Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe at Summer Madness 2 (Video)

blame it on Shake September 12, 2012

While I admit I don’t follow the battle scene that much, I must say I do find myself posted in front of the laptop for hours watching the new shit. At the risk of sounding ignorant, I won’t give any background to the battle itself, but Loaded Lux and Calicoe definitely put on a show for the thousands in attendance for Smack/URL’s Summer Madness 2 event. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Lloyd Banks and more were there to witness what went down. My vote goes to Lux as that last verse was just… yeah.

Anyways, hit the c-section and let us know your thoughts! Also… I’m thinking of showcasing more of the battles here at the Dopehouse but will need help from someone. If you think you’ve got what it takes, let us know down below as well. Yessir!

  • buckets

    that work tho

  • Carl Jr.

    Shake you should definitely showcase more battles. I am an avid fan of the battle rap scene. As far as you needing help, what exactly do you need?

  • MacDoober

    “He gon’ get this work!”…lux all day, fuck calicoe. Hilarious too, “we don’t even have a batter” lmao

  • theenobody

    @carl jr. he’s gonna need some charlie clips, some xfactor, etc…

  • Lakeview

    DAMN this battle was off the chain, haven’t seen a Loaded lux battle in years. I got him taking that 2 rounds to 1, definitely cant take anything away from the Calicoe dude though because he had some fire shit. Lux was like a preacher in this shit though. lmao

  • 40oz. Prophet

    I was surprised that the Canibus catastrophe went unnoticed by 2DBZ.
    Shake, you should check out KOTD(King Of The Dot) too, for Dizaster, Pat Stay, among others and post every Summer Madness battle when they drop! The battle scene is gonna blow up next year!

    BTW, Lux D-stroyed Calicoe.

  • 40oz. Prophet

    Check out:
    Aye Verb vs Hitman Holla
    Real vs B-Magic
    Head I.C.E. vs. Pat Stay
    Dizaster vs. DNA
    T-Rex vs. Arsonal

    that is all……for now.

  • FUCK


  • mario

    dont you know its evil to live backwards?!?!?!? damn he gon get this work!

  • P.L.Y.

    I keep up with the Dopehouse every now and then. If you looking for somebody that knows the battle history or keeps up with it. I do. Every battle KOTD, URL, Grindtime, I know all the history if you guys need help.

  • that truth

    just post all the new kotd and url battles, they both had their biggest events of the year and theyll be releasing the footage over the next few months. put the new pat stay battle up, hes the best

  • Carl Jr

    @theenobody oh ok my dude. Check out
    X-Factor vs AyeVerb
    Charlie Clips vs X-Factor
    Tsu Surf vs Big-T
    Hitman Holla vs Cortez
    K-Shine vs Tay Rock
    Marvwon vs Cortez
    Hitman Holla vs AyeVerb

  • Stuckofftherealnest

    yea I saw this battle on another site. You should definitely post more battles since you post mainly underground artists. maybe start with that Iron Solomon vs Murda Mook.Lux wins this hands down!

  • I was there live, y’all. It was worst in person. Calicoe got that work. Great material… No spoilers, just my opinion of who won.

    For the 2dopeboyz/girls, here’s my take on the battles…

    Hitman Holla vs John John Da Don – 2-1 JJDD. (debatable)
    DNA vs E. Ness – 3-0 DNA. (E.Ness got killed/booed)
    T-Rex vs Aye Verb – 3-0 T-Rex. (T-Rex best performance of the night)
    Serius Jones vs Charlie Clips – 2-1 Clips. (debatable)
    Calicoe vs Loaded Lux – 2-1 Lux. (watch it obviously)
    Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon – 5-0 Mook. (Wait until this one comes out.)


  • str8jckn

    classics go as far back as the rap olympics and World Rap Championships for the more multi-talented emcees, that street s#it was more smack dvd’s lions den and fight club..
    some very notable battles:
    Thesaurus and Illmaculate vs Marvwon and Quest McCody
    Serius Jones Vs Jin
    Serius Jones Vs Mook
    Loaded Lux VS ANYONE
    lots more!

  • hahahah


  • yo i got you on tha battle shit hit me up @CallMeMerlot

  • huh

    I like lux.. hes dope.. well.. he was doper then, what Ive seen from him.. this time.. Im not sure, if he was just trying to play up to th big timers in the house.. but he was doig more (OTHER) isht then rapping?.. Im not sure why?.. he was long– and boring.. repearting lines, to catch his place.. lets figure out the time he spent rapping, and the time he was doing OTHER isht.. it’ll probably be close.. I liked Calico.. he was straight up.. rapping/battling.. no extra bullisht.. whats up with pictures in battles? What does have to do with rapping?.. nothing.. calico won in rapping, lux won in al the extra wwe stuff

  • holla at me cause i work for poison pen tv/urltv/barznbrastrapz @a_b_a_c_u_s wouldn’t mind helping y’all out with anything battle related for this site

  • CT

    its funny how the rules change when it comes to Lux.

