Joe Budden Explains Why Welcome To: OUR HOUSE Is “Commercial” (Video)

blame it on Meka September 12, 2012

When he’s not showing off the lady of his life Joe raps on the side. ANyways, while at the New Jersey leg of the Rock The Bells 2012 tour he explains why their major label debut is different from the mixtape that preceded it.

  • I cracked up so hard when Royce told Joe “You a fuckin dick!” haha

  • Eminem only does songs with pop stars. Slaughterhouse counts.

    Ok… thanks for that, Joe Budden. Keep taking shits and not giving a fuck while I keep not buying your music and you keep crying about how “underrated” and “underappreciated” you are.

  • buckets

    ^^ damn you salty as hell…. you need to get your life together son.

  • who cares

    Basic summary of Budden’s statement “I don’t give a fuck about the fans, or Hip Hop. I just want whatever will get me money the fastest way possible.” To think I used to admire this dude’s music, only to find out he’s a fuckin’ dick now that he’s on some big label. gtfo.

  • karma

    cosign @ who cares. Joe Budden is a fucking tool.

  • SteveyJ

    lol, ok joe.. except for the fact that everything you ever said up until this point was that you would never turn into the exact artist you have become. I guess that whole “why try to fit in when your a stand out” line you are so proud of just kind of lost it’s flare after a while lol. Stop lyin’ pussy, just say it how it is.. you got fucked by your label and not only does your new album suck, they got you wearing clothes you probably never thought you’d wear. You are the same rapper you used to make fun of. hilarious, really.

  • wqoi

    they are clearly annoyed with their fake ass “real hip hop” fans who didnt even buy their music at the clutch and let them flop. I’m not a fan of joe budden but I understand his frustration. Even the artists know the fake ass hip hop purists are the freeloading non-contributing bottomfeeders of the hip hop culture and would buy the album if it was the new illmatic. they’d just go to youtube and talk about much they hate lil wayne and act like they’re about something. you faggots are posers and stand for nothing.when its been said before but ill say it again when its crunch time you fuckers care more about hating lil wayne than “supporting real hip hop”. absolute faggots. These guys NEEDED these numbers and you backpacker fags still could get off wayne’s dick long enough to buy the album. Fucking bastards. no wonder rappers be going commercial.

  • yo

    ^^fucking morons hes not talking about people who actually buy and like the album, hes talking about how some faggots criticize it for going on different type of beats..and if it did suck it wouldnt have been #1 on the top hip hop/r&b charts..and it still wouldnt be #4 on hip hop on itunes now would it? u faggots are complaining over dumb shit like this when people are still buying the album, far from a flop u dumbasses know the facts before u post some dumb shit

  • ewop

    What’s hilarious is that what he said was true. so many of you were talking about how you were gonna mix the mixtape with the albums songs and make your own perfect slaughterhouse fairytale album. and just shat of you niggas lmao. thats gotta hurt coming from the nigga you were dickriding. but chances are you didnt pay for either one of them muthafuckers anyway.

  • Kill

    I listen to music before I buy it. I support the albums that I enjoy, and I will NEVER buy an album that I don’t like. And guess what? Slaughterhouse made an album that I didn’t like. Why the fuck would I support it?

    And don’t give me some stupid bullshit about “bringing back real hip hop”. That was ok-ish lyrics (below their standards) over pop beats. That’s not “real hip hop”, it’s a failed attempt at selling out.

  • NYdreams

    lmaooo im laughing at this and i didnt download or buy this album

  • nyc22

    I miss Mood Muzik 2 & 3 Budden. I wish nobody found out how dope he WAS.

  • speezola

    “they are clearly annoyed with their fake ass “real hip hop” fans who didnt even buy their music at the clutch and let them flop.”

    in their debut week, they had the second best selling record in the country. that’s not a flop, it’s just lowered sales across the board. even a guy with as much buzz as ross only did 200k first week. the game isn’t what it used to be. moving 50k without a major radio single is pretty awesome. joe will probably get a solo release date. crooked and joell will probably still be on indie labels, but the tour money is probably sweet as hell.

  • $$$

    I’m with Joey. Selling out or not, it’s an artists’ decision what music they want to associate their name with. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t really matter. Zing.

  • ###

    ^ then the fans have the responsibility to recognize when the artist has become a total media-whore douchebag, and to tell him to go fuck himself

  • $$$

    Of course. Free will. Like I said though, it doesn’t really matter at all in the grand scheme of the world.

  • kings

    No shit- this is the music industry. Pretty much nothing matters “in the grand scheme of the world”, but we all talk about it and keep up with it anyway.

