Gary Clark Jr. – Ain’t Messin’ Around

blame it on Meka September 12, 2012

His Made In America set was dope. This single off his upcoming Blak and Blue album (dropping October 22nd) is doper. Head down bottom for his album’s tracklist and artwork.

1. Ain’t Messin ‘Round
2. When My Train Pulls In
3. Blak and Blu
4. Bright Lights
5. Travis County
6. The Life
7. Glitter Ain’t Gold (Jumpin’ For Nothin’)
8. Numb
9. Please Come Home
10. Things Are Changin’
11. Third Stone From The Sun/If You Love Me Like You Say
12. You Saved Me
13. Next Door Neighbor Blues

  • Johnny Utah

    Gary Clark Jr. is rock and roll perfection.

  • bushytop

    ^ johnny utah. that shit’s awesome.

    excited to hear this, but not a huge fan of this sound. loved the stripped down quality of his last ep and this is a little too produced (imo). will wait to hear the album and hope it’s more of the goodness from gary.

    think i still have a bad taste in my mouth after that nas/nfl draft collabo. oh well, make that money!!!!

  • Jazzmatazz

    Im pretty excited for this I been waiting for a LP from him since I heard the Bright Lights EP .. Its like Mayer Hawthorne would sound like if he was a better singer and had that rawness that Black Keys does. (Not Hating I love MH’s Music). We shall see.

  • andy

    “Ain’t messin; Round ” does not sound like Gary Clark jr.!!!

    it does not have what attracted me to this artist. Would you / anybody have wanted Jimi to do a cheesy, cliche Motown cover?

    There is nothing of that cool, grit and laid back attitude! nothing!!

    I really hope Warner records is not destroying this guy’s cred and prospects in order to produce something that plays well on commercial radio.

    What a shame Warner!!