Murph Watkins - The Day I Fell In Love f. Velvet Gunn (Video)

Directed by Further From Nowhere.

Julian Malone (of 2008ighties) provides the soundscape to the first single off Murph Watkins' upcoming project, Love: Nothing About It. And incase you were wondering who the leading lady is, I'll save the trouble of searching... Kim Vaughn.

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  • Murph Watkins

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  • Yes Man’s Land

    Dope! Murph and Further From No Where killed this!!

  • ILLHILL’s Dom


  • Dope this cat is goin somewhere..

  • Histibe

    CRUEL SUMMER /watch?v=eG8SEyfK_kc

  • Rudy

    Crazy!! I look forward to seeing more from this guy. The visuals were dope!

  • jonrud00

    I didn't see the other girl in the video

  • He's an orange flavored mothafucka, but shit, he got talent... whatever! Dude is goin places....

  • jonrud00

    Or is gianni onassis a dude

  • Valencia0711

    Gianni Onassis is the lead male

  • eatshit

    Been waiting on something from him since hearing him and fonz rip Esoteric Fanbase

  • Rod-A-Stuy

    Good visuals, looking forward to seeing more from this artist. I like that drunk song too, need visuals asap!

  • Murph’s #1 Fan

    OMG!! i love this song. this joint has stayed on repeat since he first released it. I love the video too