Frank Anthony – Live In My Bed f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on Shake September 10, 2012

Kendrick lends his talents to a song off pop singer Frank Anthony’s Sixty8 Comeback mixtape; which is available now.

DOWNLOAD: Frank Anthony – Live In My Bed f. Kendrick Lamar

  • lolwut?

  • $$$

    Is that Drake?

  • CallMeUnKnown

    I think I threw up a bit

  • what.the.fuck.?

  • Nathaniel

    I wonder how much he got paid?

  • KIM

    whatttttttttttttttttt?????? You mean to tell me you Kendrick Lamar dick riders didnt like this song! im shocked :O

  • I can see this getting play in the gay clubs :)

  • gr00ve


    …the fuck?!

  • Nice

    Autotune bullshit

  • “whatttttttttttttttttt?????? You mean to tell me you Kendrick Lamar dick riders didnt like this song! im shocked :O”

    there’s a difference between being a STAN and having NO TASTE, my nigga. if anybody likes this song they definitely fall into the latter category.

  • you

    yeah what the fuck is this? actually one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard, even for a pop song.

    shame on Kendrick for having anything to do with this!

  • Jerry


  • AQ

    lmao @Jerry

  • Any rapper – nah, fuck that – any male artist that opted to be a feature on a nigga’s song called ‘Live in my Bed’ shall forever be taking more L’s than Khalifa after Amber Rose’s nudes “leaked”.

    Kendrick, you know done fucked up right?

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Kendrick lost.

  • Cap

    the play button wont work for me. and im not mad about it hahahahhahah wtf !

  • chuck

    my ears are bleeding.

  • gf

    lol @ is that drake

  • Shit song but it’ll make kendrick known more amongst other people than just rap fans, so meh.

  • B-Block

    Kendrick works with this guy but won’t work with any member from slaughterhouse, macklemore, even fucking DRAKE. what’s kendrick thinking. I would have walked outta the studio as soon as i heard this dudes voice

  • D-Block

    ^Um… you didn’t listen to Drake’s last album, did you? Or maybe “100”, the song that came out LAST WEEK that featured both Kendrick and Royce da 5’9”? Or “East Meets West”, with Kendrick and Joell Ortiz? Might want to step up your music IQ before you get mad at the artist.

    And FUCK Mackelmore.

  • dfhd

    everything ^ “D BLock said is so fuckin true. SALTTTT

  • liquidwriggler

    SMFH-Ya’all sound like the same haters who back in the day that hated on Quincy Jones for embracing ICE T, BIG DADDY KANE, KOOL MOE DEE… YALL FOR REAL…GET OVER IT !! Kendrick is a big boy…he dont need you dick riders Judgin the way he decides to make paper…LMAO!!

  • djlatjack

    Kendrick #musiclover -respect goes out to Kendrick for his willingness to embrace Frank Anthony’s music style.. !!

  • @ liquidwriggler/djlatjack

    ^why did you bother changing your name?