Scolla – The Calling (prod. Coop)

blame it on JES7 September 8, 2012

Today is my birthday, my born day, my G day. All I can do is thank God for another year of life, Thank my family and my team for sticking by me and Thank all of the fans for supporting me and creating a situation for me to be able to live out my dreams. It is through this attempt to give thanks that I release a new record exclusively for you all on this day every year. I decided to let loose a joint called “The Calling” produced by the homie Coop of The Baron Boys. It should give some insight into where my mind is at these days. I hope you enjoy. More new music on the way. #TheRLES – Scolla

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  • MajorMissions

    Great record! Happy Birthday to Scolla

  • TruthSpeaks

    Scolla never disappoints and I commend him for working to bring us quality music even on his birthday. His hard work isn’t going overlooked. Props to the DopeHouse for the post

  • O R

    TOO COLD!!!!!!!!

  • WesTwoodP

    Yea my mans did it again! been waiting on new tunes from him.loving this track!!

  • VictoriousKingdom

    This is DOPE right here!!!

  • Zicario

    Every verse deserves a pullback!!! Bro keep doing your thing.

  • Djalex

    This is what you call real music

  • will grinden

    Scolla be on point at ALL TIMES

  • RhinaNina

    I’m deff gonna be bumpin to this

  • DesiSimon

    This joint is fire

  • Starz


  • Elsah

    I really like this song

  • Lenny

    Your music is dope bro

  • AndyV

    Thank you for good music.

  • BoriDz

    Dis is dope!

  • MegaMaster

    Hell yeah, this IS dope !!

  • Sunny dee

    I gotta say Scolla is doing his thing.

  • Hellboyz

    I gotta spread the word, this shit is worth listening to. Keep doing ya thing.

  • BelizzaD

    I love it <3

  • SheaShea

    Scolla keep doing what you do ,, love your song

  • Emmtatt

    Much respect

  • NightChild

    Track is dope

  • MizCV

    Can’t wait to hear more, all his songs are good .

  • CarolK

    Scolla got it going on

  • LauraH

    Happy belated Scolla! We appreciate your music.

  • Kush

    People is right this is dope.. No lie

  • Manny718

    This iz hot yoo

  • DaTolentino

    This is crack and coke

  • TakinOver

    Dope song

  • NyJacky

    Im your #1 fan!!!! I love you

  • Luz


  • TeamWrek

    Gotta love it

  • EdNerd

    Great record.

  • Miricis

    Scolla always comes through with real shit.

  • VidalB

    Great song.

  • RickyLarz

    Doing it big

  • Kknot

    The lyrics, the flow , the style, the beat. I love everything

  • DaTruth

    Killed it!! My nigga Scolla killing every song he doe!!! The RLES all day!!

  • YungZoby

    Thats wats up

  • Ingrato

    Dis dope

  • FlowWriter

    Scolla killed this hands down !!

  • JoshStack

    Awesome dude!

  • DaKing

    Good song.

  • Drascoe

    Went hard!

  • Rovmedia

    Dope track, keep Em coming