Danny! – The Best Of Danny! (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 10, 2012

With Payback finally arriving on iTunes/Amazon on September 25th, OKP has put together a “best of” compilation to help y’all get familiar with the talented Danny Swain. Hit the jump for the tracklist/stream.

01 Where Is Danny?
02 At What Price f. Maria
03 Mama I Want To Fucking Sing
04 I Don’t Wanna Hear That Shit
05 Tattered Fedora Flow
06 The Groove (rmx)
07 Can’t Wait
08 Misunderstood f. Lil B
09 Theme Music To A Killing Spree f. Danny Brown
10 Where You Goin’ f. Maria
11 Cafe Surreal
12 Shit Starters f. DJ Kay Slay
13 Get Down
14 Do You
15 Fly
16 Fly pt.2
17 Little Black Boy f. Res

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  • pardonmyjargon

    Mixtape Tracklisting:

    1. Where Is Danny?
    2. At What Price (feat. Maria)
    3. Mama I Want To F**king Sing
    4. I Don’t Wanna Hear That Sh*t
    5. Tattered Fedora Flow
    6. The Groove [Remix]
    7. Can’t Wait
    8. Misunderstood (feat. Lil B)
    9. Theme Music To A Killing Spree (feat. Danny Brown)
    10. Where You Goin’ (feat. Maria)
    11. Cafe Surreal
    12. Sh*t Starters (feat. DJ Kay Slay)
    13. Get Down
    14. Do You
    15. Fly
    16. Fly, Pt. 2
    17. Little Black Boy (feat. Res)

  • Sept. 25th. Get ready for Payback!!!

  • ToastToTheGOds

    Got excited thought this was a best of Danny Brown

  • teamster

    @pardonmyjargon thanks for that tracklisting

  • Danny Swain on that come up stilll??? Damnnnn….his old work is dope though.

  • Juicy-G

    Heard most of this already, Danny’s a beast. Eager to hear the new album.

  • headshot

    Not very familiar with Danny!
    Wich danny’s album do you recommand to buy or download? In other words, wich is the best one?
    The College Kicked-Out 2004
    F.O.O.D. 2005
    Charm 2006
    And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2008
    Where Is Danny? 2011

  • falesiu


  • d-money

    Charm > And I Am Love Her > Where Is Danny > Danny is Dead? > FOOD > The College Kick Out

  • headshot

    thanks d-money ;)

  • Where is Danny? and Danny is Dead are my personal favorites. They’re all pretty good tho. If you like concept albums, Charm and And I Love Her will be for you. The College Kicked Out and FOOD were his 1st 2 albums but are still dope to me.

  • Charm is amazing.

    His beat tapes are pretty amazing too.

  • TEA

    No matter how much this guy is pushed, his music doesn’t back it up.

  • jahranimo

    Sept. 25th is going to be an amazing day for dope hip hop. Better cop it!

  • gizzle

    who this Marlo Stanfield looking ass mofo?
    gonna dl and check it still

  • EricDean

    Does he have a PERM?