Tef Poe – Can’t Push Me f. Royce Da 5’9″

blame it on Meka September 10, 2012

Originally found on the St. Louis emcee’s War Machine 2 tape. Now sans tags and available on iTunes.

DOWNLOAD: Tef Poe – Can’t Push Me f. Royce Da 5’9″ | Alt

  • Pistol P

    Go on Itunes and cop!

  • Been trying to get people onto Tef Poe. Glad to see him here on 2dopeboyz! STL Stand up!

  • ESTL Wildboy

    Poe is that nigga right now in the lou and he did it with lyricism not corny ass dance shit, and he didnt do it with wack ass backpack raps either thats why i fucks with him its hard ass hiphop saint louis til the world blow lets get this shit cracking, east side

  • hollywoodco

    Real Hip-Hip. Real music. War Machine 2 is no fucking joke.

  • This is dope.

  • This is Dope! got this in rotation!

  • Lou Disciple

    TP might be the best rapper from St.Louis right now which isn’t hard to do given the shit our city has produced but this nigga is a monster both of the war machine mixtapes go hard!

  • Corey Black

    Footklan. Stomp the yard!!!

  • Tef the best thing coming outta St. Louis and a great gem to the city. The man speaks on many subjects you just dont hear a lot in hiphop and has great energy at his shows. DONT SLEEP ON THIS MAN!

  • Theresa

    Poe is always impressive.

  • Northside Made

    Tef is one of the most impressive artist to come out of St Louis not to take nothing away from anybody else but with tracks like this and projects like War Machine 2 its hard to argue that he’s not the best right now!

  • B.K.

    Amazing track. One lyricist complementing another on top of a great beat.

  • Crazy dope…neither Poe nor Nickel ever disappoint so you know it’s fire…

    And oh yeah. Yours truly on the cuts.

  • Evening Chicken

    They say St. Louis died… So, Tef brought it back!

  • Once again, Tef delivers another solid track off an amazing project.

  • j

    dam whats with getting all your friends to comment lol

  • dee

    This is dope

  • StLouShug

    This is hella dope. There’s hope for St. Louis hip-hop after all fat shout Teflon Poetics & 5’9

  • The beat is grease, and Tef is the spark. Royce stoked that fire. Still waiting for someone to put it out.

  • Short truth

    Best of the best

  • trifeckta

    this shit tough for real.

  • sheElohim

    real spill i think Tef Poe needs a bib! War Machine 2

  • Yes!!! WW2 over everything!!

  • Yes!!! WM2 over everything!!

  • Real ill, I nominate Tef Poe for XXL’s FRESHMAN CLASS 2013



  • Ace2euce

    let’s win in 2012

  • Whoooo! Cold! More of this type of shit, and I’ll start to think hip hop might be doing ok…

  • betrott

    some live midwest shit!. stl x det, standup!

  • Its great to see people recognize things you’ve always known your family was capable of doing. Congrats to Tef and all his hard work! The STL is DEFINITELY on the rise. The best part is, that there’s more on the way…


  • Big Iceberg

    If U Ain’t Wit The Whole St.Louis Movement Get. Out The Way Yea!!! Congrats To Tef He Always Get Me Amp At The Shows.Stl we Here
    #F.C.H.S Big Iceberg.. HoodScholar Music..

  • Leroy Green

    Dope Sauce
    One of my favorite tracks from WM2

  • h8Nate

    So fuckin dope #footKlan

  • LisaByrd

    One of my favorite artists + one of my favorite music blogs = perfection.

  • Nice, always glad to hear new Tef!

  • RealnessBitch

    it’s Tef Poe and Nickel 9?? get the fuck outta here shit is doofy…the beat is sick and these niggas eating this shit,I’m tryna hear Poe and Nas one day that shit would shake my soul,

  • Tef Poe+ The Truth? WWII

  • Me…cause Im Me’r denna bitch

    This is the illness…glad to see this site post some realness from the STL

  • He rocked it in St. Louis. Great to see him blowing up. LET’S GO TEF!

  • Scratchin on the cut is something I’ve missed for way too long,big ups for that,hot to def. ‘listenin to illmatic'(classic). Anybody that knows me knows I don’t hand out compliments undeservedly or ride bandwagons, but this shit is nice and I don’t even listen to rap in my private time no mo. Tef represents,and thasswhatitis!

  • Sims

    LOVE WAR MACHINE 2 and LOVE TEF POE :) I’m from the D and live in STL…perfect combo!

  • Rodney P

    Dope. #WM2