Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Live In North Carolina (Video)

blame it on Meka September 12, 2012

Shot by Dwayne LaFleur

Official tissue footage of K. Dot and Grown Simba’s performance last night in Charlotte, NC.

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  • CecilRhodez

    Wow, I already said this, but the crowd that so turnt up to this shit. Good Kid in a Cole World lets go.

  • ShouShen

    0:26 Cole & Kendrick rapping DMX – Bring Your Whole Crew
    1:32 Cole acting like DMX
    and I think everybody out there is talking about X… that’s some real shit.

  • Rufus

    Cole World no blanket

  • DX

    @Cecil that would be the perfect title for it if they ever drop it

  • Busta McThunderstick

    Haha @ Diggy pseudo-diss.

    ‘Picture me hating on a young nigga with talent, album flopped but its cool he caked out on his allowance.’

    Cole nasty!

  • Tight shit. wish i could make it to a concert

  • Kendrick Lamar one of the best rappers out now

  • $$$

    Jamla up in dere.

  • GetAtMe

    We North Carolina! And we turnt the fuck up!

  • Did they preform material of the Cole & Kendrick album, like temptations?

  • KP

    @Mathijs nah…Cole came out and did Nobody’s Perfect, the acepella verse, and Can’t Get Enough then dipped out.

  • 9th with them niggas?! My god. He better have cooked up some shit for them niggas to spit on. Only one can hope.