Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview (Stream)

The talented left coast crooner is back with the second preview of his upcoming album, Kaleidoscope Dream, due out October 2nd. Hit the jump to take a listen to the three-song EP.

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  • Dope.

  • diznuts

    a lotta baby makin on this one

  • KIM

    Miguel >>>>> Frank Ocean

    Hands down

  • smoke

    ^^ agree

  • ew

    @kim there's always one faggot who start unwarranted, unnecessary comparisons. fucking high school kids, always instigating non existent conflicts. Since youre too immature to appreciate more than 1 singer from the same genre do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. fucking child.

  • her

    Lol Kaleidoscope Dreams samples My Name Is by Eminem. lol

  • KIM

    @ew are you really bitching about someones opinion LOL! let get guess you are one of those Frank ocean dick suckers LMAO!

    Miguel >>>>> Frank Ocean

  • Jay

    @her you mean they both sampled the same artist Labi Siffre

  • Boom

    this nigga too dope

  • chu the conqueror

    Dope. Real playa like. Good live performer as well!

  • lynx

    Yea first Frank >> Miguel and 2nd hes a horrible performer, pretty bad

  • Pretty Tony

    Track 2: Kaleidoscope Dream [instrumental] sounds as though it belongs on The Chronic: 2001... dooope...

  • KiM

    @lynx i disagree but i respect yo opinion!

  • Siy@


    For those comparing the 2 (Frank Ocean and Miguel), frank Ocean is more Hiskool late teen music ... this is on some grown up shit.
    And then The Weeknd is a darker artist. I can never understand why ppl compare these artists they all compltly diffrant in sound and feel.

  • One of the most underrated artists in the game right now... but I still think that album cover is corny as hell.

    I will definitely purchasing a physical in October when it drops.

  • Truth

    Miguel is garbage

  • Imhaat

    4 the Grown & Sexy

  • coolcollected


    kaleidoscope dreams samples the SAME RECORD that was sampled for the eminem track...

  • Wake UP

    LOL @ miguel is better than Frank Ocean.... Ocean is more than a singer, listen to his lyrical content. A song like Crack Rock, or Sierra Leone is deeper than anything Miguel ever put out... Miguel is dope, but Ocean is a timeless musician. Bob Dylan, John Lennon esque... none are great singers. BUT AMAZING SONG WRITERS.

  • XI


  • Kane

    Miguel is the best R&B artist out right now!!!


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