G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer (Snippets)

blame it on Shake September 11, 2012

For those that enjoy ruining their experience listening to early previews of albums before their release, iTunes has provided snippets to each song off Cruel Summer (Sept. 18). Pull up the tracklist, take a listen and get your pre-order on here.

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  • adsf

    not bad, but with a lineup like that how do you end up with a project like that….

  • lolol

    ha this is embarrassing

  • djchay

    where’s q-tip the rapper?

  • rasadf

    @djchay same place Mos Def is.

  • nyc22

    We’ve heard half of the songs already… Should’ve renamed it and kept working on it!

  • six

    this is weak..esp for the all the hype behind has fallen off so bad past few years

  • booboo

    this is setting up to be a very lackluster compilation. i guess putting together compilations is a lost art.

    womp womp.

  • BobbyWhite

    damn… biggest disappointment of the year… fuck that.

  • nito

    which ones are produced by mannie?

  • Juicy-G


  • Mo Bitches

    Y’all niggas was gonna download it anyway… so, stop complaining.

  • j

    wat u all expecting a classic or something lol

    this is just good fun music put together, everyone working hard on their solos

  • BobbyWhite

    the only good ones i heard were to the world and the one…. FUCK THIS

  • SIGH

    i just cant wait for kanye to stop trying to fit just to stay cool with the kids.
    songs with dubstep loops and trap shit and so on.

    “cause when you try hard….thats when you die hard.”

  • BluntAfterBlunt

    did the whole album leak tho?

  • randomguy

    The track with The-Dream >>>>>


    Some of these songs are unbelievably ILL.

  • kas

    I’m already disappointed. By a LOT.

  • Yoh this is so wack … its gona do Ross numbers (200k – 220k) thats how wack it is.

  • RG III

    LMAO @ Ross numbers … thats the new tern for wack numbers lol … this shit realy gona do Ross numbers it aint gona sell, like we already have half of the songs.

  • Jza

    Feel the same about this as I did MBDTF. Kinda butthurt cuz I’ve heard half the album, but fuck i can’t be mad at the songs i haven’t heard they sound super dope.

  • Jza

    just wish i had more common n mos less 2 chainz and no “cold” or “i don’t like”

  • Jza

    n more cudi

  • Oh

    Wow… I’m a Kanye/GOOD stan and this right here… nah… This could potentially go down as one of the most over-hyped and anticipated Hip-Hop albums, ever. Point Blank.

  • Oh

    Wasn’t this pushed back to feature Q-Tip and Mos Def too?

  • wqqw

    ^nope. that’s just was what the internets said,. Never an credible official source

  • DX

    (White boy voice) What the fuck bro? No Q-Tip, Mos Def, Mannie Fresh beats. Dat nigga Cole gets no love and he’s ROC barely got that Jay feature. Just felt like it could have been much more than what it is. That Cudi track sounds promising and the one after that


    There has to be iTunes bonus Cuts. I’m sure of it. Maybe those records special records will appear. I thought Ye would’ve at least brought back the G.O.O.D. Fridays, just to hype us up with material that couldn’t have made the album. I mean “Cold” we already heard. It would’ve been dope to hear another version, maybe a feature on it. & WHERE IS “PERFECT BITCH”? dang “Aw Yeezy Yeezy being greedy huh?”


    Would be dope to get a bonus cut Featuring Q-Tip, Mos Def, Mannie Fresh, & J.Cole. Produced by Mannie Fresh.

  • DX

    Checked it out on iTunes. Gives you a longer sample length of each track. Dope IMO except for Sin City

  • DX

    No iTunes bonus cuts

  • DX

    Nevermind same length

  • Truthful

    Ya’ll stupid… the albums gonna drop n’ ya’ll gonna be right back to dick riding…. dum niggaz don’t understand the concept of a snippet.

  • bigErn

    Ye is all over the album; Common got one feature (wack); Mos Def, Q-tip, and Frank are no where to be found. I’m sure there are a few other empty promises out there.
    What pisses me off is pushing back an album (several times) called ‘Cruel Summer’ to the fall and when it’s finally completed we get 5 track we’ve already heard…that’s almost half the album. What the fuck is ‘Cold’ doing on there anyway? Song came out ages ago and it’s just Kanye and DJ fatass.
    Some don’t realize people are pissed because it’s hyped up to be this epic GOOD music collaboration and what I see looks like a lackluster, unfocused effort- “Half-assed Summer”.
    I expect more from these GOOD “heavy-hitters” and they intended for more. Feels and sounds like a dud.

