No. I.D. x Eminem? (Video)

blame it on Meka September 10, 2012

We all know what Marshall is capable of doing, and we all know what Dion is capable of doing. Imagine if the Windy City producer and Motor City legend can do together…

No I.D. knows a thing or two about producing for rap greats. With a discography which already includes unforgettable tracks with the likes of Common (“I Used to Love H.E.R.”), Jay-Z (“Run This Town”) and Nas (“Daughters”), the Chicago beat wizard and Def Jam executive looks to get in the studio with another primetime hitmaker: Eminem.

“I definitely sat down and spoke with Eminem about working and we agreed to get in the studio and see what we could do,” No I.D. told MTV News on Wednesday in Los Angeles while he attended a G.O.O.D. Music party in the Moet Rosé Lounge at Bagatelle. “He’s one of the best, I want to work with one of the best and try and give some music contributions. I think that would be one of the next steps in that lineage of what I’m trying to do.”

Let’s hope this actually happens, and not wishful thinking like that Nas x DJ Premier album that will come out in 2099.

  • tylerg


  • K.I.N.G

    ^fall back, niggas get wet over that pale face momma’s boy

  • >:(

    Fuck that, Em you have a fucking sick producer for your label’s DJ just collab with Alchemist

  • DBS

    Eminem has changed it up for every single album so I’m excited to see what’s next up.

  • Thinker

    when was the last time we heard Em on anything close to No ID production? I can only recall him ever going over Dre, some pop beats, or his own Dre influenced production. i’ll be the first one here to say that this might not work out.

  • bueller

    ^ or it could be so different that it might actually work

  • j

    lol em gets worse every album this is gonna be garbage even no ID can’t save him

  • who cares

    Someone tell No. I.D. not to waste his beats.

  • Chris

    All you cats are hating because a white dude is the greatest rapper of all time yet Rap is 90% black. If you don’t think he’s one of the greatest go listen to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry man. I’ll admit his pop songs get a little corny but his rhyme scheme is nearly unmatched, even on his worst songs the rhymes are still on point. Everybody who says “I wish he’d go back to the old Em” is just trying to relive their glory days or what little glory days they did have. Em and No ID on a track together would be like a Hans Zimmer and Just Blaze collabo.

  • Ryan G

    People act like Eminem doesnt have talent. Its funny how the “cool” thing to do is to dislike him. So his newer albums havent been absolute classics like the MMLP & Eminem Show. Give the dude a chance he’ll figure it out again.

  • marty mcfly

    @Chris, Atmosphere(Slug) makes Em sound basic in comparison. Em mite have more fame and sold more records due to cross over pop appeal and the Dr Dre cosign but its no way in hell Em is the greatest. He’s just the only white rapper that white folks can bring up sells numbers as reasons why they think he’s the greatest. I think Em can definitely rhyme crazy but if fame and sells numbers werent a factor and it was purely on a line for line level. I think many rappers have done it better then Ems first album rhyme scheme and screaming technique. Mac Miller could very well one day sell more records then every other rapper in hip hop but that doesn’t mean he’s actually the greatest. Just means that teenage white america buys hip hop albums more then everybody else so it only makes sense they’d support a rapper they can relate too.

  • koke

    Can’t wait to see what Em puts out.

  • but…

    Em sold albums for a reason – cos he’s dope. He may still be riding that wave, but through Slim Shady – Eminem Show he was the most interesting MC doing it. Give the man props and let him do his thing. Fuck white america hating, it’s cheap.

  • Wonton Soup

    What Eminem is capabale of and what he’s actually gonna give us will be completely opposite.

  • peaceofpi

    +1 @Wonton Soup

    I’m a longtime Em fan, but I know this track will end up being interchangeable with any of Recovery’s tracks.