    Choke used to equal auto L, props and pictures were wack, forced multiples were not appreciated…then Lux did it and it’s all good.

  • Nyce

    Lux gave him that work then said to him “look at you getting emotional”…the choke planned or not didnt matter in the end..Lux only needed a round and a half. Cal let the crowd get to him in the 3rd round ..”yall loved me last year”..they just kept it funky like when they jumped on lux for the end Lux showed him what bars gunplay needed..just shit

  • I’ll say it like this. Calicoe got the first round, strictly based off of Lux choking in the first, but also Calicoe’s content seemed more relevant to the battle than Lux’s. The second round was definitely the most debatable round, and I think it all comes down to your style preference (Calicoe had some nice lines, but lost momentum near the end due to letting the crowd get to him; while I think it took Lux awhile to get some serious momentum going essentially doing his first round, but he definitely started to hit his stride). As for the third round, Lux went with the perfect angle and approach content-wise to dismantle Calicoe’s character, while Calicoe fell off. Overall, I’d say this seems like the biggest highlight for Summer Madness 2.

    Also, I absolutely want to be the person to pick battles to be posted up on 2DopeBoyz. I follow all the major battle rap leagues pretty closely (i.e.: URL, King Of The Dot, Don’t Flop out in England, FlipTop out in the Philippines, etc.), and I’d be sure to find the best and most accessible battles to have posted on 2DBZ.

  • MF 173

    Let’s be serious, Lux choked in the first round, then he asks, his peeps for what lines go next??? That’s an L. He should’ve just gone off the top, til he caught what was missing. There was like a 2 or 3 minute gap while we waited for him to spit before conceding the first round. Let me NOT even get started about a freestyle battle having to be off the top of the dome. Lux kept repeating this is still from the first verse DURING THE SECOUND ROUND. Then Smack gives Lux the props to post a photo on screen??? GTFOH. If you bring props, ok, but to have a team ready an image??? This ain’t Summer Jam where Jay Z had the image of Prodigy in tights preprogrammed into His set. Its suppose to be a fair fight in a home town. Lux had the advantage of the crowd, his history & what should’ve been neutral sportsmanship, SMACK & his whole URL camp. No good, not fair, it should go to Calico. Lux’s last round was FIRE, CRAZY & this is coming from an NY nigga. I call BULLSHIT.

  • All I can say is that third verse killed every lost black soul in the world….SMH….great job Lux.

  • Boom

    Lux’s look at 39:24 is CLASSIC.. hahahaha (pause)

  • NittyF

    @MF 173

    Couldn’t have said it better man. Im not a big fan of the “off the dome” rapping thing for a long period of time, but I agree with everything else you said wholeheartedly. With all of the unfair bullshit stacked against Calico (not to mention the dudes trying to heckle him in his 2nd round), how the fuck could he possibly get a fair chance? Lux is a great lyricist, but this entire battle was way too one-sided for me.

  • I run a site dedicated to battle rap ( and would be more than happy to help you with showcasing battles more on 2dopeboyz. If you need a weekly or monthly recap, or just a heads up on the battles that more, or backstory on battles or whatever, just let me know.

  • *battles that matter ^

  • Gengar

    Lux won BUT where’s Hollow Da Don on all these lists everyone is putting up????

    P.S. Soul Khan



    cal said he’d come to lux home town and do him in. like he understands the advantage and it means nothing. cal didnt have a plan b to his prewrittens. youth exposed. lux held the crowd, planned to take it in a different direction and won. whats he supposed to do.

  • Shamar

    Yea Shake you should showcase more battles, that will be a good look. If you need any help just let me know, I watched every Smack/URL battle that ever came out. I’ve been a fan of the battle rap scene since Murda Mook battled Jae Millz on the Corner in Harlem, and now to see it grow to the level it is today, it’s just amazing. This culture is Growing to a point its becoming undeniable, sooner or later every hip-hop website will be posting these battles. You need to jump on this movement now, We need that in the dope House.And By the way, that new Murda mook Vs Iron Soloman battle drop tonight, You should Post it

  • geebo

    how freestyled is this shit?! they both got rhymes, but this is just a recital of pre-written lines… bullshit

  • Shake, I’d be more than down to help showcase some battles, I’m an avid battle supporter, with some decent ties to the scene as well..Plus I try to keep it 100 and objective as possible(I watch URL,KOTD, and Don’t Flop regularly)

    ….Hit me up!

  • John Creasy

    ‘You’s a waste of ma motherfuckin time nigg’uh… an’ you cuttin’ into yo mother’s fuckin’ time – nigg’uh!’…