Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview (Stream)

blame it on Shake September 7, 2012

The talented left coast crooner is back with the second preview of his upcoming album, Kaleidoscope Dream, due out October 2nd. Hit the jump to take a listen to the three-song EP.

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  • Dope.

  • diznuts

    a lotta baby makin on this one

  • KIM

    Miguel >>>>> Frank Ocean

    Hands down

  • smoke

    ^^ agree

  • ew

    @kim there’s always one faggot who start unwarranted, unnecessary comparisons. fucking high school kids, always instigating non existent conflicts. Since youre too immature to appreciate more than 1 singer from the same genre do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. fucking child.

  • her

    Lol Kaleidoscope Dreams samples My Name Is by Eminem. lol

  • KIM

    @ew are you really bitching about someones opinion LOL! let get guess you are one of those Frank ocean dick suckers LMAO!

    Miguel >>>>> Frank Ocean

  • Jay

    @her you mean they both sampled the same artist Labi Siffre

  • Boom

    this nigga too dope

  • chu the conqueror

    Dope. Real playa like. Good live performer as well!

  • lynx

    Yea first Frank >> Miguel and 2nd hes a horrible performer, pretty bad

  • Pretty Tony

    Track 2: Kaleidoscope Dream [instrumental] sounds as though it belongs on The Chronic: 2001… dooope…

  • KiM

    @lynx i disagree but i respect yo opinion!


    For those comparing the 2 (Frank Ocean and Miguel), frank Ocean is more Hiskool late teen music … this is on some grown up shit.
    And then The Weeknd is a darker artist. I can never understand why ppl compare these artists they all compltly diffrant in sound and feel.

  • One of the most underrated artists in the game right now… but I still think that album cover is corny as hell.

    I will definitely purchasing a physical in October when it drops.

  • Truth

    Miguel is garbage

  • Imhaat

    4 the Grown & Sexy

  • coolcollected


    kaleidoscope dreams samples the SAME RECORD that was sampled for the eminem track…

  • Wake UP

    LOL @ miguel is better than Frank Ocean…. Ocean is more than a singer, listen to his lyrical content. A song like Crack Rock, or Sierra Leone is deeper than anything Miguel ever put out… Miguel is dope, but Ocean is a timeless musician. Bob Dylan, John Lennon esque… none are great singers. BUT AMAZING SONG WRITERS.

  • XI


  • Kane

    Miguel is the best R&B artist out right now!!!