know big sean jay z or kanye west, so why am i HATING on them? i cant help it that the song is a peice of shit, i mean if i cant state my mind then whats the point in writing comments and pressing Dope or Nope!!

  • who dat

    Now i c y cudi stayed as far away from this album as possible. tf is up with ye? nigga trying to cater to the chief keef fanbase or something lately? I dont like the direction good music is headed

  • yep

    the beat knock
    sometimes thats all you need

  • lol

    @who dat he catering too 2 chainz fans

  • Post

    Best sounds like some Young Money children’s shit. Hook is annoying. Verses are average. Song is garbage.

    To answer a few questions that cropped up earlier: there are THREE fucking artists on this song. Now, I’ll usually check out just about every song posted on here by an artist that I know, but let’s pretend we do it like the terrified Stans are screaming, and only listen to songs by artists that we follow on tour. There are THREE massively popular artists here. In order for that tired ass, retarded “why even click on the song if u hate the artist” bullshit to even make any sense, all of these people are gonna have to hate Kanye, Jay AND Big Sean, and I can’t think of a single hip hop fan that I know of that hates all 3 of them. So go fuck yourself and find a new way to compensate for wack music- “NYC” is trying pretty hard to get u guys started already.

  • dique

    idk what yall talkin bout. this shit bumps

  • dos chains

    and 2chainz would have owned this beat. TRUUUUUU

  • King Tyrone

    Hope they have more Fauntelroy on the album

  • Hoodaville

    “Click Clack Stick Em’ UP” and then he GOES IN !!! lol I dont like Big Sean to much But {Oh God}this is a hit… yall have to realize where these guys are they earned the right to talk shit and i love it if u had money like them u just might talk shit too And Kanye Bodied his verse… “Yeah I’m Talking Business,We Talking CIA I’m Talking George Tenet, He Ask Me Bout My Maybach Think He Had The Same Except Mines Tinted And His Might Have Been Rented You Know White Ppl Get Money And Dont Spend It Or Maybe They Get Money And Buy A Business, Me I Rather Buy 80 Chains And Go Ig’nant” lol RichNiggaShit… George Tenet Is White CIA Agent BTW

  • nate

    sounds GOOD

  • adolfmayne

    i saw all the hate in the c section thought it was gonna b wack then i heard the song and thought it was dope its a good hip hop or club song overall

  • Rafae Sheikh

    SO G.O.O.D.

  • Yea, sure Kanye, a “Home Movie”, that’s what a Sex Tape is called.

  • Rap Fan

    Anyone that calls themselves a “hip hop head” and can only relate to 90’s hip hop needs to check themselves. Not every song has to have meaning to it nor will you understand the meaning of every song. You call this luxury rap – I call it speaking the truth and that is what real hip hop is. To me it doesn’t matter what you call this whether it be mainstream or club music but it serves a purpose within the genre of hip hop. Sometimes with music its about the feeling. “I said a hip hop, the hippie to hippie..” A great hip hop song but lyrically a,b,a,b. Clique creates a feeling for certain individuals just as Eminem’s “Hi, my name is” for others. So my point is that you don’t have to like every song nor do you have to understand it but don’t question it as hip hop. Also, Jay killed this track with his flow (in my opinion). Sit down and try to rap these lyrics and but these words together. To me this is what sets Jay apart from everyone else.

  • Falconi

    So…he just bragged about his girl getting fucked and being famous off sucking dick ..but it’s all G.O.O.D right?

  • blanco negro



    would kill this beat, resuscitate it, bring it back to life, & kill it again.

    the best part about it is the beat. Sean is stupid dumb as usual. Jay says the same thing on every track. Kanye is a walking talking breathing parody. He’s rages at his crew for talking about Kim’s tape, but brags about it on a track. He’s gotta know just about every hip hop head has alrady seen it or he’s just lying to himself.

  • adolfmayne

    not all 90’s music had substance just like theirs bs today their was bs back then you “real hip hop heads” just acknowldge the music the masses are into but pretend its underground

  • MyFiddyCents

    Kanye said some thangs, Jay probably bodied this shit. and Sean’s verse needs to be edited out (anyone?). He can keep his hook tho.

  • dEt0X18

    they aint saying anything new…..they really need to be more original lol

    you guys settle for wack songs that aint talking about shit..

  • the realest

    song was iight. wack incomparison with my expectations. buy it’ll go in the clubs. wont go like mercy or niggaz in paris, but it’ll go. and stop with all this big sean hate. the nigga is nice. and detroit is mixtape of the year. stop hating so damn much folks. shit gets ridiculous.

  • method

    Why does everything need to have a message or be some life changing shit? ENJOY THE FUCKING SONG FOR WHAT IT IS. You’re gonna love this song when it has bitches grinding on your dicks in the club.

  • the realest

    they aint saying anything new…..they really need to be more original lol

    you guys settle for wack songs that aint talking about shit..

    dEt0X18 said this on September 7th, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    ^ dont nobody wanna hear no shit to make em think about the lyrics in the club! swear yall nerds say the dumbest shit. this nigga would rather sit and decode lyrics in the club rather than bouncing with some ass smh.

  • Based_Ron

    This shit slap, Jigga my nigga went in

  • Lil Chris

    lol @ niggas rather sit and decode lyrics in the club lmao. i wish i would see a lame ass nigga in the club sweating trying to put together the newest jay electronica lyrics rather than tryna get his rocks off on the dance flo. you nerds are lame as fuck man niggas make my skin crawl

  • s

    Things must be different in britain because this will never be played in a club it’s just a flat out bad song and I’m a huge kanye fan.

  • nyc

    @post , yea these are 3 POPULAR artist…and this is a BLOG site…filled with HIPSTERS lol meaning theres a good chance many poeple on this post hate ALL 3 ARTIST

  • nyc

    @post, ^^ and are just commenting cuz they hate everything that has a mainstream sound and is popular cuz there stuck in the past…thats horribe logic…how many “hip hop heads” do you know exactly? enough for that assumption to make sense? lol

  • FredRico

    The beat is crazy fresh – the perfect mix of ignorant and classy – and they all did it justice with the delivery.

  • bigErn

    Releasing Mercy and New God Flow early set the bar pretty high for this album. Good sales move, but could smother the rest of the album. Hate to say it, but those two tracks made me jaded when I listened to this.
    ^ Reason why people are hating so hard

  • juce

    tight shit, GOOD MUSIC = HIP HOP LIVES

  • LupeX

    This is insanely good, if you dont like this then lol @ U! Go listen 2 some country or blues or classical music or something bCoz HipHop just aint 4 U!
    This is one of the best HipHop joints Ive heard in a while! #2Dope

  • AlexFirth91

    This shit is TOUGH, the beat is ill, and fresh lyrics #GOOD

  • Boogie


  • Nick

    feeling it

  • JohnDope22


  • beezy

    Didnt like it at first, but then after a couple times hearing it today, shit is smooth, just rides, and to the people comparing it to ‘Mercy’, well, when that first came out, niggas was bashing it hard, then it turned into a hit, as will this..

  • SwaggyGazoo

    Not bad. It will grow on me

  • slaughter

    one of the hardest beats ive heard in a while… hit-boy is on fire these days

  • cobb

    slaughterhouse runs hip hop