Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Announce Pregnancy at VMAs

blame it on Shake September 6, 2012

In the same fashion as Hov and Bey did last year, Wiz and Amber took to the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards to officially announce that they are expecting a baby boy/girl.

  • HighAsABitch


  • who cares

    ^ Dead

  • Stretch

    i guess he only smoke’s on tours.

  • t.bigums

    cool story bro

  • DBS

    Good for them.

  • PMP

    “So he found him a ho that he like.. but ya can’t make a ho a housewife.” – Kurupt

  • LOS

    If he really smoked as much as he claims his sperm aint working. That aint his baby and he wont find out till she has taken all of his money

  • I mean this is some next level sucka ish to wife and impregnate a woman who has been through everyone in the industry…but congrats man it’s the gift of life to people who have the means to raise a child. There are many worse things that can happen.

  • smh

    Lost count of how much simp/sucka shit this nigga has done over the last 2/3 years.

    “But lemme guess…we dont need to get Wiz the fuck outta here yet…” – BIGGHOSTFASE

  • Q

    Outta of all the homies that smash that hoe you are the nigga to fall in love,wife the bitch & get the hoe pregnant lol.The pussy cant be that G.O.O.D cause nobody else even thought about wifing her & damn sure wasnt gonna get her pregnant. I know alot of niggas in the industry is lowkey clowning dude,even his so called homies smh. Whats even funnier is his music been wack & he been fell off,when that hoe leave,nigga will have nothing.

  • Q

    But thats to be expected when you only started getting bitches when you got famous smh.

  • Rozko

    “I don’t love em, I don’t chase em I duck em”

    Yes you do.

  • So niggas basically adding their bullshit two cents worth on a post ’bout a famous dude who found love, got engaged & impregnated a famous woman who has a history of being a stripper and has had (sexual) relations with other famous dudes?

    Omit the celebrity status of those dudes & that she was a stripper (but you can keep that second bit) & you have yourself an average woman. Most dudes end up wifing/impregnating a woman who has slept with at least 5 other dudes prior so all that “She a hoe” talk is void. As you were gents!

  • omar

    lmao i can name atleast 8 rappers & 3 athletes she has sleep with just off the top of my head lol but congrats too that nigga Wiz.

  • A$AP Sandusky

    multiply x3

  • beh-beh-beh

    this thread is entertaining, and a lot of these comments are completely true

  • Word

    I’d like to hear that list omar

  • willie b

    Baby will look like Chester The Cheetah mixed with Caliou

  • alex

    @Word I dont know if my list is the same as omar’s but these are the only ones that im sure of.

    Jamie Foxx
    Reggie Bush
    Amare Stoudemire

  • wackness

    I don’t think having a relationship and sleeping with someone is quite the same as being a stripper @@Gene_us, but I can see what kind of women you get involved with.

  • gqew

    @alex proof or gtfoh lame nigga

  • KING

    I feel bad for the child to have Khalifa as their fucking dad. Smh

  • gqw

    @king do you know him personally. thats some foul shit to say about a nigga you dont know fdrom behind your computer. What makes you in a position to pass judgment on another niggas potential parenting skills? kike what have you done with your life and what makes you an authority?

  • 2

    and there goes his career. oh wait..

  • Don Kennedy


  • k;x

    spitta for godfather …..liifffee

  • freshstart



    lol @ having a baby with a stank ass loose pussy havin ho, she gonna be a landwhale after that baby she got fat genes

  • ewgewg

    niggas finding fault with women gaining weight dduring pregnancy. wow and yall are the same niggas passing judgment on chief keefe. youre all pieces of shit tbh. probably dont even have female friends letalone significant others

  • alex


  • Ermac

    Diz nigga is the worst case of a simp ass nigga I’ve ever seen 1st he falls in love with his 1st groupie ho, get engaged to dis ho, now gonna have a baby with dis ho, and I bet when she breaks with this simp for the next “hot” nigga of the moment and take his ass to the cleaners he’s gonna be crying on records like the lil bitch he is

  • Preme

    @alex I’ve heard about all those cept jamie

  • Dopeboyz… you need to start hiring some goons so you can find each person that voted dope on this shit and smack them in the face.

    there is nothing dope about a dumbass rapper impregnating a golddigging stripper

  • GeeZuP

    @GtotheFO major cosign bruh

  • Cocaine Blunts

    Id be embarrassed to be a fan of this nigga.