  • eric

    that cudi track might be the best on there

  • Thinker

    ^ Your explanation still doesn’t deny the fact that you fags are pissed over stupidity. The moment you get emotionally attached to something that has yet to be tangible is the moment you’ve become too emotional. Get a tampon bitch. You don’t like it? Then it wasn’t meant for you cuz u ain’t a fan

  • @Thinker

    ^What kind of “fan” doesn’t anticipate his favorite artist’s new album? GTFOH dickrider

  • Damnit Ye

    I’m a HUGE Kanye and GOOD fan.. And I’m unbelievably disappointed with this… Why the hell is there no Mos Def, Mr. Hudson, Q-Tip, or Mannie Fresh??? And only 1 Common feature?? We wanted to hear GOOD Music!!! Along with Good cousins… Meaning J. Cole, Frank Ocean, and Jay Elec… Not 2 Chainz stupid untalented ass all over the album with dumb ass trap beats… Kanye is my favorite Hip Hop artist of all time, and lately he’s just full of disappointments.. When he made GOOD Music he said he wanted nothing but the best.. And he could have that meaning Ye, Mos, Common, Tip, Mr. H, John Legend, Pusha, Cudi, Cyhi, Malik, Teyana, even Big Sean went in on the GOOD Friday tracks.. and the extended Roc family and others… I really can’t get over how much 2 Chainz is bringing down GOOD music…

  • Damnit Ye

    I would have been Happy with some Hit-Boy raps and Mannie Fresh beats too.. Hit Boy can rap circles around 2 lame, I mean 2 Chainz

  • Jimbo

    I lost hope for this when it was confirmed that Cold and I Don’t Like were on this smh

    The songs we haven’t heard in full at least sound decent, so there’s still hope I guess.

  • McLovin’

    I’m thinking Ye just keeping alot of shit for his solo album. All the previously mentioned names that aren’t on here also Jay Electronica. But maybe those are the tracks that are on Jay’s album I recall seeing two Ye features but his solo effort will most likely outshine this one. Remove yourself from all the hype and what could’ve been and just vibe to it. It’s good music people don’t know what you all want. I fucks with it, and Teyana, I’ma be checkin for shawty her voice captivated me on both cuts she’s on

  • who cares

    lmao at all you butt hurt fags. GOOD Music is whack as fuck. The only good MC’s in the camp are Common and Mos Def.

  • NICE

    The-Dream >>>>>

  • marty mcfly

    I’ll wait till I hear the full album but idk about this though. Aside from the fact we’ve already heard damn near half the album at this point, shit sounds like the only direction for this was to take a full episode of 106npark and mash it together all on one album and put it out. Smh

  • JXN

    Cool to see that Ghostface got added to New God Flow, The Morning sounds really good, I’m actually excited for The One (even with the 2 Chainz feature), and Creepers is obviously going to be dope. I know I sound like a broken record at this point but where are Q-Tip, Mos Def, Mr. Hudson, and the rest of the G.O.O.D. Music crew? I was really looking forward to Hudson on some hooks… Oh well, a bit disappointing but I’ll make do with what I get.

  • Ermac

    Besides Mos Def and Q-Tip every other dude on GOOD music is wack as fuck so who’s actually checking for this shit anyway?

  • Shawn

    No Common and Mos-Def or Mr. Hudson? Garbage. Good looks on Mase being on there but the snippets weren’t that impressive. Also, with the number of artists on the label, they needed more tracks. This is disappointing and what we heard so far wasn’t all that good either.

  • Shawn

    I just realized Tip isn’t on here either and “Cold”, “I Don’t Like” and “Mercy” didn’t need to be on this album.

  • Juu Knowz

    this thing couda had mad 2DB people hype as fuck, but naw, fail.. everyone’s saying the same thing, you know Kanye knew this would be peo0ple’ complaints.. and the album woulda sold better and done beter wit citcs if he just added he peple we where expecting and minimized the wack tracks we’ve already herd.
    ..atleast Alex Zander dropped Scuba Goodin J today

  • Shawn

    I am well aware that Common is on one song and that’s what the problem is. All this push back, delay, and this is the result we get?

  • Wwqe

    Where is the track that cudi was on during the cruel summer snippet?

