The Niceguys – James Kelley (Album)

blame it on Meka September 11, 2012


The first of many (many) releases of this day comes from the Texas-based crew, with the likes of Bun B, Slim Thug & many more providing contributions. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: The Niceguys – James Kelley (Album)

  • spikeleejoint

    yeeeaaaaahhhhhh……. NICEGUYS are tooooo REAL!!!!!

  • southwestdon

    5 bucks well spent…

  • $$$

    So good.

  • Tellmemane

    These guys suck. This album is weak. Such weak lyrics and production is not that great either. Why do these guys even get hype.

  • trufisbak

    what else is droppin today besides this n baby face killa??

  • Realness

    Fucking awesome.

  • jojoba

    Yeah? Is this some big day for mixtapes? What esle is comming out? Is Baby Face Killa even comming out today? When was that announced?

  • schuyler

    i’d love an unbiased opinion of this dude. i’ve downloaded too many garbage tapes lately.

  • hoper

    I like it

  • yogabbagabba

    That nigga Tellmemane is hatin on a good album the production for the album is great and the the rapper yves can rap his ass off.

  • Tellmemane

    Man I have no bias at all. I listen to everything with an open ear. But come on man I am big on what you say. Too much music today has no meaning so much ramble and loose raps. This thing had hype and they are just ok. Average at best. Take Tiron’s Mstrd project. At first i was letdown just because it had too much buzz but I went back about 4 months ago and played it again and its still good music. What is your bar though. Like Pac Div CLC was ill so everything else after is compared to that bar from them for me. Just like Fashawn Boy meets world was so quality but nearly everything else since has been hot garbage from him since 09. Idk man I just have a high standard of whats Great or DOPE. Its OK at best

  • GetBitches

    yo stop telling your life stores Tellmemane, the album is dope, and you’re wack.

  • Complex

    Oh so now it’s “OK?” @tellmemane – I thought “it sucked”? Stop hating brah. I clicked the link and was blown away. If I had listed to your mini-shit review I would have skipped out on this. This shit is ill.

  • tellmemane – if your threshhold of “ill” is pac div, then you’re playing yourself.

    this album is FRONT TO BACK good.

  • schrist

    As the three previous said above @tellmeman, clearly your definition of ill is off point. This Album from the Niceguys is certified dope….just like their previous album “The Show.” And for other dudes information, the Nice Guys are a group of MC’s, not a solo act. If ya don’t know, now ya know. Peace!!

  • aquil

    this is doper than their first release hands down