Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson – Dice Game (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake September 12, 2012

The other day I opened my physical mailbox and was pleasantly surprised when I seen a joint album from Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson in it’s packaging, just waiting to be inserted into my car’s dash. After two solid listens, the project is exactly what you think it would be. Tough as nails. And while the album doesn’t drop until November 13th, folks can get a preview of what to expect by hitting the jump and checking the tracklisting.

Mello Music Group is ecstatic to announce Dice Game, a 16 track collaborative album between Detroit’s Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown. The former’s work with Madlib and Dilla already establish him as one of the current greats on the mic and the latter’s heralded music with OC and his own group, The Left, hint towards a similar path in his own canon. The Motor City titans join forces to create an unabashedly hardcore record, without catering to the club or radio.

The full-length album is rife with aggressive content that does not sacrifice quality and musicality. This is music for OG’s, for heads who hunger for that quality street music before the genre by-and-large made a caricature of itself. Though the block may be getting icy by release November 13th, stay on the corner with a few veterans and shoot a Dice Game.

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  • DBS

    Jesus this guy (Apollo) is putting in work, he’s dropped like 6 albums in the last 3 years, the weakest being his most recent with OC and it’s not really weak either, just not as great as the other ones.

  • Wow what a collaboration. Can’t wait for this!

  • 1

    dope just not a fan of apollo anymore, same old boring production every song (i was a fan back when he dropped skilled trade) just not been feeling his work, i no guilty will be on point tho
    look forward to the planet asia track

  • $$$

    I made this artwork in MS paint 15 years ago.

  • BrainScan

    apollo is on fire! that oc collabo was heat

  • Kev313

    This will be ALBUM OF THE YEAR material…. Trust it

  • youknow

    planet asia song is gonna be …. nasty

  • Yolo’s Conscience

    Artwork is genius – so damn simple and to the point. I aint ever gonna forget it – twenty years from now it’ll be “you remember “Dice Game” – hell yeah the big white cover w/ 3 dots. This album is gonna be ill as fuck. Two of Detroit’s best going in!

  • paul rand

    i love minimalist graphic design. str8 simple concept, to the point. fuck photoshop filters. this adheres to the basic principle of visual communication: show or say it. don’t do both. if youre making a book cover about an apple, either put a pic of an apple, or write the word ‘apple’. don’t do both.

  • De La Where

    Cover art is classic!

  • Thomaz

    I’m waiting for one of the best rap album of all time, in may dreams: Apollo Brown & Bun B

  • imhh1

     best cover ever..
    i cant fucking wait.. apollo brown is my favorite producer

  • Jus Sayin

    @1 I saw Apollo Brown perform last night in Lexington, KY and he played at least 20 unreleased beats for artists from Ill Bill to Danny Brown to Guilt. He played at least 6 beats off Dice Game and left me speechless. He’s taken it to a whole another level from Clouds and Gas Mask. That Planet Asia track might be the hardest beat I’ve heard since Exhibit C. Some grimy, gutter D-town bangers. Just get ready to cop and support good music. I chopped it up with him for 15 minutes before the show and he’s the most genuine, humble musician I’ve met. Dude doesn’t even smoke, just makes his music and loves it fully. That’s what the game’s about. Don’t sleep.