Mister Cee’s Tupac Shakur Tribute Mix

blame it on Shake September 13, 2012

On the 16th anniversary of Pac’s untimely passing, Hot97’s Mister Cee dedicates his Throwback At Noon segment to the legendary rapper.

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  • Have we forgotten so quickly that Mister Cee is a cocksucker who kicks it with trannie whores?

  • Geezy


    It’s easy to put that aside when he’s giving you an hour straight of one of the realest muthafuckas to ever touch a microphone.

  • markaveli

    still the GOAT…rest in peace.

  • Vlad

    People are forgetting Pac as years pass by. Rest in power Pac.

  • brazil


  • Rude Judy

    Ain’t nothin STRAIGHT about the microphones Mr. Cee likes

  • chaliceme

    What happened to Trapped, When my Homies Call, Panther Power. What about when he spoke in Court to the Judge explain how the Judge couldnt look him in the face. what about when he say to men attacking another man and he shot the attackers, who happened to be police officers. He singled handedly got 2 corrupt cops off the street.
    How disrespectful can you be, with your suggesting of best Tupac moments. All these songs are tracks released after he died. Your a joke Mister Cee and you are not Hip Hop.