dead prez Speak On Ghostwriting Rumors (Video)

While Dead Prez was in-studio with Sway and Heather B on #SwayInTheMorning, they performed a piece of their classic, "(It’s Bigger Than) Hip Hop" and spoke on their new song "Dirty White Girl." They also opened up about ghost writing... did they write for Nas?

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  • Qtslim3000

    dead prez gonna keep it real.


    didnt know taylor swift was #1

  • bushytop

    shit is funny to me that people use this "ghostwriting" nonsense to discredit nas. more than that, they use it to hype up jay-z on some "he would never do that shit." well, point blank, producers do that shit all the time. whether it's suggesting hooks, themes, etc. it happens all the time. it's called collaborating.

    watch fade to black sometime. when hova hears the lucifer beat for the first time, you can tell kanye had already written to the song. in fact, you see him spitting some lines that actually make the black album -- "i'm from the murder capital where they murder for capital." shit happens. get over it.

  • t

    who cares yo without ghostwriters some of your favorite shit wouldnt of been made

    and that album's not even that good anyways bunch a bullshit for nothing

  • marty mcfly

    Why does EVERYTHING Nas ever do in his life always linked to Jayz? They are two different people. Smh

  • oldNigzQuitRappin

    u cant tell me j elec didnt write Queens Get the Money, on that album. super dope track. but yo nas just seems wack to me, he dont keep it real enough, hes BORING,thats it. i can see why pac said fuck;m

  • DonKilluminati

    2pac was friends with Nas. 2pac only assumed he had beef with Nas because 2pac was against the rest of the east coast and Nas is a king of the east, but later they broke bread. 2pac was also working with Boot Camp Clik after shit started to cool down, but right before he died. RIP

  • Seuseu

    Don,t hate.... NAS is nasty as hell and he has always been.. Respect the discography, the history... If you don,t like just don,t listen to him and don,t talk for nothing.. End of story


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