The Pro Letarians - Till We Fall f. G-Scott (Video)

Directed by Jace.

First single off the The Pro Letarians' upcoming project, Not All Of Me Shall Die.

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  • dope kid!

  • dwo

    Loving these guys right now. Can't wait for their new mixtape!

  • Ruckus

    ^ What he said

  • copying kanye wont work for you

    kanye much? very bad imitation too

  • Cannes des Garcon

    @ copying Kanye won't work for you: comparisons mean you on your way partner. Besides, if you really know your Ye, do you not remember him getting the Tribe Called Quest comparisons when he started out?

  • 1DopeBoy

    need a better rapper, like G-Scott, to get on these beats consistently. Jupiter isn't doing them justice.

  • This shit cold as fuck.

  • 2DopeBoy

    ^ what he said. He just doesn't have it.

  • 3DopeBoy

    You both haven't listened to Hello forever then

  • John

    you guys are crazy jupiter jim kills every track he raps on. he actually raps about real stuff. not about weed, pussy, and money the whole time. he will make it big

  • 1DopeBoy

    @John no he won't. and here he was rapping about cars. much better. @3DopeBoy i have listened to Hello Forever. and like i said, he's not doing the beats justice. JO's beats are the only reason TPL are even mentioned


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