Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Live In North Carolina (Video)

Shot by Dwayne LaFleur

Official tissue footage of K. Dot and Grown Simba's performance last night in Charlotte, NC.

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  • CecilRhodez

    Wow, I already said this, but the crowd that so turnt up to this shit. Good Kid in a Cole World lets go.

  • ShouShen

    0:26 Cole & Kendrick rapping DMX - Bring Your Whole Crew
    1:32 Cole acting like DMX
    and I think everybody out there is talking about X... that's some real shit.

  • Rufus

    Cole World no blanket

  • DX

    @Cecil that would be the perfect title for it if they ever drop it

  • Busta McThunderstick

    Haha @ Diggy pseudo-diss.

    'Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent, album flopped but its cool he caked out on his allowance.'

    Cole nasty!

  • Tight shit. wish i could make it to a concert

  • Kendrick Lamar one of the best rappers out now

  • $$$

    Jamla up in dere.

  • GetAtMe

    We North Carolina! And we turnt the fuck up!

  • Did they preform material of the Cole & Kendrick album, like temptations?

  • KP

    @Mathijs nah...Cole came out and did Nobody's Perfect, the acepella verse, and Can't Get Enough then dipped out.

  • 9th with them niggas?! My god. He better have cooked up some shit for them niggas to spit on. Only one can hope.