Prof – Me Boi (Video)

blame it on Shake September 12, 2012

Directed by Adam J Dunn & Ryan Thompson.

First visual off Prof’s Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 mixtape, dropping September 25th. Pre-orders available now.

DOWNLOAD: Prof – Me Boi

  • js

    why the fuck.

  • At first I thought he was going to drop off the pregnant women at Planned Parenthood. Either way, funny stuff.

  • this shit so funny. 3 pregnant bitches? who thought of that? Shit funny as hell

  • Bitch rubbing her belly and dancing on the back of a car…lol

  • da hell is this bullshit.
    notice how he knocked da only black dude out at an all white party. hmm seems like a set up to me.

  • Gey/ Gey Gey. More YT’z trying to sweat my culture. Go away. This wanksters whole act is a gimmick. It is Phoney, Phake. Nonsensical fad type isht. This will never be heard on my dre headphones….

  • ill

    shame on you shake … i mean … this should be RAoF

  • Gray Ramono

    SMH. Fucking Juggalos.

  • Jed Sajec

    Love how watching one fun Prof video makes you an expert on him. Dude is a beast, he is just fuckin around on his MIXTAPE. You don’t like it, STFU and move on. You do, check out Simple as that.

  • 123

    lol sounds like one of those parody rap songs

    and he used busdrivers flow

  • 123

    a fuck boy classic

  • 123

    this degrades hip hop so much

    the reason why people think rock has more respect from the person that listens to evey genre

  • Kevin

    Hahahahaha!!!!! This dudes a fool. Not even mad at him.

  • Coal Miner’s Daughter

    I’m a fan of Prof’s work… But this… No… This just sucks man. What the fuck?

    Trying way too hard.

  • maggie

    shits hilarious. love it.

  • loosen up

    y’all take everything way too seriously…

  • HipReplacement

    I laughed 10 times while watching this video. Yall need to stop being so damn serious

  • @CoopdogginCO

    So tight! Love me some prego broads and breaking stuff.

  • Parliament Fiji

    Every time you say hurtful things about my mans here one of your family members ends up pregnant, haters! Prof don’t wanna be heard in your over priced dre headphones anyway, you should probably keep bangin’ that waka flaka, scrub. Not everything needs to be about the struggle, I love to party! The haters should learn how!

  • COgampo

    lol guess everyones lost their sense of humor. love this video. funny as fuck. love prof. funny as fuck.

  • BOLA

    Love this shit!
    God damn ppl need to relax and unpucker those buttholes! Let loose, have some fun with your music and chill with the negativity!

  • Gretchen


  • eringeorge

    May I suggest finding your sense of humor and watching the video again.

  • I wonder if those babies in their bellies will someday see this and feel honored. Or super weirded out. Either way cheers to Prof and Stophouse for another great video!

  • we.jones77

    BAHAHAHHAA this is the best shit ever. You’ve outdone yourself, sir. Good luck topping this one1

  • erich89

    PROF whats your favorite story to tell when you’re drunk? Everyone has those “one time” glory stories when theyre drunken adventures went outta control… whats yours?

  • M

    Nailed it

  • HeGotFame

    HAAAAAAAAAaaa! That was a fun video! Watching again.

  • Gampomaha


  • Jesse Caid

    Dre Headphones? I’m glad you don’t want to bump this song in those. Prof’s so dope he’ll break those cheap ass speaker cones! Get some real music listening equipment then talk some shit! Funny as all hell! Mad props Prof, from your Albuquerque rap fam. Keep up the good work, Can’t wait for the next video.

  • c-cakes

    …rollin, in a five point oh-snapp!

  • Urbanite

    someone said something about juggalos in their comment. I didn’t see any redneck clowns in the video… nice try, though. Prof is from the hood, not the trailer park.

  • Gampo

    Bro Prof is the shiit. Dre headphones are for mainstream pussies.. I hate it that you think he give a fuuuck.