[The Tens] Dude, Where’s My Song? 10 Video Versions Of Songs That Weren’t On The Album

blame it on Meka September 11, 2012

I actually suggested that this could be a possible topic of discussion between the Verseheads and the dopehouse…

Have you ever bought an album because of a video you saw, only to find out that the song that you thought was on the album wasn’t there? We’ve all been there before and it kind of pisses you off that you were misled. Inspired by an email from 2DopeBoyz’ very own Meka, we decided to go back in time and bring back all of the videos that made us pick up the CD and feeling like an ass when the song we spent our hard earned cash for was nowhere to be found.

I know we missed some on this list; feel free to add your own choices in the c-section.

READ: [The Tens] Dude, Where’s My Song? 10 Video Versions Of Songs That Weren’t On The Album

  • BurksMarla

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  • alec

    pledge alligiance to the swag… i guess there was no other version tho it just had a video and didnt make an album

  • Joe

    Smif N Wessun’s Wreckonize

  • Verb Burgundy

    Jay Z – Wishing on a star… Had a 12 year old kiddo pissed, when i found out the track wash´t on life times of Sean Carter… Lol

  • six

    brand nubian..all for one

  • Peekay

    California Love video version is #1 IMO
    I’d maybe add Lost Boyz feat tha Dogg Pound & Canibus for the Music Makes Me High remix

  • who cares

    Am I the only one who flips the cd over when I’m buying it to look at the tracklist? Not so I don’t get caught off guard by a different version of a song, but just because I like looking at the artwork, guests, etc. If people did that they wouldn’t get caught off guard so much. In instances like the Method Man and Lil Kim songs they would see the guest wasn’t there, and hopefully have the brains to realize it’s probably a different version. Just sayin’.

  • KC

    Special Ed…The Magnificent

  • @who cares…..in the case of Method Man none of the guests were listed on the back of Tical

  • SuperMegaWorm

    How can you NOT mention Ras Kass’ Soul On Ice? The video featured teh incredible Diamond D Remix that is only available on vinyl if you want the explicit version … even the clean version is only available on the pretty rare CD single … man that remix was dope!