• 123

    based off what iv heard i can say that this album is going to be really bad and its all fashawns fault with his shitty raps

    he cant go more then 5 bars without saying "yeah" or "uhh"

    murs isnt that great either but hes passable

  • abc

    @123 are you serious? Have you listened to "Boy Meets World" ? Fashawn is one of the best out right now..

  • BurksMarla

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  • antinerdrap

    I dont care for that faggot Murs. Fashawn is a good mcs though.

  • Cupcakesss

    that set in the vid was sick live i was there and they went bar for bar at one point.. holy shit they killed it.. im pumped for that project!

  • tom

    so dope. can't believe anyone could hate on this