  • factormax

    yall act like you wouldnt smash amber rose in a second. shes fucking bad.

  • Just Sayin

    @factormax there’s a difference between fuckin ah ho and wifing up ah ho and getting the bitch pregnant

  • Sherm Hemsley

    Heard People magazine is shelling out $2million for the exclusive rights to the first pictures… Just kidding, more like Who Gives A Fuck Monthly

  • brite

    She looks like a snake that just swallowed an entire rabbit whole.

  • How did they announce it last night when this was widely known(on Tumblr anyway)over a month ago? smh…this is old news,I’m disappointed in you Shake smmfh

  • growthehellup

    guys sleep with hella girls all the time, but once a girl is sleeping with alot of people its bad thing ? look people have sex its just life, im pretty sure your moms has slept with plenty of niggas before she met your dad so is she a slut or hoe ? No shes human and i wish Wiz and Amber the best. the hating has stop people, get some fuckin busines!!!!

  • ol suckas ass nigga.
    she obviously got this nigga on some type of voodoo love potion 9 spell bullshit.

  • Doogh

    i thought khalifa is pregnant damn
    bitch bitch bitch

  • unknown


    Well put. Glad i’m not the only adult on this blog.

    Congrats to Wiz and Amber. They look happy. Best of Luck!

  • And the biggest Simp of the year award goes to….Bitch Khalifa

    I guess the comments congratulating this bafoonery are either from females or niggas who wish they were females a la fags

  • hatinasses

    so do you guys think beyonce was a virgin before she started dating jay? or is jay a simp too?

  • some people are fuckin retarded

    ^what a stupid question that has nuthin to do with a dumb nigga making a baby with a industry ho

  • JAyP

    how is it a stupid question Beyonce has had her own personal life before the fame I am pretty sure she wasn’t a Angel so the question stands is Jay a simp too?

    Its common for niggas to pass judgement behind keyboards but I bet these internet niggas would get a wiff of Ambers pussy they’d give all their Financial Aid money to go get a ring too LMFAO

  • Mike Tomlin

    ^^ Beyonce is different cause she had a singing career and was making bread on her own. A better comparision would be KimYe LMAO

  • hatinasses

    amber is worth millions of dollars, she doesnt need wiz’s money…

  • cory

    Can somebody jus kick Wiz in the stomach n put a end to all this pregnancy talk tho….

  • FTW

    I wanted a pair of Yeezys though. LMFAO.

  • NYdreams

    lol @ niggas who use their own mothers as examples of doing the shit they see other bitches do smh… thats some disrespectful shit to even say … just cause some bitches go around dont mean every bitch goes around… bitch nigga

  • kushedvapors

    jesus fuckin christ. I dont kno how im gonna be able to listne to this lame anymore. especially when i skipped through a grip of his last mixtape. I tought this motherfucker was a simp just for dating this ho and then wanting to marry her and now this…smfh. nad i used to thoroughly enjoy htis man’s music,wow. Oh and its different when you’re a female who gets famous for being a hoe and gets money from it(off the fame?, i really dont have a clue how she gets money) and keeps on being a ho with releveant names to keep her hoeness relevant. Dot even understand how thats comparable to beyonce, wtf

  • hatinasses

    ^that literally makes no sense…if she’s just a ho who only cares about money/power, why would she have broken up with kanye to marry wiz? kanye is much richer and more powerful than wiz. you’re just creating this persona for a woman you don’t even know just because you don’t want to believe that a dude like wiz could actually find real love.

  • quas

    cya young khalifa!

  • sierra leone


  • sierra leone

    amber rose is not bad shes a smart ho and beyonce has a career lets not put her down ambers alley whiz is fuckn retarted becausr amber is a professional leach u dnt get cool points for

  • sierra leone

    amber rose is not worth that much money and the reason she would dump ye for whiz is obviously hes an easier mark da bitch knows he dummies

  • brandon

    Baby gon be mad as fuck when it grow up & realize Kanye coulda been his/her daddy