Rick Ross – Presidential f. Elijah Blake (Video)

blame it on Illy September 10, 2012

Rick Ross and Roc Nation’s latest signee Elijah Blake drop off their latest visual off God Forgives, I Don’t.

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  • GoGetter

    Hip hop has been so much better the last few weeks without William and now he has to go and spoil it

  • @hollowman

    He is the biggest fraud/industry created character out there
    He hasn’t sold ANYTHING, his handlers just know how to sell the character
    Dude knows full well what he is doing though, he isn’t here FOR HIP HOP AS A GENRE, he is playing

    his role to get few dollas and then disappear, why you think he needs to drop so much albums

    singles?, a big powerful rapper can drop few albums and sell TONS to the point he returns years later

    this fat fu*k is being extorted to play up his role and pay those that help him get where he at.

    he is an industry slave now, Def Jam want their money back, WB white boys will have this

    fool get another Heart Attack/Blood Pressure situation again

  • SforMusic

    In other news, the tune is nice and the video is chill and Chief Keef is accused do doing the same shit Ross is doing, only thing is it’s real !

  • i thought it sounded ok.

  • im so tired of rick ross and lil wayne haters. like, get a life. we here for hip hop.

  • PM EST

    Somebody on here posted a podcast featuring the real Rick Ross and after checking it so much makes sense. Rick Ross jus spent over a milli in court fees to keep the name (tho its still ongoing which explains why he intorduced Rozay and now the new Rozay website to get fans ready for the change), signed a new deal wit Def Jam for more money after droppin Rich Forever (essentially that was the God Forgives I Don’t album) and never even played football. LOL yo I can not take this guy or his music serious anymore. It’s all too much lying goin on wit dude and I ask myself how come I can’t get pass that when I know rap is just entertainment. Maybe if his subject matter was different like on some Flo-Rida pop sense Idk.

  • SforMusic

    PPL wanna know a secret ? The basis of rap like any other art form is entertainment….Rick Ross excels on the entertainment platform hate it or love it . He is an actor making music ( how good it is ,… well dats for u to decide ) We get it.. no one is looking at Ross for a message soo get over yourselves with the ” Ross is fake ” shit either enjoy it for what it is or dont like it …

  • marty mcfly

    @SforMusic, I dont think people care if Chief Keef is real or not. I think that people just think his music is wack so its not even about skills at that point its just about profiting by commercializing black death. People concerned about whether thats constructive energy in 2012. G-Dep also killed somebody but the difference is he actually could rap. There is also alot of other rappers that paint a gangsta type of picture in their music and thats fine as long as its done creatively. You can hear the niggas thats fake and the niggas thats actually telling they reality in the music but if its wack its just wack no matter if its eal or not.

  • j

    chief keef make people get hype, i dont see the problem.. supply and demand.. get in where you fit in and get that money

  • Confucius

    Pershonally, as a whole, if ignant black folks are dying..what’s the probrem?

  • jundamane24

    the rick ross hate is getting hella old, it was relevant a few years back but it’s pointless now. The dude has solidified himself in hip hop culture, no point bitching about it he aint going nowhere. Just stop listening to the dude and ignore everything he drops, simple as that. SMH at these haters that still check his stuff out every time it drops….

  • Port of Roosevelt

    Would love to hear Jay on this…Pharrel broke his hand making this beat…HOT dAWN!!! its a new day.

  • 3much4thesehoes

    quality from rozay. Real dope video, shotoout obama.

  • L

    hollowman your a fool, writing essays of hate.

  • Mind…

    Would love to hear Jay on this…Pharrel broke his hand making this beat…HOT dAWN!!! its a new day.
    Port of Roosevelt said this …. Ya damn right…

    Beat, sick… rhymes, exactly where they should be… the singer…delivered.

    The song is an all around hit and he did right putting Obama’s speech at the onset because it gives up blacks and “minority” something to look for, either it being wanting to be the next pres or business man or simply wanting to do your thing and be the best at what you do to live that life.

    Nuff said… shit was fire..

  • factormax

    hahaha why the fuck ya’ll care if he really sold crack?? all he does in this song is rap about being rich as fuck, which he is. so i see no problem.

  • JAyP

    Would love to hear Jay on this…Pharrel broke his hand making this beat…HOT dAWN!!! its a new day.
    Port of Roosevelt said this on September 11th, 2012 at 5:46 am

    Jay would have been nice on this

  • reader

    would you guys respect ross more if he actually sold crack? there’s nothing cool about pushing drugs that ruin peoples’ lives…your problem with ross should be that he makes drug dealing seem like a badass thing to do, not that he lies about doing it.