Missy Elliott – 9th Inning (prod. Timbaland) [Snippet]

blame it on Shake September 10, 2012

We’ve heard a live rendition before, now Atlantic Records releases a CDQ snippet of Missy’s new single w/ long-time collaborator Timbaland. Block Party, coming soon.

  • picky

    i dont know why she said “flip birds”.. i hate how once ur a veteran in the rap game ur automatically a drug kingpin too…that also goes for busta rhymes

  • you

    sounds like some ill Timbo shit

  • that truth


  • NICE

    I swear yall Mfs only hitting DOPE b/c its Missy, those bars were basic as fuck! i love Missy too but this was wack!

  • FakirWise

    Picky, the line went over your head.
    Middle fingers reference.

  • Underwhelmed

    Very disappointing. The comment above talked about how her bars were basic, but I was thinking so what before I hit play. But then she goes in talking about how dope these bars are, but they’re basic. Yes, cringe worthy. Nevertheless, on an entire album of missy and Tim there will surely be a gang of songs that get on repeat.

  • Sprosma

    I heard this piano sample a long time ago but I can’t remember what from – not the original but another time it was used. May have been Arsonists or Encore or something…… Anyone????

  • sha

    the rhymes were basic but this shyt still sounds pretty damn good

  • Sprosma

    OH YEAH IT WAS SWOLLEN MEMBERS – Strength which used the piano sample. Better beat too.

  • wg

    you niggas are more worried about indulging your nostaligia than objective quality music. timbo is not the same timbo and missy is probably not the same missy.this reunion stuff rarely works.

  • Travi

    I think people forget missy was never a complex rapper. She’s always been basic but her flow and creativity with music is why she’s the best.

  • comebaxxshudbfresh

    Even Necro has sampled it in his asBESTos track and so has this been sampled by Gangrene – The Groove. go figure!
    nothing special and new about it.

  • And you guys are mad these 2 ain’t making the Aaliyah album?!

  • realtalk™

    LMFAO lyricism is far to be found in hip hop nowadays.. yall hype 2 Chainz shit, Wayne shit, Chief Keef shit.. now Missy comes back (who is known to actually have talent) and you start bitching about lyrics? Trust me she gonna have some fly shit on this new album..

  • Steve

    When has Missy ever been a Nas? She not a lyrical genius, but she is a masterful artist and song writer. Missy makes hits, not introspective album cuts. She goes for the clubs and the charts and if this were the 90’s the comments would be different. Glad to see her back and yes GtotheFO, these two are the people that need to be involved in a new Aaliyah project, they along with Static (R.I.P) crafted her sound.

  • It’s sad that when you want people to listen to lyrics they’re too dumb to understand them. Then when you want people to hear good music they hear something totally different..

    Missy bout to have a strong comeback, this is the track where she talks her shit. She don’t have to get on no deep shit for you dummies.

  • Dannyboy!!

    if y’all want lyricism check Azealia Banks