  • :(

    Shit’s sucks! i miss the old ye. :(

  • Lame Damn Time

    “The Morning” feat. Reakwon (and others) seems to be the stand out record off of a 12 track “collaborative studio album” that’s titled appropriately, Cruel Summer. Is it Cruel to release such a subpar comp 3 days before the official end of summer? Maybe the marketing strategy is to blame with a late release and 5 of 12 tracks leaking, the better 5 of 12 tracks. But, then again maybe that is the marketing strategy!

  • bigHUNT

    GOOD MUSIC TAKEOVER, i dont think you niggas understand what kind of album these dudes was going for, see you all want to hear BARS. BARS. BARS. BARS. over a bunch soul-sampled beats, this aint Nas ‘Life is Good’ or Slaughterhouse . This is GOOD Music coming to take over the CHARTS. ya’ll dudes is dumb. this is a real ass album right here

  • Subpar for their standards? I can see the argument. But honestly, most of these sounded pretty damn good. The biggest con is definitely that I’ve heard way too many of these records.

  • marty mcfly

    @bigHUNT, BARS BARS BARS over soul samples? That would have been alot better for sure.

  • G.O.O.D


  • G.O.O.D


  • hurrikane2

    is it me or is Mr.hudson would of been a better choice for singing on that “to th world” song

  • miko

    “keep your eyes over there, it’s creepy when you stare”

  • Lame Damn Time

    @bigHUNT, Marty Mcfly has a good point. I don’t believe most people was looking for “BARS. BARS. BARS. BARS. over a bunch soul-sampled beats”. I can’t think of an artist on the G.O.O.D roster to put out an album full of soul sampled beats in at least 2 years. Ye and soul samples is like strawberry choco tacos, something that was good and now gone. The charts should only be a concern to those who collect royalties off this project. As a fan I am only concerned with the level of Artistry, Wordery, Delivery, Musicianship and Substance. I don’t care about your chainz, bitches and molly. Just give me GOOD music.

  • casper wordsmith

    Neither Mos Def nor Common are really with G.O.O.D. Music.

  • Hopeful

    This is no longer available on iTunes so there is still some hope for added features/songs. I’m hoping but none of those iTunes links work.

  • DX

    I remember way back when Hov said something to the extent of, “…internet saying Hov you should spit that real shit, I’m like niggas yall should buy it, that’s good business…” in one of his tracks. Yall muhh fuggas bitch and complain and don’t even buy shit. Just STFU damn

  • DX

    Some American artist did say that I can’t remember who but that Americans were ungrateful and didn’t buy shit and that here in England we’re much more appreciative and supportive

  • Cas

    @DX Yeah but youre ugly tho

  • lmfao^^ @Cas reply to DX. Album will probably sound better when it’s the full length no snippets!!! Hopefully we get a surprise bonus somewhere if you buy it

  • SuperMegaWorm

    they need to change tha name of the label …

  • DockNess

    Man I remember one of them (G.O.O.D Members) said that Kanye had them listening to differnt copilations like Cash Money and No Limit and Ruff Ryders. I was expecting Mannie to produce like a “No Limit Soilder”/ “Im A Hot Boy” anthem for G.O.O.D…j/s I like it though. The tracks people don feel now, wait till you hear the entire album. White girls gonna be playing this album in the suburbs louder then we do at the carwash. Im buying it!

  • DX

    So some dude on a blog makes a comment about another dudes appearance(suspect) whom he has never seen and has absolutely no idea what he looks like and it’s funny? That fact that it’s funny to you is funny to me. Awww someone got mad cause they got called out :D

  • @ DX

    ^No, dude, I don’t think you get it. He KNOWS you’re ugly, because every single British person in the history of the world has been ok at best. Seriously, you are the butt-fucking ugliest race of people in the universe. In the bar scene at the beginning of Star Wars, everybody in there was talking about how ugly British people are. And that’s not even the worst thing you guys have going for you- between your food, your weather, your ugly ass women and your stank, you guys are just busted.

    THAT’s what he was trying to say.

  • CoolCat

    ^Team USA bitch

  • DX

    LMFAO!!! Honestly you guys are hilarious that made my day pure entertainment and it didn’t cost me a dime. “Team USA bitch” Lmao internet thugs. Peace & Love

  • PrimeTimeGreg

    Everyone said the same thing about the Watch The Throne album when it first came out… That turned out to be a classic. The same goes for cruel summer. I agree that a few tracks and features should have been included, but each track on the album is epic minus I don’t like. The fact that half the album was released already sucks too, but the unheard tracks are brilliant.