  • marty mcfly

    @speezola, No their album did flop and it flopped hard. Not blaming them or the fans but 50k first week is a disappointment. The era of hardcore lyricism is gone and its time to just let it rest in peace. We’ll probably get less then 4 albums a year on the mainstream side that actually represents that style of hip hop but other then that it’ll be more watered down bullshit. Its really sad honestly cause its some incredible artists out there but the reality is they will never get on as long as they complex lyrics. The chance of a true lyricist actually becoming something in hip hop is like 1 in a million cause obviously it wont be supported.

  • who cares

    co-sign Kill. I don’t purchase albums I don’t like. I listened to their debut, loved it, bought it. This one didn’t compare at all, so I didn’t waste my money on it.

  • speezola

    @marty mcfly It was the number two album in the country the week it debuted. If that’s a “flop”, what do you call the other 198 albums under them? Stop being melodramatic, you gauge an album’s impact based on the marketplace/its competition, that week it outsold all of its competition in the rap world by a large margin, thus it’s far from a flop. You’ve clearly never worked in the music business and when you can get together a staff and move 50,000 – hell, even 5,000 – records in a week, then I’ll consider you an authority on the subject. I’ve actually run an indie label, it’s a nightmare out here. To debut a new act and have it sell 50k first week with no major radio single is a f–king miracle.

  • speezola

    Budden is a dick, though. This is the second interview where I’ve seen him get snarky with the questioner. Dude is unprofessional as f–k. If he doesn’t want to do media, tell him to shut the hell up when the group does interviews unless he’s asked a question directly, problem solved.

  • marty mcfly

    @speezola, you dont know if i’ve worked in the music industry or not but I can tell you one thing for sure about that office down at Interscope. Even if you have the number one album because you had little competition that week cause it was no other album like that put out in the same week. If you look the Interscope staff in the face and ask if 50k is a flop or not coming from a machine like theirs, They gonna say yes its a flop.

  • marty mcfly

    And they had three singles, two of which were intended major radio play. Hammerdance, My Life and Throw it Away.

  • lol

    Lol @ just realizing Joe is a dick. He may be an asshole, but he’s been one of the most loyal rappers to his fans. If you don’t see/know that, you are just being dumb. What is wrong with what he said????

  • ewroi

    “in their debut week, they had the second best selling record in the country. that’s not a flop, ”

    that’s a very misleading way of putting it. If you drop an album during a week where there are no major releases, chances are you’re going to get a high ranking debut regardless of how bad or how good your sales are.At number 1 debut is a good accomplishment dont get me wrong, but when you put it into perspective it doesnt always reflect good sales. As was the case with this album.

    and ross has alway consistently done those numbers. so don’t try apply failure to the entire industry.

    and for you to say “with a major radio single” is absurd and a major cop out. they didnt have a major radio single because the ones that were intended to be flopped. they were not handicapped by design, they were handicapped because they’re song did not do well. stop making excuses and false justifications for failures. these guys are on shady fucking record being backed by the greatest selling rapper of all time and the best selling musician of the last decade. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

  • huurrpdurp

    Joe, why did you say that? Why? Why, Joe, why? You’re my hero…You come out with stink like that. Poop! You poop mouth. Get all that poop out of your mouth.

  • wow joe budden shitting on his fans. he’s a cornball. take those glasses off, he looks like a fool. mood muzik series was the best he had goin for him. kaylie need to break his heart so he can go back to depression mode. yea now that sounds like a plan

  • wasn’t why joe left the label early in his career because he didnt wanna be commercial??!? what a lame

  • mk

    i think joe just took a shit on the floor

  • speezola

    @ewroi and @marty mcfly next week projected sales, only five albums are over 50k, clearly both of you aren’t in the music industry, because if you were, you’d know that selling 50k in a debut week without a successful radio single is damn near impossible nowadays. it was the second highest selling album in the country because it’s damn hard to move 50,000 units in a week in 2012, that’s why so few albums sell more than that in one week. this is slaughterhouse’s major label debut…do you know how many hip-hop groups had a debut week above 50k this year? ZERO. first, hip-hop groups are damn extinct, it’s always easier to market a solo artist (people who don’t like one member of a group, like budden, might download instead of buy an album). You can’t point to a more successful hip-hop group this year, so how can you call 50k a flop? USE LOGIC. How well an album did is measured by how well OTHER albums are doing at the same time. They outsold every album in the country except for one, that’s NOT a flop, ESPECIALLY since they had no hit single. Stop fighting the facts and reason, you’re being ridiculous.