• http://www.pharoahsalaam.com Pharoah Salaam

    OMFG!!! This is Genius! HIPHOP HIPHOP HIPHOP!!!

  • nigga

    FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clark

    This shit is so dope, so sad to see where hip hop has gone since the real shit, I feel bad for the young cats of today. I guess us older dudes will just have to live in the past and keep mashing up the "golden era" hits.

  • Juicy-G

    I downloaded this last night, this is too fucking dope. I knew ya'll would post it.

  • JD

    This shit is so dope, I just bent over the nearest old lady and fucked her up the ass...

  • greatdane

    So much love for this. Refreshing mix of some shit I've heard a million times. Will be rocking this for a while. Extremely well done.

  • MAc

    So dope um so sad these niggas never connected in real life but fuck internal creative struggles in their own groups imagine if the tribe n cyde did clash that woulda been some dramatics.

  • MAc

    Fuck this reminds me too I needa check that doc Michael rappaport did on tribe a couple years ago. Now thats a real white hip hop head xD in videos wit dilla movies with cube docs on tribe haha real \cat.