Illogic & Blockhead - Preparing For Capture 2 (Album)

After a few visuals and leak, Illogic and Blockhead release their latest collaborative project. Tracklist, stream and download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Illogic & Blockhead - Preparing For Capture 2 (Album)

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  • schuyler

    anyone give this a listen yet? looks intriguing.

  • schuyler

    AH. it's a name-your-price buy, that's cool so i guess i'll cop it and get back since no one else is even commenting, lol.


    dope. still love that Blueprint + Illogic Greenhouse EP also

  • esnchlsptr

    Illogic is one of the more underated MC's in the game. Dude is a true poet. The project is dope and shows he's ability to spit over basically any production thrown his way. Not many kats are versatile enough to pull that off


Watercolor Werewolf - "DontJuly"

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