Mountain Dew & New York Art Department Protest NYC’s Soda Ban

blame it on Shake September 10, 2012

In response to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban (which will be voted on this Thursday), Mountain Dew and the New York Art Department have joined forces in an outdoor campaign titled Prohibition: New York City. The suggestive imagery features a faux 17oz can and is plastered all over the city (specifically 3rd Ave and 13th St, Broome and Mott, Houston and Norfolk, East Broadway and Rutgers St, Delancey St and Norfolk St). If you’re in the NYC area and come across these posters, take a picture and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #dewyorkcity.

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  • I’m a Pepper

    This >>>> DEWeezy

  • $$$

    Haha, consumerism vs better health promotion and consumerism is gonna wiiin.

  • realtalk™

    ^Consumerism (and greed) already won a long time ago anyway.. I mean does the government really have to ban large soda’s because the people can’t control themselves and over consume them..

  • So, the mayor wants to ban restaurants carrying anything over 16 oz.? Right. Because we all know it’s not possible for a person to take their 16 oz. cup & refill it, making it 32 oz.

  • CP

    Notice how everyone passes by and doesn’t give a shit about the ad. I Love New York. Go ahead, ban soda. It’s addictive, and no, people can’t control themselves.

  • CuJ

    makes sense why Wayne hates New York now

  • nito

    soda is a helluva drug

  • 45w3gsdfg

    2dopeboyz just endorsing this shit cause of all the gay ass mtn dew ads they always have on here..

  • scooba

    How did Mayor Bloomberg get elected? No soda, expensive cigs, and suggests oving illegal immigrants to Detroit. New Yorkers, wake the fuck up.

  • andy

    hate to hate but this isn’t content

  • truth

    Fat/unhealthy fucks supports this crap. I’ll just live in better health.

  • b

    Maybe it has something to do with the $1 Billion+ his charities have given to various causes over the past decade, being politically independent – believing in a women’s right to choose, global warming, yet remaining fiscally conservative and belonging to the republican party… not to mention he personally married the first gay couple to be married in new york, or pledging $250 million to fight tobacco use worldwide.

    Bloomberg is the man

  • Bstorm

    Or…. it’s a push for diet sodas and artificial sweeteners. Just gotta read between the lines. But most don’t.

  • MacDoober

    6th pic down the white lady and the black kid are both wearing white with a little bit of the same shade of green as they pass each other as well as the sign…what a coincidence! gotta appreciate the small things too people

  • If the ban is on 16 oz… why offer 17? Is that a typo and should have been 15 oz (esp. w/the follow “available in legal sizes”? I don’t get it and I’ve worked in advertising/pr for 40 years.


    People are ignorant about food content, food consumption, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, artifical colors, artificial flavors, and where real nutrients should come from ie REAL FOOD.

    Soda is cheap as fuck to make and LOADED with sugar/ sugar substitues. There’s absolutely nothing redeemable about it. Soda companies make ass loads of money off of it which is why they can have HUGE marketing budgets to promote it with celebrities & athletes (who don’t drink the shit themselves). And just because they say they give money to charity doesn’t make them a good company with a good product. Kids are young, dumb, think they’ll live forever…and they’re easily swayed.

    Gimmicks & health claims, like low fat = good, sugar free = good, and “natural flavors” are bullshit. Most people don’t know how to read food labels. If this soda ban pisses you off, I hope you get diabetes. Not only that, as Armand. said above, buy two 16 oz if you need to satify your fat ass thirst and shut the fuck up already.